Would you judge someone if they say they were not on Instagram? You would, definitely. Since the past decade, Instagram has been the most used app around the globe. Don’t believe us? Well, according to stats, Instagram has 1 billion + users who use the app every day and 119 million people (mostly women) who visit the app regularly.

Since it’s a very popular app, your boyfriend/girlfriend, spouses, or children must have an account on it too. Don’t you think you need to keep an eye on their activities anonymously? Yes, that’s evil, but you cannot trust anyone in this fast-paced era. Therefore, we have rounded up some techniques on ‘how to see someones private Instagram’ account. Via these techniques, you will be able to break into anyone’s private account.

Like previously, we have discussed how to check if someone has saved your Instagram post and How to swipe on Instagram PC. Today, in this comprehensive guide, we have answered the queries like how to view a private Instagram account, what are the tools to view private Instagram, how to make an Instagram account private etc.  So without further delay, let us just quickly begin the guide.

Methods How to see someone private Instagram in 2023

Unlike Facebook, which lets you open a profile picture of anyone not added to your friend list, Instagram is more private. It doesn’t allow you to check out a profile picture of anyone, including your followers. However, we can tell you how to see someones private Instagram account or how you can see the posts of a private account.

Create a Fake Account

You can create a fake account to view private Instagram of someone. While it is unethical, it is the simplest method to get into someone’s account. Now you must be thinking about the chances of getting your following request accepted? Well,  the chances are high if you create a female account as it looks less shady and thereby has more acceptance chances.

To create a new Instagram account, you need to have a different email account and phone number. Wait, we are not done here. You need to post some relevant posts on your feed to make it look real. People doubtless when the account is older. Also, don’t forget to follow some famous public profiles and random people. You can keep your account private to make your target curious and follow you back.

Once you set up your fake Instagram account, send a follow request to your target. You can do another thing to increase your request acceptance chances. Send a message to that person and try to start a conversation about interests and hobbies. Once he/she begins trusting you, send the following request.

We understand that it’s not the best method and has its pros and cons, but it’s worth trying!

Search the Username on Google

Another way to view private Instagram account is by searching that person’s username on Google. Even if Google does not show their profiles, you can still find their profile picture as Google keeps digital footprints of every account.

The best thing about searching on Google is it shows all the past posts of that profile that were uploaded when it was public. Not just that, you might get traces of their other social media handles, for instance, Twitter and Facebook.

If his/her account does not appear on Google, then head to Instagram and write that person’s name on the search bar. Typically, people use unique names for usernames and keep their original names for profile names. However, you still stand a chance of finding them if you use their real names to search on Instagram.

Use Third-Party Apps

No, we are not kidding, there are several third-party apps that allow you to view private accounts as an Instagram viewer. In fact, you can still check out their posts on Instagram if they have blocked you.

Note: The third-party apps are not linked to your Instagram account. However, they will still require your Instagram credentials, contact details as well as credit card credentials.

Here are the top third-party apps that you can use to view private Instagram accounts:

  • PrivateInsta
  • InstaLooker
  • InstaRipper
  • InstaSpy
  • Instagram Private Profile Viewer

Is it ethical to use these tools to break into someone’s private space? Well, if the person has kept his/her account private, that means they want it to be that way. By using third-party tools to get into their profiles, you cross your boundaries and invade their privacy.

Some of these tools don’t allow you to check that user’s personal information. In fact, using those tools can badly affect your device as there’s no guarantee that they won’t impact your device. Therefore, we won’t recommend using them if you are not that desperate or a matter of life or death.

Picuki – Third-party tool

We have previously discussed Picuki, a private Instagram viewer tool that allows you to visit private profiles without even creating one. It also helps to download videos and images from Instagram that other third-party tools usually don’t allow. 

How to see someones private Instagram using Picuki?

Follow the steps to use Picuki to view private Instagram accounts:

  • Open Picuki.com on your browser.
  • Now write the person’s Instagram user name on the search bar and press enter.
  • Upon entering, you will find a drop-down menu to select the profile you want to view.
  • Select the one you want to open and you will get access to their Instagram account.

The best thing about this tool is, it is free of cost. Yes! You heard it right. Without costing you a buck, it will allow you to check the Instagram stories of a private profile.

Create a doppelganger account

Now, what does that mean? No, we are not talking about a fake account here. You need to create a doppelganger account to view someone’s private Instagram account. Follow the instructions ahead to do so.

First, search for that person on Facebook. There you can find with whom he/she interacts the most as people are less likely to keep their Facebook accounts private. Once you have collected all the information about that person, now create a duplicate profile of that person on Instagram. Use the same detailed profile picture and follow the pages that person had liked on Facebook. Finally, you can send follow request to that person with that account.

However, recently, Facebook has changed its privacy setting. It allows you to lock your profile completely so that nobody can even check your display picture. However, you can still give it a shot as it is an optional feature, and everyone doesn’t need to turn it on.

While it’s not a long process, it will take a short time to figure out that it’s a fake profile and consequently, the other person can block or report you for the act.

Moreover, you can also get into legal trouble if the person in whose name you have created a profile files a legal complaint. So, think twice before you take this step.

Send a follow Request

While it might sound weird, the only legitimate and the least dangerous way to stalk a person on Instagram is by sending him/her a follow request. If you have mutual friends, then your request might get accepted.

However, the chances of rejection are still high as Instagram is considered a more private platform and people refrain from adding unknowns due to the high risk of hacking and other cyber crimes these days.

Tips to get a follow request accepted

To help you out, we have come up with some tips to get a follow request accepted on Instagram.

Don’t cancel the request immediately, wait for a few days. Oftentimes, people don’t check their Instagram daily, so the chances are high that your request goes unnoticed.

However, some people don’t like to add strangers to their profiles and keep their profiles private. For this reason, sending a DM (Direct Message) would be useful. It will help you to make an understanding with that person, gain their interest. Once you have achieved that, you can send the follow request.

Lastly, if that person already knows you from somewhere but doesn’t remember where and how, try reminding him/her of yourself. It’s an effective way to get accepted.

Public Instagram profile VS Private Instagram Profile

Now that you know how to see private Instagram account, following we have listed some differences between a public and a private Instagram profile. How is that helpful to you? Firstly, you will know whether to keep your profile public or private and secondly, you will learn the opportunity cost of both.

When you create an account on Instagram, the app creates a public profile by default. You have to go to the settings to make it private. When you make an account private, all the following requests need your approval to add to your profile. That means you will allow selected people to see your content.

On Instagram, the number of followers is kind of considered a sign of popularity and success. The more followers you have, the higher the chances that small brands reach you out for marketing purposes. So, keeping a profile public can benefit you in a lot of ways.

On the contrary, a private Instagram account can save you from possible cyber-attacks. Since you don’t add randoms to your accounts, no one would threaten you with your pictures or other information. Instagram offers 95% of privacy to private accounts. That means no one can barge into your profile and make inappropriate comments. However, if someone from your friends tries to do so, you can block them right away.

So there are pros and cons either way.

How can one make his/her Instagram account private?

We have listed some easy steps below to make an Instagram account private.

  • Open your Instagram app
  • Click on your profile picture on the right bottom side of your screen.
  • Now, click the three horizontal lines on the top right corner and select settings.
  • Select privacy from the given options.
  • Find a toggle beside ‘Private account’ under the Account Privacy settings.
  • Turn the toggle on to make your account private.

Whenever you feel like making your account public, do the same thing.


Due to new methods and platforms, we now have several ways to conceal our real identities on social media and portray the one we want. While it might sound a good thing to several, it’s extremely worrisome for concerned parents who need to keep track of their children’s activities.

And the trouble gets doubled when they are unable to access their children’s profiles due to their privacy settings. However, by referring to this ‘how to see someones private Instagram’ guide, anyone on earth can get into another person’s private accounts.

That being said, it has its pros and cons. Since it is completely unethical and illegal in some states to stalk someone using tools, the other person can file a complaint against you.

Instead, consider taking a bold step. Send a direct request and silently watch their activities. It will cost you nothing, we sure!


How to view private Instagram accounts without following them?

We have covered everything about that in our guide. However, you can also check out this video guide to learn it visually.

How to see someones private Instagram story?

To check out someone’s private Instagram stories, you need to take help from third-party apps like IGLookpup. This guide will help you how to download and use that app to view private Instagram accounts.

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