Avocado is the trendiest fruit right now. It’s spread out on a toast by many for breakfast, it’s cut out into salads to enhance the taste and even avocado shakes have become a thing now.

The only problem is once an avocado is cut and you’re still deciding how to utilize the fruit in your dish, it starts to turn brown. Avocados turn brown because they get exposed to oxygen.

Here are six ways to answer your question –  How to stop avocados from turning brown.

Add some citrus

Fruits that contain citrus hardly turn brown quickly. This is because citric acid inside the fruits contains antioxidants. Lemon, grapes, oranges, and pineapples are some famous citrus containing foods. Just use a little bit of lemon juice and spread it on the avocado. This will slow down its browning process and help you keep the avocado fresh for a longer time.

Use some oil

You can also use oil to stop your avocado from turning brown. Spread some oil over the surface and it will act as a protective layer against the oxygen. Put the avocado in a container and it will remain fresh for at least another day.

Lay it against a flat surface

Use the cut side of the avocado and lay it against a flat surface. Since the cut side will be flat against a plate or a dish, enough oxygen will not reach it to turn it brown.

Use a plastic seal

Put the avocado in an airtight plastic seal. Make sure it’s attached to the flesh of the avocado and no air can get in.

Use an onion

Put the cut avocado in an airtight box. Slice up an onion and drop a few pieces of it in the same box. The Onion will help the avocado retain its color and not turn brown. Although, the avocado might start smelling like onion so make sure you’re ready for the taste and the smell.

Coldwater bowl

Fill a bowl with cold water. Add the avocado and place it in your fridge. The cold water will act against the oxygen and not let your fruit turn brown. Once you’re ready to use it, take out the water and make whatever dish you’re planning to prepare.