The Google assistant is very overwhelming for some users. Here’s how you can turn off the Google assistant feature and stop the Google app from listening to you all the time.

Voice assistants are now almost on every device. Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Windows Cortana, or Amazon Alexa all want to become our secretary on our phones or in our houses.

However, for some users, these assistants are real intrusions into their private lives, while they constantly listen to what is said, and they remain ready to hear the command.

One of the most popular helpers is the Google Assistant is OK Google command. However, no matter how much we deactivate the Google Assistant that does not completely prevent Google from listening to us. So here’s how to make sure you cut off communication with Google.

How to turn off Google microphone?

The first step in preventing Google from listening to us is to turn off its voice assistant. OK Google can be deactivated.

To deactivate Google’s voice assistant for good, you must:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Tap the General tab
  3. Go to “Language & Input
  4. Find “Google Voice Typing
  5. Tap “Voice Match
  6. Move the Slider Google Assistant to the left to deactivate it.

In certain cases, even if we have deactivated the above function, if we repeat OK Google, our device will invite us to reactivate the voice assistant.

Even with the Google Assistant is disabled, Google continues to listen!

Remove Google’s access to our microphone

To completely prevent Google from listening to us, we must take great measures and outright cut off access to the microphone of our devices.

To remove Google’s access to our device’s microphone, you must:

  1. Open the settings of our device
  2. Tap the Applications tab
  3. Select the Google app
  4. Go to Permissions
  5. Disable Microphone