Ever since Google Chrome browser got launched, other browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer became old-fashioned. Today, almost everyone has set their default browser to Chrome. However, many users complain regarding the automatic opening of new tabs when using websites. So, how to stop websites from opening new tabs in Google Chrome?

There can be several reasons attached to it. For example, the tab may be indicating malware that has attacked your chrome browser, or your Chrome version is outdated, etc. But we will tell you how to stop websites from opening new tabs in Chrome and control your browsing experience.

If you are facing a tab opening issue a lot, then use one of these five tried fixes to eradicate the root cause of your problem.

How to Stop Websites From Opening New Tabs in Chrome?

Master Chrome Settings

Before you take any further step to block sudden automatic opening tabs, check and fix all the possible browser settings for an optimal experience. Google Chrome browser is not as shallow as it seems. There are many file and program settings that you can change and redo to stop the tabs spam.

If you wish to learn how to stop websites from opening new tabs in Chrome, then remain here and check out our lists of top five settings that will eliminate this issue.

Throw Away Your Accepted Cookies

Whenever you open a website, some specific websites need you to accept cookies to continue. In most cases, these cookies are the reason that distorts your Chrome’s functionality. To avoid sudden tabs from opening, all you have to do is clear out these cookies. Don’t worry, it is easy and can be done within a few minutes.

Click on the three vertical dots that are at the extreme top right corner of your window. Select an option named ‘more tools,’ and then click onto ‘clear browsing data.’ Here, you’ll see an option ‘All-time,’ confirm it by selecting ‘clear data.’ Once you press the clear data button, reopen your Google chrome.

However, if your problem is still not fixed, then try another option.

Remove Unwanted Extensions

Chrome extensions are one of the reasons for its success. Not only Chrome eases your search, but it also provides a user-friendly extension to make your search flexible. However, sometimes there are a few VPN or proxy extensions that hinder the process and lead to opening tabs automatically.

Check which extensions are required and remove all the other extensions to stop tabs popping up without your consent. All you have to do is, click on the puzzle icon that is right beside the three vertical dots at the top right corner of your window.

Then click onto manage extensions, a new window will open up, and you’ll see all the downloaded extensions that your Google chrome is currently using. Check thoroughly if there is an extension that you never downloaded. If you find any, then remove it by clicking the remove option.

Download Ad Block And Block The Pop-Ups

If you have applied both the solutions that are mentioned above, and still facing the same problem, then it may be due to unwanted ads and pop-ups. Thanks to converging technology, you can easily download a Chrome ad blocker extension and stop unwanted ads and pop-ups from opening automatic tabs.

Not only it protects your search from malfunctioning scripts, but it will also boost your browser’s performance. Moreover, you don’t have to pay for it, as it is free of charge.

Scan Your Google Chrome If There Is Any Virus

One of the reasons that are causing sudden automatic tab opening in your Google Chrome can be the presence of malware. If none of the tricks are working for you, then check your browser for a malware threat.

You don’t have to be a computer science student to do it. Many are unaware that Google Chrome has a built-in malware detector. Just click the three vertical dots and go to the settings. There you will see an ‘advanced’ option right at the bottom. Click on that and clean up your computer by selecting the ‘Reset and clean up’ option. Once you do it, you’ll get an option of ‘find,’ click on that, and then follow the instructions.

Once done, your Chrome would automatically lookout for malware and fix your problem. However, it may take some time. As soon as it gets completed, restart your chrome.

Update Google Chrome

If you are still facing the same problem, then chances are that your Chrome version is outdated. If this is the case, then reinstall Google Chrome with its latest version and enjoy an optimal browsing experience without sudden automatic opening of tabs.