Ever since Samsung launched its Galaxy Buds, people have been complaining about its low sound. Even if you keep your phone volume full, it is not impressively loud. For us also, it was no less than a disappointment at first until we found out the reason behind it. Fortunately, we were successful in answering the most popular query “how to make Galaxy Buds louder”.

You won’t believe it, but Samsung’s earbuds have an internal volume. Surprising, no? However, Samsung has not yet spoken about it. So you are likely to be using just 50 percent of its audio capacity.

Now that we are here, you don’t have to compromise on your earbuds’ sound. We have compiled different methods to help you get the best experience with your Galaxy Buds. Let’s hop on the solutions part without any further delay.

How to make Galaxy Buds louder – 8 Simple Ways

There could be so many reasons why your earbuds are not working as they should be. Over time, tech products are likely to deteriorate, especially if you don’t take good care of them. In the following, we have listed 5 to make the Galaxy Buds louder.

Solution no 1: Make sure they are snug fit

Sometimes our small negligence leads to major issues. Before we go on the technical issues, we need to ensure you are doing the other things correctly. When using earbuds, you must ensure that the wingtips face upwards and give you a snug fit. However, you can also gently rotate them to fix them into your ears if you didn’t fit them right when you put them on. This is how you will achieve a perfect seal.

Also, by doing so, you will know that no sound is leaking and you are getting the exact audio quality that the brand promised. Most of the time, this is the primary reason why many people complain that their Galaxy Buds audio capacity is not good enough. So, make sure your earbuds are fitted comfortably in both ears.

Solution no 2: Adjust the Audio Volume

Your earbuds volume is separate from your phone’s volume. Adjusting the phone volume is easier, just press the volume up key or slide from the top on the main menu and do it from the control center. However, if you want to turn up the volume of your earbuds using a similar technique, make sure that you have selected the media volume in your settings. So, whenever you turn up the volume using the side key or control center, it will automatically increase the sound of your earbuds and not your phone.

Note: The Media Volume option might have been removed in Samsung’s latest update. Though, you can find the Bluetooth option instead to configure.

Solution no 3: Set Touchpad Commands

Follow the steps below to set up the volume settings and touchpad commands on your Galaxy Buds.

  • First of all, download the “Galaxy Wearable” app on your phone.
  • Once downloaded, open the app and connect your Samsung Galaxy Buds to your phone through the app.
  • Now scroll down and choose the “Touchpad” option
  • Under that option, select the “Touch and hold touchpad”
  • Select either volume up or down from the suggested options as per your choice.

After configuring the earbuds, long press on the right one to increase the audio. A beeping sound will confirm that you have increased the volume. To further increase, tap and hold the same earbud until you hear double beeps. While to reduce it, long tap the left one.

If you own the Galaxy Buds+, you can easily adjust the volume using the tips of the earbuds. All you need to do is just head to the “Galaxy Wearable” app on your phone, tap on “Labs” then activate the “Double-tap earbud edge”.

Solution no 4: Disable Media Volume Limiter

Every now releasing smartphone bears a smart feature called Media Volume Limiter. It is designed to adjust the music volume itself to not get too loud and damage your hearing. However, if you are already suffering low volume problems with your earbuds then you don’t need that feature on.

Follow the steps to turn off the Media Volume Limiter of your phone. Precisely, it’s for Samsung smartphones (other android smartphones should be using more or less a similar method).

  • Head to the settings on your phone
  • Search “Sounds and Vibration”
  • Select “Volume” then tap on More options.
  • Tap on the toggle and turn the Media Volume Limiter off.

For Other Android Devices

  • Head to the Settings
  • Find Developer options (to activate the developer option on your device, check out the manufacturer’s brand’s website or try by selecting the Build number option About phone field.)
  • Once it’s done, tap on the “Disable absolute Volume” toggle.

Bravo! You have done it. Now you can turn up the volume as much as you want while watching your favorite content or music. Though, make sure you don’t go too far with the volume as it can badly damage your hearing.

Solution no 5: Check the Battery

Sometimes the biggest of problems have the easiest solutions. By that we meant, you might be experiencing a low volume issue with your Samsung Galaxy Buds due to its low battery. It’s a fact that when the buds are low on battery, they automatically reduce the sound volume.

The easiest way to find out the battery health of your earbuds is by checking the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone. It will tell you right away the exact battery percentage of your earbuds. Also, you can put the earbuds back into their case to check if it’s low on power. If you see a red light flashing on and off, it means the battery is low.

Here’s what the other lights on your earbuds’ case indicate when you put the earbuds back inside the case:

  • Continuous red light – Charging
  • Continuous green light – Fully charged
  • Flashing red light – charging is stopped

Solution no 6: Check the Microphone

If your playback audio is working fine but you find the volume problematic during phone calls, then it is something with your microphone. Unfortunately, there’s no option on the Galaxy Wearable app to adjust the microphone’s setting. However, you can ensure that your microphone is not muted.

This happens when you use the Touchpad to adjust the sound instead of the phone. You get muted when you mistakenly touch and hold your earbuds’ Touchpad. Though, reversing the same thing will unmute your microphone right away. Just tap and hold the Touchpad and you will be unmuted.

Solution no 7: Check for Debris and Damage

If you have been using your earbuds for months now and you have started feeling the volume low, it means the buds require cleaning. Over time, especially earbuds tend to accumulate debris and earwax on them. They make the volume and sound quality lower.

Here is how you can clean your Samsung Galaxy Buds:

  • Take out the earbuds from the case and separate the earbud tip gently.
  • Wash the tip with soap and clean the mesh with the help of a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol (be gentle with the swab as it can damage the mesh or push the dirt through the mesh, which will then be difficult to remove)
  • If you own the Galaxy Buds Pro then use a similar method to clean the ducts.
  • Once done, allow the Buds to rest in the open air to dry.
  • Once dried, fix the ear tips back with light hands so you don’t break them.

This is how you can clean the earbuds without damaging them. However, if you destroy your earbuds by any chance, check for the damages immediately. Check if the earbuds’ case is cracked or has any broken parts. If it has, then your earbuds might have as well. This happens when you roughly handle the earbuds or mistakenly fall on the ground. Thereby it is necessary to thoroughly check for the damaged areas as it could badly affect the functioning of the earbuds.

Though, if the earbuds were water damaged, you can’t inspect them from the outside.

Solution no 8: Restart both your Phone and Earbuds

If you have checked all the solutions we have listed, it’s time to restart the phone and earbuds. You can simply restart your phone by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds. To restart the earbuds follow the instructions below:

  • Place the earbuds back into the case
  • Close the case’s lid and wait for around 7 seconds.
  • Now remove them from the case.
  • Once they are restarted, they will connect back to your phone automatically.

Note: if you have any software update, then install it first before restarting your phone. Also, you need to reset the earbuds after the software update using the Samsung wearable app. Once the software has been updated and the earbuds reset, restart both and connect them back.

Final Word

Since Galaxy Buds are the older version now, there are likely to exhibit problems with the volume and hardware. If you have tried everything and are still stuck on the same issue, get them replaced with a new pair. Several people have given positive feedback after using the new pair. Or you can opt for earbuds with bigger ear tips as they provide greater isolation and provide louder volume than standard Galaxy Buds.