Diabetes is one of the very common diseases affecting more than 422 million people globally. It is a condition in which a person’s body cannot produce insulin – a condition commonly referred to as type 1 diabetes. In type 2 diabetes, an affected person’s body either produces more or less than required insulin. This disease, if not taken seriously, can lead to the development of various other complications. But why think about problems when you don’t really have to face them (if you manage the level of glucose in your blood).

Learn About The Type You Have

Although, there’s no diagnostic procedure that can tell you exactly the type of diabetes you have, generally if you develop diabetes as a child then doctors will consider as type 1. If you have contracted this disease as an adult – generally after 25 – then you will be considered type 2 diabetic. Once you know the type, you’ll realize which drug to consume and how to keep your glucose levels in control.

Follow A Strict Diet Plan

Your diet will be best determined by your nutritionist as per your daily routine and eating patterns. Remember, you have to follow a custom diet plan unique to you – but as a general rule eat in small portions but increase the frequency. Never fill your belly completely. And since you have been declared a sweet person by the doctors, you must avoid anything that contains sugar – even vegetables with high sugar content should be avoided.

Exercise Regularly

Now, this is a must. If you can’t exercise daily, then you may have to face serious consequences of it in the future. Exercising brings down the level of glucose in your blood if it’s high while it also helps you strengthen your body. Brisk walk every day for 20 to 30 minutes. And if the level of glucose is high in your blood then push harder unless you realize that you have burned all that sugar.

Finally, Live On Your Terms

Don’t let anyone tell you what you should eat and how you should live – except your doctor of course. But diabetes is often referred to as a lifestyle disease – like it can change your lifestyle completely. But this doesn’t mean you give up completely on your favorite dessert. Just use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar and consume in limited quantities. Eating in moderation and exercising regularly can help you live a healthier life than a person without diabetes.