Youtube has become one of the most used applications. Not only people are using it for entertainment purposes, but this platform is also many people’s careers. However, there are many things that common people don’t know about, and in this article, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about youtube along with how to turn off age restriction on youtube, so that you can use the application to its full potential.

Previously we have covered how to watch deleted youtube videos and we hope that it would have been helpful for you. But this article won’t be about just one thing, instead use this as a guide to learn some deep tricks about youtube that would come in handy.

Starting with one of our top queries, how to turn off age restriction on youtube. Before we get down with the process, let’s have a look at what is the age restriction feature on youtube.

What is the age restriction feature on Youtube?

Youtube introduced this feature to make Youtube user-friendly for all age groups. Youtube is a vast online platform, where various kinds of videos are uploaded every day, a single person cannot check each video if it is viewable or not. Precisely, the age restriction feature on Youtube is similar to the film censorship board, but the catch here is that all the work is done via AI. In case, if your age restriction feature is on, you won’t be able to view Youtube content that is for ages above 18.

Well, in a way where it is a useful feature to keep an eye on children, that they don’t come across content not appropriate to their age, on the contrary, it hides away many useful videos that you can watch and learn new stuff.

Next time when you are searching on Youtube, do check if your age restriction option is toggled on or off. In case it’s on and you wish to switch it off or vice versa, have a look below at the detailed instructions given on how to take age restriction off youtube.

Youtube age restriction bypass made easy

Regardless of the device, you are using Youtube on, you can easily turn on or off the age restriction feature. However, there is a slight difference in doing so, which is why first we will explain to you how to turn off age restriction on Youtube from your mobile phone, and later we will discuss doing so on PC or Laptop.

How to turn off age restriction feature on Youtube via mobile phone?

The method is the same for both iPhone and Android users, except for the last step. Android users would have to follow an extra step to fulfill the goal.

Before we get started, make sure that you are logged in on Youtube from the account from which you need to turn off the age restriction feature.

Step 1: First of all open the Youtube application on your phone and on the top right corner of your screen, you will see your profile picture, tap it.

Step 2: Next, you will see a drop-down menu with various other commands, scroll down to find settings, and tap on it.

Step 3: Once you tap on the settings a window will pop up. If you are an iPhone user, find ‘Restricted mode’ and toggle it off. However, if you are an android user, tap on ‘General’.

Step 4: (Only for android users) In the ‘General’ setting, find, ‘Restricted mode’ and toggle it off.

These were 3 simple steps for iPhone users and 4 for android users. In both cases, you have seen how easy it is.

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In case if you are using Youtube on your Laptop or PC, find the below process handy to switch off the restricted mode or vice versa.

How to turn off age restriction on Youtube through laptop/ PC/Mac?

Turning off age restriction from your laptop, Pc or Mac is also a minute job. Moreover, regardless of Windows, a computer, PC, or Mac, the process remains the same.

Step 1: Open the Youtube site and login into the account from which you wish to switch off the restricted mode.

Step 2: Next, tap on your profile picture that is at the top-right corner of the window.

Step 3: On the drop-down menu, you will find, “Restricted Mode: On,” tap on it, you will get another option for switching it off, tap on it, and Voila! You have successfully switched off the restricted mode.

See, these were the simple steps by following which you can get access to so many videos that you weren’t able to watch, just because you didn’t know about it.

How to unfilter Youtube search?

This brings us to our next query, which is how to unfilter Youtube search? FIlters on Youtube help a person to find the best options for their searched term. However, due to these filters many potentially closest videos to your search are filtered because they are old or are less popular. However, with these tricks, you will be able to watch all the videos that are related to your search without missing the videos that might have an answer you are looking for, but it won’t appear just because they are old or not very popular.

Without wasting a minute, let’s get onto the ways of unfiltering Youtube searches.

  1. One of the easiest ways of all is simply logging out of your Youtube account. This would disable the automatic filter-based setting that might be enabled on your account.
  1. Another way of unfiltering your Youtube search is to switch off ‘Safety.’ To do so, scroll down on Youtube’s homepage. There you will find a button, ‘Safety on,’ tap on it and select off. Next click on ‘Save’ to save the changes.
  1. When you search on Youtube, you get suggestions from Youtube. For example, if you search “DIY videos,” a filter for long videos would suggest adding ‘long’. Remove the suggested word that acts as the filter and you will be good to go.
  1. The above-mentioned techniques may not work if you are on a school or work network. However, you can still enjoy unfiltered searches through proxies. A few examples include, V tunnel, Btunnel, etc. All you have to do is, open the proxy server, on its Web page URL field, type and click “Connect.” This will open an unfiltered version of Youtube on your screen.

By using one of the tricks you will be able to see all the videos that are closest to your search query.

How to turn off search suggestions on Youtube

Another frequently asked question regarding Youtube is how to turn off Youtube suggestions? Well, when looking for a specific query and knowing exactly what you wish to search, the long list of suggestions that Youtube gives on its suggestions list can be overwhelming and distracting. Therefore, turning off those suggestions is the best possible answer.

To do this, you need to follow four simple steps:

First, open a Youtube site or application.

Next, type out your query in the search box and you will find a drop-down list of Youtube’s suggestions.

All you have to do to close the suggestions is click “Close” at the bottom right corner of the box.


This brings us to conclude this small yet effective guide. We hope that the above-mentioned top queries that we answered would help you to use Youtube to its fullest potential. Moreover, if you have any other queries that you would like us to answer, share them in the comment section and we will soon bring an answer to your question that you are looking for.