As much as it’s annoying to update your software every few months, it comes full of surprises in terms of tools and features.

If you have an iPhone and are still considering updating to the new iOS 16, DUDE, you are missing out on a cool thing. Did you know that the current software update offers a picture inverting feature? Yes, you can invert any photo in your camera roll by following just a few steps.

This guide has detailed how to invert a picture on iPhone and how to invert colors on a picture on iPhone. We know it sounds like an advanced editing kinda thing but trust us, it’s NOT. Without any further discussions, let’s get into it!

Quick Summary: Open any photo > Edit> Crop> Mirror (first option on the top left corner)

How to invert a picture on iPhone?

iPhone has limited in-built photo editing capabilities. In fact, earlier, it doesn’t have any photo inverting feature. But the new software 16 comes with a variety of photo editing features, including inverting colors or pictures in the camera roll.

1. Via Photo Editing Tool

Here is how you can use the integrated editing feature to invert a photo on your iPhone.

  • Unlock your iPhone and head to the camera roll
  • Choose any image of your choice and open it
  • Tap the Edit option on the top right corner of your screen
  • Find the three features, Adjust, Filter and Crop, beside the Cancel option. Tap the last one i.e Crop.
  • Now look at the top left corner of your screen, do you see a mirror image icon with both sides arrow on top of it? Tap.
  • Lastly, tap Done on the right side bottom of your screen to confirm the changes.

This is how you invert or mirror a picture on iPhone using its built-in feature. Several third-party apps also offer this feature as well as other advanced editing capabilities.

2. Change front camera settings

it‘s quite annoying when you take a picture from your iPhone’s built-in camera, it is saved inverted on your phone. iPhone users know what we are talking about. If your picture is saved the same as it was captured, you need to change your front camera settings.

  • Unlock your phone and head to the Settings app
  • Type ‘Camera’ in the search bar and tap the camera icon in the results
  • In the Composition section, check the toggle for Mirror Front Camera. If it’s off, tap it to turn it on.

Now go back to your camera and take a picture to check if it’s saved inverted. If you don’t like it un-inverted, go back to the settings, turn the toggle on, and it will return to its original setting.

How to invert colors on a picture on iPhone?

Now that you know how to mirror pictures on iPhone, let’s move on to the next goal, i.e., learning to invert colors on a picture on iPhone. To invert colors, iPhone has two built-in features; Smart and Classic Invert. Follow the instructions below to do the deed:

  • Unlock your iPhone and launch Settings
  • Scroll down, navigate Accessibility, and tap
  • Scroll down in the Accessibility section and tap Display and Text Size
  • After tapping, you will be directed to more options
  • Navigate smart invert and classic invert in the given options
  • Now explore both options by selecting one at a time and decide which one works best for you.

Note: This method works for the recent iPhones (iPhone X and onwards) with the latest iOS updates. If you own an older iPhone model, the steps might be slightly different for them.

How to shortcut invert colors on older iPhones?

If you find the above method lengthy, you can go for this one. It’s short and less complicated than the previous one.

  • Unlock your iPhone, and open Settings
  • Type Accessibility Shortcut on the search bar
  • Upon tapping you will be directed to further options where you have just to check the ‘Invert colors’ option and any other if you want.
  • Next, press the home button twice to activate the changes and you are set to enjoy the new changes.

How to rotate a picture on iPhone?

Rotating is an old feature and is available in both old and new iPhones. So no matter which model of iPhone you own, you can rotate your picture by following these steps:

  • Unlock your phone and go to the camera roll
  • Open any picture you want and tap Edit on the top right corner
  • Find the three features, Adjust, Filter, and Crop beside the Cancel option at the bottom. Tap the last one i.e, Crop.
  • Now, instead of tapping the mirror image option, tap the one next to it. Tap it until you get your desired positon.

So that’s how you rotate pictures on your iPhone. You can also use the rotate and mirror features at the same time. For instance, first, mirror your image and then rotate it or vice versa.

Can you change a picture to negative on your Laptop?

Fortunately, you can change any picture to negative on your laptop. While we personally not a fan of this feature, below we have tried to explain its useful to you:

  • Open the toolbar at the top and tap the ‘Select’ button
  • Next, tap the ‘Select All’’ option
  • Right click on the image and select ‘Invert color’ option

That’s all. Your picture will turn negative instantly.


These were some useful tips to customize display settings on iPhone. To explore further features like combining video on iPhone, setting up Voicemail, activating Apple card, you can check our dedicated guides on our website.  As far as inverting feature is concerned, you can check other third-party apps like PhotoDirector, Negative Image, Negative Me, and Negative Photo to get more features.