What if we say you can learn how to sell feet pics on Instagram and take it up as your side income stream? Surprisingly, people are doing that and earning a whopping $100 + income for a single picture.

The lucrative side job is available for anyone with no photography talent, no business mindset, and a good-quality smartphone.

That being said, the road to selling feet pics on Instagram is a little bumpy. It is not as easy as it may sound. You need to create a particular audience who would buy those pictures and not just stare at them and hit the like button.

This guide is all about how to sell pics of your feet on Instagram and earn more than any home-based job.

Key Points for learning how to sell feet pics on Instagram

  • Prep your feet for photography – get pedicures, tattoos, and anything that makes them look enticing.
  • Use a good-quality camera to capture pictures of your feet.
  • Create an Instagram business/creator account to showcase and sell your feet pics
  • Use appropriate hashtags with the pictures
  • Use a tempting username and picture for display
  • Write a good bio with some information about your business, such as your foot size, the link for purchases, etc.
  • Set a payment system to share with buyers over DM
  • Watch out for scams

Why Should you put your feet pictures for sale on Instagram?

Instagram is primarily a picture-sharing platform. Be it stories, posts, or highlights, one common thing in all its features is that they all have tools for editing and sharing pictures.

Now come to the next point, what unique thing Instagram has to sell feet pictures? As of 2023, Instagram has over 2 billion active users. Now just imagine your chances of getting noticed by such extensive masses.

The free platform doesn’t charge any fee for creating a business account. That means, you just have to set up your public profile and start posting and selling your feet pictures.

Once your account starts to grow, and reach a certain number of followers, Instagram gives you access to its paid tools to market your product to the audience who definitely would be interested in your offerings. 

We know what you are thinking right now. You are concerned about whether it’s legal to sell feet pictures on Instagram, correct? As per Instagram’s guidelines, the app allows you to sell anything on its platform, given that it’s not sexually explicit and you have an Instagram shopping-enabled account.

Even though it is not illegal to sell feet pictures in a non-sensual way on the app, you can redirect your clients to the website for transactions rather than conducting it directly through DMs.

CriteriaInstagram Features
PurposeBusiness and Socializing app
Available countriesWorldwide
Eligibility age13 or above
Visitors2.9 Billion + per month
Average earning$10 min to $100 max per feet pic
Subscription PlansFree
Payment MethodPayPal, Facebook Pay, Amazon/Walmart gift cards
Verdict: Legit for selling feet picsThe platform is legit, free and perfect for sharing high-quality images for business purposes across the globe.

How to sell feet pics on Instagram in 2023?

Once you learn how to sell feet pictures on Instagram, you won’t find a better platform to run your business. Following are the steps to sell feet pictures without getting into legal trouble.

Step 1 – Create an Instagram Business account

The first and foremost step to start your business on Instagram is creating a Creator account. Instagram doesn’t allow you to monetize on your regular profile and might even ban it if you do so.

To create a new account, do the following

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Tap ‘Sign up’ or Create a New Account
  • Fill in the required information in the given fields
  • Follow all the on-screen instructions
  • Once your account is created, head to Settings, switch to professional account then Creator account and choose a category.

Note: Create an email address similar to your business account name to make it look more professional and legit. For instance, something like ‘[email protected]’.

Step 2 – Set up your account

Once you have created your account, it’s time to set it up. Using an appealing feet picture for display and a unique username like Twinkle_Toe or PrettyFeetphotos is advisable.

Next, you must come up with a catchy and creative bio for your profile. Such as below

Some important points for writing a bio:

  • Use keywords for Feet in your bio
  • Your feet size and your age
  • Content type (like posts, videos, etc.)
  • Payment method
  • Link to the website (if any)

Note: Instagram allows you to use only one link in your bio. So if you have multiple links in your bio, use Linktr.ee to gather all your links and present them in one, as shown in the above picture.

Step 3 – Upload High-Quality Pictures

Now that you have set up your account, it’s time to start uploading some eye-candy pictures. Make sure your pictures are high-quality and look flawless. Here are some tips for taking good feet pictures:

  • Grab a good-quality camera phone
  • Choose a nice background
  • Use good lighting
  • Add props for good-quality pictures
  • Use different angles and positions for change
  • Edit pictures to make them look flawless and aesthetic

If you have a budget hire a professional to take your feet pictures. Otherwise, you don’t need it if you are good at handling smartphone cameras and have editing experience.

Step 4 – Decide on the publishing pattern

It’s better to have a pre-set pattern to publish pictures on your profile. Whatever you decide, just make sure you are consistent with your pattern.

For instance, ideally, you should upload 3 pictures per day. Here are a few things to take notes of

  • Make a weekly pattern and follow it religiously
  • Decide the time at which your target audience is active the most
  • Publish frequently to keep your audience engaged

Step 5 – Uploading Process

When uploading the images, make sure you use a captivating caption, containing keywords and text that appeals to your target audience.

  • Your caption should not exceed 100 words
  • It must have trending keywords
  • Post a story after uploading the picture for a sneak peek. Such as below

Step 6 – Use Instagram Marketing tools to optimize your Account

Use Instagram’s built-in tools to market your offering and reach the target audience. Here is a complete guide on how to do Instagram marketing and gain followers interested in your offerings.

12 Tips to Boost your Feet Pic Business on Instagram

Creating an Instagram account is not enough. You need to use some brains to develop effective strategies to boost your feet picture selling business. Here are some tried and tested tips to optimize your business:

1. Use proper Hashtags:

Whether it’s a story, reel, or a simple post, you must incorporate trending relevant hashtags to your posts. Here we have listed a few of them:

  • #feet
  • #feets
  • #toes
  • #legs
  • #feetworship
  • #feetlovers
  • #cutefeet
  • #footfetish
  • #sexyfeet
  • #instagirl
  • #instafeet

2. Never Procrastinate – Publish posts on time

As much as motivation it takes to publish content and be active on social media, it can take a toll on your energy. Try to stick to your weekly publishing schedule and not get tired of posting. You should know that you are signing up for a competitive field and must put in all the effort to stay on top.

3. Determine the best time to post

Time is an important factor that most people neglect and hence suffer consequences. Perform a trial and error test to determine at what time around exactly your audience is active.

For instance, try different days and time slots to check when you receive the most engagement initially. Determine whether you should post Monday to Thursday or Thursday to Sunday and what should be the posting time for each post.

For your benefit, Instagram provides you with weekly stats to determine your posts’ best engagement time.

4. Engage with rivals

Like and comment on your rival pages’ posts and follow as many such pages as possible to make your profile visible to their followers. This will help your target audience to discover you conveniently without using the search bar.

5. Collaborate with brands

For further exposure, collaborate with shoe brands for campaigns. While it may not get your target audience, it will surely boost your followers.

6. Hop on the latest trends

A quick way to go viral while staying relevant is to follow the latest trends (but wisely). Replicate the ideas from the top-performing profiles and add your own brand’s touch to them. It will ultimately increase your following and improve the engagement rate.

Note: To stay aware of the latest trends, follow other foot pictures pages more popular than yours.

7. Set up a simple payment process

The payment process incredibly affects sales as clients look for hassle-free payment methods. The more complicated your payment method, the lesser the sales will be.

Initially, start with online transactions via DM. As your business grows, add more payment methods like PayPal or Payoneer, etc.

8. Start with a decent price tag

Think big but start small. You cannot initially charge $100 for a picture. Start with reasonable prices, such as $10 to $20 per picture, and gradually climb the ladder. Offer sales, discounts, and not to mention the best of all by two get one free offer for traction.

Top 3 Instagram Profiles for Feet Pics

Here are the 3 popular feet pics profiles on Instagram that every beginner in this business should look up to. Check them out and take notes!

1. Feet___Lovers

With over 1 Million followers, Feet Lovers is the biggest feet pics selling page on Instagram. The account houses 900+ attractive feet pictures with unique poses while keeping the page theme intact.

2. gentle.feets

Here we have another popular feet pics selling page with over 1K + followers. The page practices the ‘DM for prices’ strategy and uses Instagram just for promotion. The actual purchase happens FeetFinder app, where buyers pay for their digital purchases.

3. selling.feet._pics_

This is another feet pics selling account that looks new with a handful of followers. The reason for adding this one to our list was to give you a clean bio example. The profile clearly mentions what it’s up to, how to purchase, mode of transaction, topped with a catchy phrase to lure customers.

Pros of selling feet pics

1. Easy and lucrative way of earning money:

Many people don’t know this, but the foot fetish industry is booming. With such extensive demand for feet pics, many platforms offer easy ways to conduct your business. Instagram and Onlyfans are one of the platforms with massive demand for feet pics.

2. Low-investment business

If you have beautiful feet and a good-quality camera, you are in luck. These are the two basic requirements to start a feet pic selling business. Additionally, unlike other businesses, you won’t need $100 or $1000s of investment money to run it.

3. Great way to Build your Brand

If you choose to sell your feet pics without hiding your face, you will get the chance to connect to your followers and various customers and create a solid identity over the internet.

Once you have created your identity, you can start another line of offerings for your already existing customers as another income source.

Cons of selling feet pics

1. Threat of Scams

Scams are widespread in online businesses. The Internet is flooded with people looking for an opportunity to scam others. You may find yourself in a situation where your clients promise to pay you a high price for your pictures but end up giving none.

  • Another drawback of this business is the high possibility of content theft. Since all your pictures will be online and accessible, the risk of theft will always be there. As a result, you will suffer revenue loss and damage to your reputation if that person posts those pictures on obnoxious websites.

2. High Chances of content theft

Another drawback of this business is the high possibility of content theft. Since all your pictures will be online and accessible, the risk of theft will always be there. As a result, you will suffer revenue loss and damage to your reputation if that person posts those pictures on obnoxious websites.

3. Lose control over your pictures

The greatest setback of a public account is that you lose control over your pictures. Once it’s up there on your feed, you cannot control it. While this may not be a big deal for most, some may feel uncomfortable seeing their pictures being put on sale on other pages.

4. Low income for Anonymous users:

Users who sell their feet pictures under their own name get more clients than those who sell them anonymously. Clients are more likely to buy pictures from real people

5. Not a Stable occupation

Selling feet pics is not a stable occupation. One must not rely on it for their primary source of income. However, it would make a good side business for some extra bucks.

how much can you make selling feet pics on Instagram?

You can charge anywhere between $5 to $100 per picture. That said, it’s not set in stone. You can set your own price depending on your work quality and the time and effort you poured in. It is advisable to charge $15 to $25 per picture if you have just started your business.

How do I sell feet pics on Instagram?

Instagram is a safe and secure platform to showcase your business and earn sufficient. That said, the app doesn’t promote illegal or sensual content. You may get banned from the app if your pictures contain inappropriate content.

Alternatively, you can try another platform called, FeetFinder, where you can sell your feet pictures securely. Some sellers have even earned up to $90,000 through the platform.

How can I sell my feet pictures quickly?

Unfortunately, you cannot start earning quickly right after creating your account as you need to build your target audience first, who might be interested in your offering. Once you have ample followers, you will start getting offers to sell your pictures.

Also, consistency is the key. Be consistent with your publishing, content quality, and service, and you will see how quickly you will get buyers.

How to sell feet pics on Instagram without getting scammed?

Follow these guidelines to sell feet pics without getting scammed

  • Send pictures only when you receive the payment
  • Put a watermark on all your photos
  • Create a Business account to sell pictures
  • Set your terms and conditions in advance
  • Keep your identity hidden
  • Don’t include your face in the pictures
  • Use a secure device and internet connection
  • Keep off personal questions
  • Only accept the set payment options

is it illegal to sell feet pics on Instagram?

It’s permissible to sell feet pics on Instagram until and unless you are eligible to create a Creator’s account, and don’t use inappropriate photos, as said previously.

Although selling feet pics is legal in the US, selling and consuming such type of content should be avoided as it goes in line with sexual exploitation of the youth.

Do you have to pay taxes on feet pics?

Apparently, you need to file this extra income under Section C, along with your business expenses.

Can you sell feet on OnlyFans?

You can sell pictures of any part of your body, including your feet, on OnlyFans. You can also offer your subscribers private and exclusive content and set your own prices.

When selling feet pics do you have to show your face?

Typically, feet pics don’t include faces. They are entirely focused on the feet. Clients who come to your profile only want to buy your feet pics, so it’s okay if you don’t include your face in your pictures.


Like content creation, feet pics selling is another form of online business that people opt for as their side income stream. This occupation’s popularity has led many to start their own ventures and earn significant bucks.

If you are interested in selling foot pics on Instagram, this guide is your holy grail. Take tips from the above on creating and setting up a Creator’s account and entice clients to buy your feet pics.

Lastly, always go for a Creator account option while creating your account, as it offers better and more useful marketing features than a business account.

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