Speaking of social media apps, do you know how to suggest friends on Facebook? This usually requires when your friend is new on Facebook and requires friend suggestions. Previously, Facebook had a feature that helped with friends’ suggestions. However, it is no longer there. Fortunately, we know some ways by which you can still suggest friends to your other friends.

How to suggest friends on Facebook?

You can use anything, a computer, cell phone, or tablet to suggest friends on Facebook. Let’s start with the easiest one, i.e. via a cell phone.

How to suggest friends on Facebook via a cell phone?

Before we start with that, we need to make sure that you have the Facebook app downloaded on your phone, as we will be using that app to send a profile link to your friend.

How to send a Profile Link on Facebook?

Sending a Facebook profile link is the simplest way to send a friend suggestion. The process involves:

  1. Open the Facebook app

Locate the Facebook app on your phone. The app’s icon is the same for both android and IOS devices. Make sure you have active internet as it won’t open without that.

  • Open the Friend’s profile

Once you have entered the app, tap on the search icon on the top right and write your friend’s name. Select her/his name from the given search results.

  • Select the Profile link

Select the three dots icon on the right side beside the message option on your friend’s profile. Upon clicking, you will see for instance “Alex’s Profile Link” option at the bottom. Click on “Copy Link” and the link will be saved to your clipboard.

  • Send the link to your other friend

Now all you need to do is head to your other friend’s profile and tap on the “message” option instead of “more”. Doing so will bring you to the messenger app, where you can paste the link you copied and send it to your friend.

Tap on the typing area for 2 seconds and release. A menu will pop up. Select “paste”. Now finally, tap the sending icon to send the message.

Note: Facebook does not send messages via its Facebook app alone. You need to have Messenger downloaded to communicate with anyone on Facebook. However, if you don’t have the app downloaded, you can paste the copied URL on email or text message. The receiver needs to tap on the URL, and he/she will land directly on that suggested friend’s profile.

How to Suggest Friends on Facebook on Group chat

You can connect with friends on Facebook via group chat. It starts with a three way chat with friends you want to connect with. However, for this as well, you need to have the Messenger app downloaded on your phone to send a message to a group chat. Here is how you can do so,

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  1.  Open Facebook’s Messenger App

Locate the Messenger app on your phone. Nowadays, its app appears like a pink and purple conversation bubble with a small horizontal lightning bolt in the center.

  • Create a Friends Group chat

 Once you have opened the app, tap on the pencil icon on the top right corner, on the next window. You will find the option “Create a new group”. Tap on it and start selecting the friends’ names you want to connect.

Now here you will have two choices, either you scroll down and tick mark all the friends you want to add in the group chat or you just directly type the desired friends name on the search bar above and add them to the group.

  • Write an introductory message

It’s is always a good idea to send an introductory message whenever you make a group. It clarifies the group’s purpose. Once you have typed the message, send it by tapping that paper plane icon. This was the last step of group formation.

  • Send the link to the group

It’s easier to find the profiles when you add those people in a group chat. However, you can send their profile links to the group as well to avoid any confusion. By tapping those links, they can add each other.

  • Abandon the group

It’s your choice if you want to stay or leave the group. Either of them would have no impact on anyone if the group’s purpose was achieved. However, if you still want to leave the group, just tap on the group’s name in the chat on the top. On the next window, scroll down and find the “Leave chat” option in the red and press.

How to suggest Friends on Facebook via desktop

Some people enjoy using Facebook on a desktop as it gives a different experience and interface on a bigger screen. However, the ways of suggesting friends on Facebook via a desktop is more or less the same as on a cell phone.

  • Log in to Facebook on browser:

Open Google Chrome and type “www.Facebook.com” on the browser. You will land on Facebook’s login page. Enter your credentials and get going.

  • Find your friend’s profile:

Once you have logged in, your next task is to find the friend’s profile you want to suggest to your other friend.

Either you go to your friends’ list and search your friend’s name from there or you just directly write his/her name on the main search bar of Facebook.

  • Copy the profile link:

When you reach your friend’s profile, copy the web address on the top. Before copying that address, make sure it ends with your friend’s profile name. Now, to copy that, tap the web address and press “ctrl” + “c” once it is highlighted with blue.

Cross check the link by pasting it on a fresh page to see if it’s working fine.

  • Send the profile link to your other friend:

Now that you have copied the link, search your other friend’s profile and tap the “Message” option. Paste the link in the chat box and send.

How to create a group chat on desktop Facebook

Creating a group chat on a mobile phone is easier than on a desktop. Follow the steps to create a group chat on desktop’s Facebook.

  • Log in to Facebook

Like always, login into your desktop’s Facebook.

  • Create a group

Select the “Messenger” icon on the top right corner of your screen. After clicking on it, you will find the “new message” option.

  • Add the friends you want to connect with:

To create a group chat, add friends you wish to connect by clicking on the “To” you will find at the top. Now type their names to and they will start appearing in the suggestions below. Click on the suggestions to add them to the group.

  • Leave the group

Once you get done with the introduction part and all, you can leave the group if you want. For that, you need to click on the gear at the top right and select “leave group” from the menu.

Facebook Friends Suggestions

Over the course of time, Facebook’s functionality has been improved. The more you use this app, the better it learns your usage practices. Also, Facebook has a useful feature of friends suggestions. You might have noticed that you often get friend suggestions under the “People You May Know” option. Well, it does not comprise completely unknown people. It includes those profiles that your friends have on their friend list.

Sometimes you also get people’s suggestions based on your workplace, education or network area. Facebook will list those profiles in your “People you may know” list if you have several common points.

What happens when someone (unknown) frequently visits your profile

This is one of the popular queries that happens when someone visits your profile frequently but does not add you. You would know if someone visits your profile often as you will be getting their suggestions in the “People you may know” list.


The purpose of a social media account is to socialise. What is social media for if you don’t make new friends there? Our friend suggestion technique has made things easier for you because now you don’t have to introduce your lonely friend individually to your other friends on Facebook. Just make a group chat on Messenger and add everyone you want to connect your friend with and paste his/her profile link with an introductory message. That’s all.