Snapchat is a real craze in the social media world these days and those really active on Snapchat are on a constant spree to compete and increase their snapchat score. It’s easy and fun but most of us don’t know howb to hide snap score. Well don’t worry, we are going to give you a guide on all you need to know about Snapchat and Snapchat score.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is also known as snap is a mobile app on the iOS and Android devices which enables you to send or share pictures, short videos, or messages -aka snap with your friends. The content you send is shared only for a short period of time and after that it becomes unavailable. The idea behind this ephemeral nature of the app was basically conceived to encourage a more regular, instant, and normal flow of interaction.

What is the need for snapchat?

Well, who needs a reason to connect with people and stay socially active, when you read through the features it has you will not question but, on a serious note this app was originally designed for private person-to-person photo sharing but has evolved and can now be used for a variety of tasks. It has many features that include live chatting on video, sending videos, generating, cameo, and sharing cartoon or caricature-like Bitmoji, and also sharing chronological stories with your followers. You can even find short-form content from big publishers like Buzzfeed in the “Discovery” area. Snapchat also allows you to save store media in a private area. Some other features include adding filters and AR-based lenses to the snaps and displaying your live location on a map.

Unlike other social media where you post photos, tweets, and statuses and have a record of all these online so your friends could see and comment on them and keep this record forever, the snaps on Snapchat are instant and temporary.

Snapchat has transformed how we communicate online, for example, you can send a photo of yourself with an AR lens applied to a friend and after the friend opens the message it will disappear. Technically though the friend can take a screenshot and give a response which they can then broadcast to their story for their followers to see. This app has a lot of uses so it’s hard to miss.

What is a Snapchat Score?

Coming to the main subject of our article, the Snapchat score is a running count of your activities on the app, this includes Snaps sent, Snaps received, all the users added, all stories you have sent and a lot more. Many users, including mostly youngsters, compare their Snapchat scores in order to compete with each other or to increase trophies in their Snapchat Trophy Case.

What are the Benefits of Snapchat Score?

Well unlike other social media apps there are no monetary or material benefits attached with the number of views like on YouTube, TikTok etc. To earn here you would have to work harder by allowing other organizations to sponsor your stories for which they pay to reach out to your audience, or you might have to sell products or endorse affiliate links.  The Snap score is only an indication of how socially active a person is and it’s merely cosmetic, but increasing it can be fun, you can boast about how popular you are with your friends and followers. You get a point every time you send or receive a Snap.

Can You Hide the Snap Score?

To answer this first ponder over why you want to hide your snapchat score, well there could be a bundle of reasons why you would want to hide your scores. Snapchat is a very popular social media app and its score is very mathematically calculated all based on your activity. So, nowadays keeping streaks and having good high scores has become THE THING and affects your social (media) status. Maybe if you don’t have a very high Snapchat score you might want to hide it or just that you don’t want some people to see your score for some specific reason.

Well, the next question that comes to mind is can you hide your snap score?

The answer to this is that Snapchat is a great app that supports many fun filters and animated messages but at the same time it lacks a few privacy features. It doesn’t really have any default settings which would permit you to actually hide your score from other people.  The only true way to hide your snap score is to vanish from a person’s friend list, though this would still keep track of all the contacts made by you on this app. But you can try to figure out a few changes mentioned in this article that might do the trick for you. A little hard work and the workaround will pay off.

Steps to Hide Your Snapchat Score

We can tell you about two methods in which you can hide your score

  1. You can remove or block a friend to hide your score from them
  2. You can change the profile visibility settings to achieve your goal

The Snap score is displayed on your profile page alongside your Snapchat username and that’s where your friends can see it, you can hide from some specific users by following the two methods mentioned above details of which are:

Steps To Remove Or Block A Friend

 To remove or block a friend or user from your list you follow these easy steps:

  1. First you need to open up the Snapchat app on your device
  2. After you open up the app tap on your Snapchat profile icon, which you will find on the top-left corner of your screen.
  3. Now, tap on the My Friends option found towards the bottom of your screen
  4. Now press on this for a few seconds, a good long press, on the friend or user from whom you wish to hide your snap score from.
  5. After that, click on the More button
  6. When you’ve done that select the Remove or Block Friend option to hide your snap score. It must be mentioned here that once you have blocked someone on your list, they will no longer be able to get any notifications or alerts from you.

Steps To Change The Profile Visibility Settings

Now we move on to the second method. Follow the below mentioned directions to make changes in your settings and stop selective people from viewing your snap score:

  1. First of all you need to open up the Snapchat app on your device
  2. Then click on the Emoji on the camera screen.
  3. After that tap on the Gear icon
  4. Then you need to scroll down to the Who Can section and from there select the contact me option
  5. From here you need to change the visibility to My Friends option from Everyone.
  6. This way your Snapchat score will be hidden from unknown or undesired people.

So, we hope now you know how to hide snap score.

How To View Someone Else’s Snapchat Score

Now you may often be very curious to see someone else’s snap score either because you are competing with them or just for the sake of it, well these few steps below to find just how you can do that:

  1. You need to first of all open up the Snapchat app on your device
  2. After that log in to your Snapchat account
  3. When you have logged in open up the Chat Screen, you can do that by swiping from left to right
  4. Now you can skim through the list and click on the person’s profile whose score you wish to see
  5. After that click on the person’s Profile icon which you will find towards the top right of your screen
  6. From here you can view the Snap score of the user next to their username.

Is There a Way to Decrease Your Snap Score?

Now with all the popularity y,ou get why would you want to decrease your snap score beats me! But for general knowledge there really isn’t any way you can do that.  When you become inactive by stopping the activity of sending and receiving snaps your snap score will still not decrease. It will just become idle.

What Does a Snap Score Of Zero Signify?

Nothing really, it just indicates that there hasn’t been any activity of sending or receiving snaps. Once you become active on snapchat again those scores will start to roll.

As long as you are able to see someone’s score on Snapchat, it means you are still on their active friend list, and you can verify that by just simply opening up the chat with that person and sending them a message or snap. In case the arrow appears to be a grey snapchat icon then consider the worst; it means that you have either been removed from the friend list of that person or have been blocked from sending messages to that person. And, if previously you have had a streak with that person, then it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that you have been deactivated.

Additional Information

When you change the settings of your profile to allow certain people to view your score you must remember that even if you have selected the My Friends option, if you are in a group then anyone from that group will still be able to snap with you in Group chat. So, before you enter a Group, to see who is in it just press and hold on the name of the Group on the chat screen.

If you have chosen the My friends, you will not be able to view the snaps that have been sent by non- friends then. In that case, you will get a notification that they added you on their list as a friend. And if you decide to add them back then you will be able to see the snaps they have sent to you.

If you select everyone then anyone you have not added will be able to send you snaps.

The Bottom Line

Well that wraps up the article. We have tried to fill you in on information and give you guidance on how to hide snap score from undesirable people by blocking or simply unfriending them. But if you want to stay trendy and keep the popularity, increase your score by snap-ping as much as you can!

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