Are you looking for a straightforward way to have the life you always have dreamt of? Well, who doesn’t want?! Onlyfans provide simple and fast means to earn big through its platform.

No, no. Onlyfans is not ONLY what you think it is. The platform was initially created for content creators to share their BTS videos without having to worry about their content getting censored.

Even though the platform is filled with adult cam girls posting exclusive content, you don’t necessarily have to show your face to earn on this site. If you are planning to start a lucrative venture and wondering how to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face, you are exactly where you should be!

This guide is going to reveal some secret tips to earn big on Onlyfans without revealing your identity.

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How to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face

Despite being infamous for selling raunchy content, there are other lucrative ideas that you can pull off on Onlyfans without worrying about your face getting revealed. Following are some creative ways to earn on Onlyfans while keeping your face hidden. So let’s get started!

1. Sell bts (behind-the-scene) videos

One way to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face is by selling behind-the-scenes footage. Whether you are an influence or a YouTuber, you can simply sell the bloopers or bts of your best works to your exclusive audience.

2. Sell Feet pics

Onlyfans is a great platform where you can build a community of people with foot fetishes. Without showing your face, you can earn big bucks in a short time.

There is a bustling community online that is willing to pay a beefy amount to see/purchase beautiful foot pictures on the web. Some people have reportedly made $70,000 a year just by selling pictures of their feet. Here is what you need to start your feet-selling picture business

  • Get pedicures, tattoos, and anything that makes your feet more appealing
  • Use a high-quality camera to capture photos
  • Use good-lighting
  • Add props to your photos
  • Experiment with different angles for change

For more tips on how to set up your account to sell feet pictures, check out this guide.

3. Fitness/Workout videos

If you are a fitness enthusiast and are consistent with your workouts, you can capitalize on it by making and sharing your workout videos on Onlyfans.

While Onlyfans is still working on expanding its genres, fitness is one growing niche that won’t go unseen on a platform like Onlyfans. So it’s worth trying your luck!

Once you get successful in engaging a large audience in your niche, you can gradually introduce your gym wear for some extra side income.

4. Provide teaching services

Yes, you read it correctly. You can offer teaching/coaching services on Onlyfans without showing your face. For instance, you can offer a one-on-one session to your client on their chosen topic for their specified duration in exchange for a price.

It is a great way to monetize your experiences and knowledge and connect with your audience on a more personal level.

5. Modeling for Bikinis/Swimwear

Onlyfans has grown popular for promoting apparel, especially when it comes to swimwear and bikinis.

You can initially start by uploading pictures wearing your own clothing to get the attention of top-notch brands. As you progress, you will get to sign brand deals to promote businesses in exchange for money.

It works similar to Instagram, where brands reach influencers out to promote their stuff among their audience. Also, you can choose to hide your face if you don’t feel like revealing your identity.

Live sessions are another great way to earn and engage with your audience on Onlyfans. Also, it’s would be a great chance for your audience to catch you live and connect with you in a more meaningful way.

6. Live Streaming

Through live streaming, you can do live performances at your audience’s request and take tips as you want. Also, some people even promote their pay-per-view content on these sessions to redirect their audience to make extra money.

7. Make a Free Page and do whatever you want

One must wonder how you can earn through a free page. Well, you can, for sure. Just create a free page on Onlyfans and use it as you want. You can upload bts, pictures, and videos or just simply ask for tips to induce your audience to keep the page running.

You can ask your audience to tip you in exchange for whatever they wish to see on your profile. For instance, you can upload solos, and videos or do whatever your audience asks of you to keep your page active.

Note: Keep your page engaging by uploading unique and refreshing content to refrain your audience from tuning to other profiles.

8. Putting up an Amazon Wishlist

If tipping doesn’t work in your case, you can simply put up your Amazon wishlist on your account. Those who feel hesitant tipping can simply buy you stuff from your wishlist, and it’s a win-win.

Also, it’s kinda sweet way to admire your favorite Onlyfans stars and show love to them. But you got to show passion, devotion, and honesty to your work to get all the items checked on your wishlist.

Starting with your Onlyfans Account – What will you require?

Starting with your Onlyfans Account
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Now that you have a lot of creative ideas to earn on Onlyfans, below are some tips to create your account and get people attracted to it.

Step 1 – Choose a stage name

Since you are not going to reveal your face/identity on your OF account, you need to choose a stage/fake/pseudo name to go by on the platform.

This is common, especially in showbiz, where celebrities opt for unique names to be known by, like Lady Gaga, Marilyn Monroe etc.

Here you must ensure that your stage name has no connection with your actual name. It must not match your real name in any way so that you don’t get busted in the middle of your work.

For instance, if your actual name is Emma, don’t use its shortened version like, Emm or M. Go for something out of the blue but simple and minimal.

2. Use a separate e-mail account

It is imperative that you create a new e-mail account or use a separate account to start your Onlyfans account. While your audience cannot see your e-mail account or any other personal details, it is for precautionary purposes.

If you are creating a new e-mail, it would be better to use your pseudo name instead of your real one for the e-mail. Once the account is created, use the same e-mail address for anything related to your no face show account.

3. Use Geo-blocking

This feature comes in handy when you want to restrict a few countries/regions or even some specific people from your Onlyfans account.

To block the IP addresses of the people of your choice, search them up, tap block beside their names, and wait for 24 hours. After that, you will find their IP address in the blocked users’ list.

Here is how to geo-block on Onlyfans:

  • Go to Settings
  • Open the ‘Security’ section
  • Find ‘Geoblocking’ and tap
  • Add countries/regions you want to block and confirm the changes

It would be wise to drop the reason to block in the notes section for each user so that if they change their names or something, you will know why you blocked them.

Note: Keep in mind that when you block an entire region or country on your Onlyfans account, it will become harder to reach a wider audience and hit your benchmark, especially if you are blocking bigger countries like USA, Canada, or Europe.

4. Be mindful of your birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos

Do you have a tattoo on your wrist or a birthmark on your neck? Make sure to hide it, as any type of marking can be used to identify you.

If you cannot hide your birthmarks or any other mark of identification in your content, even with props and posing, take help from photo editing applications to cover them up. There are a lot of free Android and iOS apps that are good enough to be used for this purpose.

Note: Don’t forget to blur or hide your background or any sort of thing hinting at your current location.

5. Use a voice changer

The next and most important tip on how to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face is changing your voice. It’s common on Onlyfans that models change their voice using real-time voice changers to keep their identity hidden.

Even though you won’t likely get recognized on the platform, what if someone gets obsessed with you and start digging up to find your real identity?

It’s nothing but an extra layer of protection while setting up your account.

6. Cover your face using props while keeping it kinky

If you have decided to go for R-rated content, no better way is there than using masks and props to make it exciting while keeping your face hidden.

While you can use editing apps to blur or morph your face, using props and masks will make your audience curious and stick to your content.

Additionally, masks make it easier to pose at different angles freely without worrying about covering your face. Lastly, try animal face masks as they are considered more seducing.

Ways to optimize your Onlyfans account

Next up are the ways to optimize your Onlyfans account and increase its reach to the maximum to make it more profitable.

1. Promote your Account on Social Media

Of course, there should be some way to let people know about your Onlyfans account, and there is no better way than using social media to promote your new account.

By that, we don’t mean using your personal account, as it will invalidate this entire,‘how to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face’ guide. Create social media account with the same name as your Onlyfans account and start directing your followers to your paid content.

Nowadays, many Onlyfans models are using Instagram to redirect their followers to different sites by jumbling up their accounts into one link using Linktree.

2. Speed up promotions using marketing tools:

Unlike the old days when you manually had to market your content and wait for the coming days to show some results, today, several paid and free marketing tools come that effortlessly speed up your promotions and show instant results.

What they actually do is, they reduce the posting time to half, bring your profile to the ‘hot’ pages and automate the marketing process so you can focus on more productive tasks.

Here are some best all-time social media management and marketing tools you can consider:

All these tools have good user ratings and are known for showing the best results.

3. Promote on Forums

Forums are a great way to improve your presence on the web. Depending on your business niche, choose a forum and promote your profile there. For instance, if your niche is in adult content, search for adult forums to bring a relevant audience to your profile.

Quora can be a great platform to promote your business. So here is a hack, ask a question related to your niche anonymously and attach your profile’s screenshot with the link to gain traction.

4. Collaborate with popular profiles

Even though collaboration is one of the effective ways to gain an audience, it could be riskier in your case as it’s hard to stay anonymous while pulling off this idea. Otherwise, collaboration is a decent way to gain new followers that might be seeking your type of content.

Note: You can join forces with someone with the same business niche and a no-face-showing policy, as yours.

5. Take marketing agencies on board

This will be a hit-or-miss gamble, especially for those trying to make money on Onlyfans without showing their face. It can either flood you with unique subscribers or get you nowhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you make money without showing your face on Onlyfans?

As said earlier, you don’t necessarily need to show your face to earn on this platform. If you have the talent and creative mindset, you can be the next top Onlyfans top-earning star.

2. Can you be successful on OnlyFans without showing face?

The short answer is, Yes! You can. That said, there are some setbacks that you should be aware of. The reach and subscriber count can largely depend on what particular part of your body you are focusing on or what type of service you are providing.

3. Can you remain anonymous on OnlyFans?

From an identity perspective, yes, you can stay completely anonymous. However, as far as general information is concerned, like your pseudo name and payment information, we cannot assure anonymity for that.

4. How much do beginners make on OnlyFans?

On average, most beginners make around $145 per month. However, it also depends on the type of your service and the uniqueness of your content. The more it’s appealing to the audience, the wealthier you can be.

5. How do I start a successful OnlyFans?

8 hacks to be successful on Onlyfans:

  1. Come up with unique content
  2. Invest in paid shoutouts
  3. Leverage social media for promotion
  4. Stay consistent
  5. Produce high-quality content
  6. Ask for tips
  7. Do live sessions
  8. Put up an Amazon wish list

Summing Up

These are our best tips to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face. By leveraging our suggested hacks, you can easily make $150 to $3,500 in the initial three weeks of your business. Set your own prices for your exclusive content and earn as much as $20,000 per month while keeping your identity hidden.