Is it just us or do you too feel like iPhone’s hotspot is working extremely slow these days? If so, how to make the hotspot faster iPhone?

Using your personal hotspot can be pretty convenient when you are out and have no access to Wi-Fi. Though, it feels like a blessing until it starts acting weirdly. Especially, it’s so frustrating when you are doing some important work-related stuff and your hotspot gets stuck.

Therefore, we dig into the problem to find the root cause, and guess what? We came up with some easy ways to fix it. Just follow through with this guide and you will ab able to fix your hotspot within minutes.

How to make hotspot faster iPhone?

The following are simple hacks that can help you conveniently work with your mobile hotspot.

1. Reduce the distance between your phone and the other device

Sometimes we ignore simple things that are possibly the answer to our problems. When you turn on the hotspot on your iPhone and use it as a Wi-Fi router, you need to stay closer to it while working on your other device connected to the hotspot. Failure to do so will cause problems like poor connectivity and frequent disconnections.

  • If you have an iPhone 12 and have its Maximum Compatibility mode off, try not to increase the distance by more than 15 feet.
  • If the Maximum Compatibility mode is on, you can keep the device under the distance of 30 feet but not more than that. (Only for iPhone 12 and later versions)
  • To further improve connectivity, remove all the Bluetooth devices and cordless phones near your iPhone. Also, remove all the large accessories and furniture coming in between your iPhone and the device you are working on for a stronger connection. 

2. Close all the unnecessary background apps on your iPhone

Often times your hotspot works slow because you have several unnecessary apps running in the background. While on the outside, they don’t look like they are causing any harm to your hotspot, they consume a lot of your bandwidth, making the hotspot work slowly. Here’s how to close all those apps consuming both, your data and battery.

  • Unlock your iPhone
  • Swipe up on the home screen
  • You will see multiple apps floating. Start swiping up on each to close them.
  • Once done, tap on the blurred outside area to return to your home screen.

After closing all the background apps, check your hotspot’s speed on your other device. Hopefully, it will have improved. These background apps not just slow down your Wi-Fi but affects your phone’s performance as well. Therefore, try to keep your background clean so that you can use your hotspot effectively.

3. Turn off Background app refresh

On iPhones, there’s a feature called background app refresh, which checks for updates and app notifications. it is an automatic process and quite useful when your phone is not sharing the internet since it takes more bandwidth and eventually affects the speed of the hotspot. Here’s how to check if your background app refresh is turned off.

  • Unlock your phone, locate the Settings app, and tap
  • Scroll down, find General, and Tap on it
  • You will see the Background App Refresh option, tap it
  • Again, tap the same option when it appears.
  • There you will find three options (off, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi & Cellular Data), select the first one.

That’s that. Now restart your phone and turn on mobile data and hotspot. Hopefully, you will get a better speed.

4. Disable Automatic updates

Another reason your hotspot internet is not working well could be automatic updates. Especially those with limited data plans face this issue more. However, you can disable automatic updates to make your hotspot work fast.

  • Unlock your phone and head to Settings
  • Open General
  • Tap Software UpdateThen go in Automatic Updates
  • Now you will see two toggles, one for Download iOS Updates toggleand the other forInstall iOS Updates, turn off both.
  • You must be wondering how does this affect your mobile data speed? By disabling both options, you will stop your device from allocating data to software updates which may put an extra load on your internet speed.

5. Switch to a 5G network if available

Another way to deal with the slow mobile internet is by switching to a 5G network of course, if your service provider offers it. When you activate 5G on your device, it instantly shows up on your screen’s status bar. Here’s how to activate 5G on your phone:

  • Unlock the phone and go to Settings
  • Find Cellular and tap
  • Choose Cellular Data Option
  • If your carrier offers 5G and your phone supports it, go to Voice and Data and select 5G On.

Activating 5G will boost your internet speed instantly. However, there is only one downside to it, it will consume your batter faster. If you choose the 5G auto option, your phone will switch back and forth between LTE and 5G, which may help with the battery issue.

6. Turn off Low-Data mode

Often times your cellular data doesn’t perform well because you have turned on your device’s low-data mode. While it’s a good feature for those with limited data, it badly affects the speed of the internet while hotspot sharing. Here’s how to turn off low-data mode on iPhone:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Cellular
  • Select Cellular Data Options
  • There you will find a toggle for low-data mode, turn it off.

Doing so will turn off low-data mode and make your phone use maximum data to boost the internet’s speed.

Final Thought

We hope you have gotten your answer to ‘how to make hotspot faster iPhone’. However, if you still face any issues regarding speed, you might need to change the way you use your cellular data. Limit playing intensive video games and using zheavy apps on your mobile data. You can keep such work for your router’s Wi-Fi. Now try out these hacks. You will thank us later!