Have you caught yourself feeling uncomfortable in your own body? Perhaps your hair or body shape is making you feel embarrassed in front of others. Unfortunately, we live in a world where a weird notion prevails: having a broad shoulder makes women look less feminine.

While some might not get affected by this, the rest get really upset when they hear such awful things about their body shape. Thereby they seek answers for ‘how to reduce broad shoulders female’.

Such beauty standards have ruled over the Western culture for quite a long time. Even though nobody should be ashamed of their body, if it’s you who want to change yourself, then read on. We have provided effective ways to reduce broad shoulders in females.

Common misconception

There is a common misconception that you need to work out (precisely focused on shoulders) to reduce the shoulder size. Well, this is the funniest misconception we have heard to date.

No, working out is not a solution to reducing your shoulder size. In fact, if you do workouts focused on your upper body, it will increase your muscle mass and make them stiffer and bigger. The more you exercise, the bigger they will get. So be watchful of what you are following. Workouts are not always a solution for every problem.

But don’t get upset. You have a lot of other options to reduce the size of your shoulders.

Ways to reduce broad shoulders females

Following are the easiest and most effective ways to reduce broad shoulders while staying healthy.

1. Have a balanced diet

you can eat good and can still reduce the size of your shoulders. Yes, eating clean has a lot to do with your weight. However, you need to keep track of your calorie count to reach your desired weight.

With that, let’s bust this myth: spot reduction workouts will help you reduce your shoulder size. That’s completely absurd. Things that you watch on YouTube like ‘get slim shoulders with this workout’ won’t take you anywhere.

Following such ridiculous workouts will either get a broader shoulder or lose overall body weight. There’s no such thing as target exercise to reduce weight from a specific area of your body. If just tones them up and make them look finer and more prominent.

How to have a balanced diet?

Eating foods that are rich in nutrition and low in calories could be of great help in reducing weight and shoulder size.

Try adding more vegetables to your diet. Fruits and vegetables are a great source of fiber and keep your stomach full throughout the day, given that you have them in small portions after every short interval.

Apart from reducing your weight and giving you a nice glow on your skin, fresh fruit and vegetables boost your immunity and prevent carcinogens and deadly infections.

That said, some fruit contains a large amount of sugars, so having them in larger quantities won’t be a good idea if you expect to shed some kilos.

How to keep a calorie count?

In order to reduce weight, you need to keep track of your calories, regardless of what you are eating in a day. And since many people don’t know how to do so, we have attempted to explain it below.

The calorie count is important when on diet because if you don’t track how much you are taking, you will barely lose a kilo. To lose weight, you need to figure out how many calories you take on a daily basis and how much you need to cut to attain your desired weight. To help you out with your calorie count, here is a calorie calculator that you can use to track your calorie intake.

You need to provide your age, gender, height, current weight, and activity level. After providing all that information, click ‘Calculate’. In a bit, a table will appear on your screen showing 4 things: the number of calories you need to maintain your weight, calories for mild weight loss (around 0.25 kgs), calories for weight loss (0.5 kgs) and calories for extreme weight loss (1 kg).

Calorie chart for women

AgeDaily calorie requirements
19–30 years2,000–2,400 calories
31–59 years1,800–2,200 calories
60+ years1,600–2,000 calories

While daily calorie requirements greatly depend on your weight, height, sex, and goal to lose weight, the above chart is for general reference for women.

Note: Cutting your calories drastically is not a good way to lose weight but will lead to severe side effects.

2. Tweak your workout routine

As we said above, a workout focused on shouthe lders won’t reduce the size of your shoulders. Instead, try tweaking your workout regimen and focus more on other body parts. Not sure how to do that? Read below.

Stop doing dumbbells and lateral raises

If you do dumbbells and lateral raises as part of your workout, stop that right there. Doing so will make your shoulders firm and broader. Not training these areas will allow them to shrink.

Reduce upper body pressing

You might be having broad shoulders issues due to performing upper body pressing. Whether it’s a machine press or seated dumbbell shoulder press, these workouts directly involve training your shoulders, hence, increasing your size. Therefore, it is advised to reduce the number of such exercises in your workout.

Do more Cardio

Cardio has always been effective for reducing the overall body weight and is less likely to build muscle size. Therefore, to reduce shoulder size, it is recommended to increase the cardio part of your workout.

That said if you are thinking of swimming to do more cardio, you better drop that idea. Swimming could be a bad form of cardio if you are up to reducing your shoulder size. Most swimmers have broad, powerful shoulders due to swimming.

You can get a personal trainer if you are still confused about which workouts to go for to reduce your shoulder mass. Communicate your goals with them and they will tell you what to do for the workout to attain that goal.

And if you find trainers too expensive, you can go for personalized workout apps. Provide them with all your information and goals as well. It will tell you which exercises to perform and how long to get your desired shoulder size and shape.

3. Make changes to your outfits

We often overlook this factor, but outfits play a huge role in our physical appearance. A few wardrobe hacks can help you look thinner and appear narrow from the top.

Wardrobes dos and don’ts

  • Wear waist belts as they will give you an hourglass body look.
  • Wear V-neck t-shirts as they cover your shoulders and make them look thin.
  • Wear loose-fit pants if you have a thin lower body.
  • Avoid wearing strapless outfits as they shift the focus more on your shoulders and make them look bigger.
  • Don’t put on jackets that have shoulder pads in them.

Just one last thing – How to reduce broad shoulders female

These small outfit changings can help you big in appearing thinner. While the above workout and diet recommendations are valid and eventually get you reduced shoulders, these wardrobes changes are a quick fix until you actually reduce your shoulder size.

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