Have you stopped posting on your Instagram feed? Is it because you are too scared of not receiving enough comments and likes as your friends do? We think we might have a solution for you!

Instagram is all prepared to launch the most awaited feature through which you can hide the likes from your post on your feed. This feature lets you decide whether you want to see the like count on a particular post or not. Those who want to know how to turn off likes on Instagram must follow through with the guide, as here we have discussed in detail how the new feature works.

Note: The feature is currently under a testing phase, so many of you might not find this available in their region.

How to turn off likes on Instagram?

If you want to hide likes on your own posts on Instagram, you need to follow a few steps to turn them on.  Also, you have two ways to hide your likes on your post, one is before posting, and the second one can be done after posting.

1. Before posting

When you take a picture and set to upload it on your Instagram feed, the app will provide you with an option to hide your like count before posting.

  • Create a post as you normally would
  • When you arrive at the caption step, tap the ‘Advanced Setting’ option located at the button
  • Turn the toggle on for ‘Hide like, and view counts on this post’

2. After Posting

 When you have posted a picture on Instagram and then realize that you want to hide the like count on that post, follow these steps to do that.

  • Upload the picture you want
  • Now open that post on your profile and select three horizontally aligned dots.
  • A prompt will appear showing different settings options, choose ‘Hide Likes Count’

That’s all. This is how you turn off the like count on a particular post on Instagram. However, if you decide to bring those likes back to visibility, follow the same steps and select ‘Unhide Like Count’ this time.

How to turn off likes on others’ posts on Instagram?

To carry out the process, you must ensure that your Instagram has been updated, as the older version won’t have this feature available. Once checked, follow the steps below to hide the like counts on others’ posts on Instagram.

  • Unlock your device and open the Instagram app
  • Come to your profile, tap three horizontal lines on the top right corner and press ‘Settings’
  • In the Settings menu, press ‘Privacy’ and then ‘Posts’.
  • Once inside the ‘Posts’ section, find the toggle next to the ‘Hide Likes and Views Counts’ option.
  • Hit the toggle to turn it on and all your likes will be swept from your Instagram posts.

If other users’ likes bother you on Instagram, you have the solution now. Do the needful and stay peaceful.

How to track the engagement on your account on Instagram?

If you have a public account and want to know how many profiles you have reached through your posts, here is what you can do.

Instagram Insights

Instagram insight is an in-app solution only available for public or business accounts. It gives you a complete overview of your account’s metrics. For instance, you will find out the demographics of your audience, how many views and likes your posts get, and how well your account is progressing.

Since you need to have a business Instagram account to view insights, here is how to make a creator profile on Instagram:

  • Open Instagram and then go to Settings
  • Next select ‘Account’ and then tap ‘Switch Account Type’
  • Once you have switched to a creator account, you will find an Insights option right beneath your bio.

There you can view all the insights into your account easily.

Should you hide likes on your Instagram account?

Whether to hide likes or not is a personal choice. It is a way to show your audience that numbers don’t matter to you. All you want to do is share your content with your followers; however, if you are more interested in receiving likes, comments and followers and look forward to them after publishing a post, then you better not turn off this feature.

Also, if you are a struggling influencer, we would suggest not turning off your like counts, as brands tend to check your reach, followers, likes, and comments on your content before collaborating with you.

Wrap Up

Whether or not you want to use this feature, it’s good to keep yourself updated with all the latest updates in the app, especially if you’re an influencer. The feature seems very helpful for those who take pressure for getting likes and comments on their posts. In fact, a research study showed that 43% of teens had deleted their social media accounts because they received too few likes and had been victims of cyberbullying. Social media can be cruel to people with low social-emotional well-being. Therefore, Instagram tried to minimize stress on the young generation by introducing this feature. Try it out and use it wherever you want!

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