Did you just forget where you kept your Apple watch an hour back? Well, at least now we can consider you NORMAL. It happens to all of us, so don’t worry.

You have your iPhone in your hand, right? That’s all you need to find your Apple Watch back. You can ping your Apple watch to your iPhone and find its location.

Pinging plays a loud sound on your Apple Watch, so you can easily navigate its location. So, let’s get to finding your Apple Watch without wasting your time. By the end of this guide, you will have your Apple Watch on your wrist. We promise you!

How to Ping Apple Watch from iPhone?

Did you know you can make your Apple Watch ping from your iPhone in just 5 simple steps? Follow these steps and find your lost Apple Watch.

Step 1: The first thing you have to do is make sure your Apple Watch is still connected to the internet. If your Apple Watch is lost somewhere inside your home, chances are high that it is connected to your home internet.

Step 2: Now unlock your iPhone, open the ‘Find My’ app, and enter your Apple ID to sign in.

Step 3: A list of all your device will appear before you. Choose your Apple Watch to ping.

Step 4: Next, a map will appear on your screen along with all of your Apple devices. Tap the Watch icon.

Step 5: Below the map, you will see the ‘Play Sound’ option, tap it to ping your Apple Watch.

With that, a pinging sound will play on your Apple Watch, which you can follow to find your Watch. Once you find your device, tap the ‘Dismiss’ option to stop the sound.

You can only hear the pinging sound if your watch is lost in your home. However, if you have lost it somewhere outside of your home, you won’t be able to hear the pinging sound. You will first need to track the location of your Apple Watch to follow the pinging sound.

How to ping iPhone from Apple watch?

If you have lost your iPhone instead of the Apple Watch, you can use the following steps to ping your iPhone.

Step 1: Swipe up to unlock your Apple Watch and open the ‘Control Center’

Step 2: If you see the iPhone icon gray, it means your Apple Watch is still connected to your iPhone. Tap that icon to make your phone produce a beeping sound.

Step 3: Press and hold the same gray iPhone icon, it will make your phone’s flashlight go on and off along with the beeping sound, to make it easier to find your phone in the dark.

Step 4: Lastly, tap the green iPhone icon (it will turn blue briefly) to ping your phone. You will need to tap it again and again since it’s impossible to find your phone in a single beep.

Note: If you are unable to tap the grey iPhone icon, then either your iPhone is disconnected from your Apple Watch or switched off. In both cases, you cannot ping your iPhone.

Reasons Your Apple Watch is not Pinging Your iPhone:

It’s comparatively easier to ping your Apple Watch from your iPhone than ping your iPhone from your Apple Watch. There are a lot of reasons involved, for instance:

  • Your Bluetooth connection is weak. Know that when your iPhone and Apple Watch are not connected to each other or the internet, it would be hard to ping your phone.
  • If your phone’s airplane mode is switched on, it won’t ping.
  • If either of the devices has outdated software or a pending update, it may affect the connection and result in difficulty pinging.

Methods to Fix the Apple Watch Ping:

Don’t be disheartened. What if your phone is not pinging from your Apple Watch, we have fixes for everything! Here are a few ways to can make your iPhone ping.

  • Resync your iPhone and Apple Watch to fortify the connection if it’s not.
  • Switch off airplane mode.
  • Keep your software updated on both devices at all times
  • Restart both devices, as it will resolve connectivity issues.

Note: You must have access to both of your devices in order for these fixes to work. Or you can take help from Apple Customer Support.

End Note:

If you often misplace your Apple Watch, you can resort to the above-provided method. Whether your Apple Watch is beneath the sofa, below the cushion, in your laundry basket, or even in your car, a pinging sound will help you navigate your phone instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Ping Your Apple Watch –

Can I ping my Apple Watch if it’s dead?

If your watch is powered on with the Find My App enabled, you may be able to locate your Apple Watch. However, if your Apple Watch has a dead battery or is powered off, you may not be able to locate it as you will have very limited options.

2. What to do if Apple Watch lost?

Just launch the Apple Watch app on your phone, tap ‘My Watch,’ ‘All Watches’ and then ‘Find My Apple Watch.’ Now under the ‘Find My’ app on your phone, tap the Watch icon to navigate your Apple Watch.

3. What sound does Apple Watch make when lost?

If you lost your watch somewhere near you or at your home, it would make a pinging sound the moment you tap the gadget banner on the app. Hence, you can locate it easily.

4. How to ping Apple Watch without Find Me?

Well, if you have another gadget, you can try calling on your Apple Watch. If it is not put on silent mode, you will be able to locate it with its ring tone. Alternatively, you can use the Find My app to get its exact location.

5. Can I Ping someone else’s iPhone?

Open ‘Find My’, tap the ‘Help a Friend’ feature, and follow the instructions. It will help you locate someone else’s iPhone.