With over 363 Million active users, Snapchat is one sensational social media app winning Zen hearts with its instant snap chatting features.

Sharing pictures and videos with close ones is a routine for many of us, and Snapchat provides easy means to do that regularly without compromising user privacy. Talking of privacy, die heart Snapchat users must know that the app doesn’t allow taking screenshots of anyone’s chat or story without the other person knowing.

If you are seeking a workaround for ‘how to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing,’ scroll down to get your answer!

How to take a screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing

Below are 6 proven methods to take screenshots on Snapchat hideously. We have personally tried and tested each of them.

1. Google Assistant

If you have an Android device, you should try this hack first. iOS users can begin with the second one.

Google Assistant is much more capable than you had imagined. Its voice command feature can take screenshots on Snapchat without letting the other person know. Here is how it’s done:

  • Log into Snapchat and open the story or chat you want to take a screenshot of
  • Active Google Assistant by pressing the home button for a few seconds and saying, ‘Ok, Google.’
  • Once it turns on, ask it to take a screenshot

The Google Assistant will instantly capture your current screen without notifying that person. It will also ask you if you want to share the screenshot on other social media apps.

2. Screen Recorder

The second best way to capture a screenshot is by recording the screen. You probably have used a screen recorder earlier to save your favorite videos from Facebook, but little did you know that it can also be used for saving Snapchat stories.

How to screen record on Android?

  • Swipe down from the top of your screen (twice)
  • Find ‘Screen Record’ (if it’s not there, tap edit and add screen record to your Quick Settings
  • Now open the screen you want to record and hit start
  • After the countdown, your screen will start to record. To stop the recording, swipe down and tap the screen recorder option.

How to screen record on iPhone?

Unfortunately, the iPhone screen recorder is not as efficient as the Android one – which means it will notify the other person when your record their story.

1. Take a Picture

Some of you might wonder if taking a picture and a screenshot are the same. Well, no. it’s not the same thing.

By taking a picture, we meant taking a photo of someone’s Snapchat story from another phone. Of course, you will need a friend or a spare phone to carry out this method. But the best thing about this hack is that it’s the simplest of all and won’t ever let that person know of your deed.

Note: The picture quality may not be too cool.

2. Use Recent App Section

In another smart hack, you can take a screenshot of your Snapchat chat with anyone by using the recent app section. Here is how:

  • Open Snapchat and then the chat you want to take a screenshot
  • Tap the recent apps button
  • Capture a screenshot quickly and tap ‘close all apps’

Following this particular format will take a screenshot of your Snapchat screen without sending the notification to the other person.

3. Use Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is one easy way to take screenshots on Snapchat secretly. However, you should be aware that it only works on a particular version of Snapchat. So make sure you have the version installed before trying out this hack.

  • Unlock your phone and open Snapchat app
  • Put your phone on Airplane mode by swiping down and tapping the airplane icon
  • Next, take the screenshot and restart your phone immediately
  • Once your phone starts, turn off the airplane mode

You need to be super quick to perform this hack. Also, it may not work with the current version of Snapchat. Try it with your friend before implementing it.

4. Mirror your Phone

Mirroring your phone to another device is another effective way to take screenshots on Snapchat without letting others know. Since mirroring is not a built-in feature, you need to download an app like AirDroid cast, ApowerMirror, Replica etc.

If you opt for AirDroid, you can easily mirror your phone on your PC. once the story appears on your PC, you can take a screenshot of it without the other person knowing. It is a tried and reliable method, as Snapchat could not detect such screenshots.

How do you screenshot on a Snapchat 2023?

How do you screenshot on a Snapchat
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All of these 6 methods will work absolutely well in 2023. In fact, we just tried method 3 the previous week. So rest assured, it won’t put you in trouble.

How do you record your screen on Snapchat without them knowing 2022?

Check method 2 for the answer. Also, apart from using built-in features, you can also try free third-party apps that offer more functionality along with screen recording.

How do you get a high Snapchat score on 2023?

There are abundant ways you can up your Snapchat score in a matter of a few days. For instance:

  • Send more snaps
  • Add friends
  • Open snaps
  • Make Snapchat streaks as much as you can (here is how to win the streak game on Snapchat)
  • Watch Discover videos
  • Upload stories
  • Watch stories

Check this guide to learn about factors that negatively affect your Snapchat score.

Can you see if someone screenshots a Chat in Snapchat?

Whether you take a screenshot of a story or a chat on Snapchat, the app instantly notifies you that you have taken a screenshot like the below reference picture:

How do you save snaps in chat without them knowing?

While many third-party apps can help you download pictures from the Snapchat chat section, they have questionable functionality and are unreliable. The simplest way to save a picture from a chat is through a screen recorder.

Open the chat and turn on the screen recorder. After saving the video, take a screenshot of that picture from the video and you are good to go.

Is there a screen recorder that doesn’t notify Snapchat?

Try AZ Screen Recorder. It’s a third-party application that discreetly records screens without letting the other person know. Additionally, you can use the multi-purpose app for live streaming and recording videos in HD quality.

What happens if I accidentally took a screenshot on Snapchat?

Unfortunately, there is no way that we know to undo a screenshot. The moment you take a screenshot, whether intentionally or unintentionally, Snapchat will notify that person. The only thing you can do is, tell that person in the chat that it happened mistakenly.

Does Snapchat tell you when someone screenshots your story?

Just like others can know when you take a screenshot of their story, you can also learn when someone takes a screenshot of your picture. Just open the viewers list on your story and you will find a green triangle screenshot icon beside the view icon.

How to take a screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing Android?

The above 6 methods work well mostly for Android. So, yeah, you are fortunate if you are an Android user. However, iPhone users won’t be able to try method 1 as their phone lacks a Google Assistant.


So that was all our most effective methods to capture screenshots on Snapchat covertly. Snapchat is pretty straightforward regarding breaching privacy and policy; hence, always test these methods on a spare account to avoid getting banned by the app.

Lastly, taking screenshots is prohibited in some regions. In fact, it might put you in legal trouble in some countries. So whatever your reason is, just do it discreetly to steer clear of problems.

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