Whether it’s a holiday season, or just a casual get-together, exchanging gifts is a tradition and a way of showing love and care. That said, not all gifts can fit your liking and go useless when you fail to pawn them off on anyone.

Fortunately, Amazon takes gifts in exchange for a gift card. That means you can return all the gifts piled up in your storage and get a chunky gift card to buy anything from the store of your choice.

This guide will help you learn how to return a gift on Amazon and receive a gift card without the sender knowing.

Key Guidelines for returning gifts on Amazon: The merchandise must be in its original state as delivered. You must return the gift within 30 days after the purchase dateFree returns are applicable only on some items (you can find that on the product page online). Items bought from third-party sellers may have to bear the cost of return shipping.

How to Return a Gift on Amazon in 6 Steps?

There could be myriad reasons you want to return a gift. For instance, if it’s a garment, it could be a size issue, a wrong color, or you already have the same piece in your closet, etc.

Below we have explained how to return a gift on Amazon in a hassle-free way and get something of your choice.

Step 1 – Open Amazon Returns on your web browser

The first step involves heading to the Amazon Return page through your web browser. There you will need to sign in if you have an account. Otherwise, you will need to create one.

Note: An Amazon account is imperative, as you receive a refund in the form of a gift card that can only be issued on an Amazon account.

Step 2 – Input the order number of the item you want to return

Next, find the 17-digit order number on your gift packaging or in your receipt emails. If you cannot find it, contact Amazon customer service and ask them to help locate your order number. They will find the sender’s name or tracking number using your order ID.

Step 3 – Choose items to return and state a reason

Now select the items you want to return from the drop-down menu and type the reason for the return. If your gift were purchased from a third-party seller, you would be required to submit a ‘return request’ to return the product to the retailer.

Since Amazon does not authorize third-party goods, you must contact the seller directly within 14 days of receiving the gift to get the return request approved. Once the seller approves your return, you will require to take the item to the local post office and have it marked within 30 days, including a tracking number.

Step 4 – Print Return Label

Here, you must print a return label by clicking ‘Print Return Label’. Next, you will be prompted to open a PDF with instructions on attaching the label to your package.

Tip: It is advisable to print and pack each item’s return label separately, as it will help you handle multiple items to dispatch to different sellers. Also, stay extremely careful while packing the items, as even the slightest damage can result in the voiding of your return.

Step 5 – Choose a method of return

Select a method of return, for instance, Hub Lockers, Kohl’s, Ups Store, Amazon’s 4-star store, Whole Foods, etc. If you opt for Amazon Hub Locker, find the nearest one from your location to pick up your package on arrival easily.

Note: For Amazon Hub Locker, your package should be smaller than 16 x 12 x 14 inches.

Step 6 – Package the goods and send them back

For packaging, one must note that each package must be separately packed though kept in the same box. The authorized label from Amazon should be placed inside the package to help them sort through the package. 

That’s all. Using this method, you can safely return your gift to Amazon and receive a gift card in exchange. Mind that your package delivers in the same condition as it was sent to you. Only opt for safe shipment methods to avoid damaging your goods inside the package.

Other ways to return unwanted gifts on Amazon

Amazon is a leader in customer satisfaction. You will know why in a bit. Back in 2021, Amazon introduced easy ways to return damaged, defective and unwanted items. For that, the retail giant introduced numerous drop-off locations so customers could have multiple options to return their merchandise.

1. Amazon Physical stores

Amazon has around 590 retail locations solely in the United States available for merchandise returns. These locations include Amazon Fresh Grocery store, Amazon Books, Amazon 4-star stores, and Amazon Go stores.

Whether you want to return a gift item or purchase something, Amazon’s 4-star store is an all-rounder to do all that stuff.

The only downside of these stores is that you may not find one near your location. However, you can still try your luck by entering your zip code and the type of service you are looking for on Amazon’s website to generate a list of all the nearby stores.

2. Whole Foods

Whole Foods is more accessible than other Amazon stores as they are widely located all over the US. As per their policy, “You can return a gift using the gift receipt and receive a refund in the form of a gift card.” that means if some coupons were used to buy your gift, the refund would be given in the form of a gift card loaded with the total amount spent.

The best thing about Whole Foods is that they only need a gift receipt to take the gift back. Show it to the customer support agent at the counter, and you will be refunded with a gift card.

3. Kohl’s

With over 1100 retail stores US-wide, kohl’s made it easier for customers to return merchandise. Just head to Amazon’s website and find the store near your current location. Go to the store and visit the Amazon Returns desk just show them a QR code, and you will be refunded.

4. UPS Stores

Using a prepaid mailing tag, you can drop off all unwanted items at your nearest UPS store to make a return.

Over 5000 UPS stores accept returns without a label or box; just a QR code generated from Amazon is what they require. All you need to do is just visit a UPS store with your package, hand it over to the cash counter, and show the QR code from Amazon on your phone.

You can also opt for a free-of-cost UPS package pick-up service to send your returns for exchange.

How to return a gift on amazon without the giver knowing?

How to return a gift on amazon without the giver knowing
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While it sounds rude to return a gift, it’s not a crime. If you have the same pair of heels, there’s nothing wrong with getting one exchanged for something else.

One reason we admire Amazon’s services is that even if you use the 17-digit code or the tracking number of the package to return it, it will not notify the sender that you are getting that item exchanged/refunded. So yes, you accept any kind of gift without telling anyone that you don’t use it.

Using the above 6 steps, you can return a gift on Amazon without the giver knowing.

How to return a gift on amazon without a gift receipt?

Gladly, Amazon doesn’t require a gift receipt to take a gift back. You can return your gift in its original packaging (unopened) without a receipt and get a refund in the form of a gift card. However, ensure you do it within 30 days of receiving the gift.

How to return a gift on amazon without the order number?

If you cannot find your package’s order number, get help from Amazon’s Online customer support. Provide them with your tracking number so they can find your order number and help you refund.

If you don’t have either of these (the order and tracking number), you may ask the sender directly to contact Amazon regarding the refund.

Do people know if you return Amazon gift?

Typically, senders can’t know if their gift is being refunded. However, as we said previously if you do not have the tracking and order number, you will have to ask the sender to help you get the refund.

Can I return Amazon items without packaging?

Amazon adheres to all the rules it put in place regarding the gift return policy. Failing to comply with them will result in a delay in the gift exchange or even a voiding of the refund request.

Therefore, to return the item, all merchandise/gifts must be securely packed with certificates of authenticity, appraisal, and grading. Packages missing all the applicable receipts and labels will not be accepted.

What happens if Amazon rejects a return?

If a returned package doesn’t meet the stated standards, it will go through further scrutiny, and depending on its condition, it could be either rejected or returned to suppliers. Sometimes, it can also be sold to liquidators or donated to charity.


Not everyone is a good gifter which is fine. Apart from your close friends and family, nobody asks or knows what you want for a gift. But thankfully, using our suggested method, you can return unwanted gifts and get a good refund on your Amazon gift card to buy something you have been longing for.

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