Instagram provides a platform where people express themselves and connect with other individuals. It is an app on iPhone and Android that provides an opportunity for one to share their photos, videos, news events and all other sorts of entertainment with their friends, followers, or their selected groups. Followers and fans usually want to stay abreast with all that is going on in the lives of people they are following. But what happens when a post has been missed and or is deleted? In this article we are going to talk about how to see others deleted Instagram posts?

Is it possible to see deleted posts?

Instagram users can see another person’s deleted posts if they were shared with them being their followers. However, if these were public posts it’s a whole different story, in that case, those will be deleted permanently and will not show on the accounts of both the user and follower. In case you are a follower, the posts will still be visible in the feed even if they have been deleted. Alternatively, the deleted posts of the user will be visible on their profile but will be marked “deleted.”

The deleted videos or photos may remain on the site for up to 30 days, but most of the time the users not only want to delete them but also hide them.

Why Are Posts Deleted?

There could be numerous reasons why a post was deleted by someone on Instagram like, one might just want to delete a post because it is old and has lost its relevance or circumstances have changed or a post might have been an embarrassment or received an unexpected backlash, or simply to cleanse and refresh the profile.

What Are The Ways Deleted Posts Can Be Seen?

You must be pondering over how it is possible to see someone else’s deleted posts. Well, you will be delighted with the news that there actually are a few ways to do it. This can be done by using third-party applications, which make it possible to see the Instagram posts and stories that have been deleted.

Third-Party Apps

The first and foremost step of course is to find a third-party application that would do the trick. Fortunately, there are a couple of good applications for example the InstaView, which enables you to see all the deleted stories and posts of the account holder.

This app can be downloaded for free. All you have to do is to enter the username of the account or person into the search bar. Once that has been done, you can easily view all the deleted posts and even see whether the user who deleted them still has them or not.

Another good application that is useful to locate the lost or deleted posts is the iStaunch which works by displaying to you all the profiles that are linked with the person or account holder you are interested in.

A third and popular app to download is called InstaDumpster. This app displays all posts that have been made by a user.

If on the other hand, you prefer to see what a user or account holder has deleted on their profile, you can simply visit the Website to see their feeds. This method is recommended for revealing photos and videos that have been deleted by users which they are no longer interested in sharing.

Other Ways To See Deleted Posts

Instagram usually recommends that a backup of all posts should be kept. Different applications can be used to back up and then recover those posts. The Google photos’ gallery synchronization feature can also be used. Once it has been set up, the steps involved to view these deleted Instagram posts will take only a couple of minutes. However, if you are not interested in this method, you always have the option to use the “recover” option on Instagram.

One more way to see a user’s deleted Instagram posts is to take screenshots of the post. Unfortunately, this method is only useful for photos, and not for videos. But it is a worthwhile option if you have to see a person’s deleted posts for any legal reasons.
Sometimes, third-party specialists are hired by content creators to find information. Journalists looking for publications use these specialists. These applications are called “spy apps”.

Another way is – if you have access to the other person’s phone you can do it yourself. You can look for screenshots of the deleted posts, or check iCloud backups, or Google Photos, or you can use a Wayback Machine to view old posts on someone else’s profile. Though these methods are not particularly secure, they do the job. In most cases, the best way is to contact the person who deleted them.


Now you must be well acquainted with the various ways and tools that can help you on “how to see others deleted Instagram posts”. You never know when you are in a dire need of getting access to a post that has been deleted. This guide will truly help you with that. If you have any queries or feedback, please feel free to write to us.

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