This article will show you how to prevent iMessage and Find My Friends from monitoring your iPhone’s location. It’s simple to turn off Find My Friends and keep your whereabouts a secret from your friends.

There is a continuous sense of being watched by friends and family using Find My and iMessage location sharing, and this feeling may be overwhelming. So they can be notified when you arrive or depart from particular places, they can create alerts for that.

It’s possible you’re going to the park or the shop to scream-sing along with your favourite song until things make sense again, while everyone else is staying home. You may not want anybody to know you’ve done this if that’s the case. Even if you just need a 10-minute rest in the parking lot before returning home, this is an option. I’m not going to pass any judgement. Here’s How to Hide Location on iPhone secretly, so no one knows where you are.

You have the option in the Find My app to cease sharing your location with friends and family, but you may not want people to know you’re trying to hide your position. Your location sharing on your iPhone doesn’t have to cease entirely simply because you wish to disappear for a while.

Stopping and starting sharing your iPhone location isn’t a good way to hide your location, or at least not to hide the fact that you are hiding your location. It will appear as a message in the iMessage app when you stop sharing your location with someone, and as another message when you start sharing again.

To be clear, disabling location sharing on your phone does not keep your whereabouts secret, either from your service provider or from law enforcement officials who have a search order. It just conceals your iPhone’s location from those with whom you normally communicate through iMessage or FaceTime.

Use an alternative approach, such as shutting off your iPhone or iPad, activating Airplane Mode, or sharing from another iOS device. This tutorial has been updated for iOS 14, which will be on the majority of iPhones by 2021. In iOS 14.5 beta, Apple is experimenting with methods to let you know whether an app is monitoring your location, which should make it simpler in the future to conceal your position.

Effective Ways to Hide Your Iphone Location

There are a few methods on how to hide location on iPhone from your loved ones without them realising it. If you have a cellular Apple Watch, keep in mind that it can monitor your position even if you leave your iPhone at home. Because only you can see the locations of your Apple AirTags, you don’t have to leave them behind. Tile trackers, on the other hand, enable anybody with whom you’ve shared them to view your current position as well as your past whereabouts. Without your consent, trackers like Tile and AirTags may be used to locate you without your knowledge or consent.

1. Turn On the Airplane Mode

To keep your location a secret, open the Control Center and touch the Airplane logo to put your phone in Airplane mode.

By doing this, your cellular and WiFi connections will be disabled, making it impossible for someone to track your exact position. Using this method will prevent the iPhone from displaying the latest known location.

This technique, however, prevents you from making phone calls. If you surf the Internet or use any applications while connected to WiFi, Find My Friends will still display your position to others, but it may not be as accurate as when your iPhone is using cellular data.

This technique is ideal if you need to disconnect for a short time and don’t want anybody to find out where you went. Just keep in mind that enabling Airplane mode will prevent you from making or receiving calls or sending text messages. By sliding down from the top of your iPhone screen and pressing again on the Airplane mode symbol, you may enable location sharing again.

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2. Share Your Location from Another Device

By just sharing from another fixed iOS device, you may avoid being tracked by Find My iPhone and iMessage. This technique may also make you seem to be in a different location.

You may share an iPad from a different place if you have one at home or at work. When someone looks at your second device, they’ll still see its position, but it won’t be where you really are. Instead, it’ll display a map of your iPad’s current location. Even if your iPad just has WiFi and no GPS, you may still use WiFi to share your position with others. It’s not quite as accurate, but it’ll do for now.

To communicate your current position with another person using a different device

  1. Open Settings on your other device
  2. Tap on your name which appears at the top
  3. Now, tap on ‘Find My’
  4. Now select ‘Use this Iphone as My Location”

It’s possible that you’ll have to choose “Use This iPad as My Location”. A second iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad may be used to send and receive content from other devices. The second device is required to change the location if you are using iOS 13 or later.

When you’re finished, return your iPhone’s location to the home screen. Using this approach, you won’t get a notification that your location has changed, and your history won’t be interrupted.

However, the location of your gadgets will still be visible to other Family Sharing users. As a result of Apple’s Family Sharing feature, family members may assist one another in locating misplaced gadgets. Leaving one device at home won’t work since they can use the Find My app and know where all of your devices are. Because of this, they would know that your iPad is at home while your iPhone is out and about.

To keep your iPhone’s location a secret from other family members, turn off location services and Find My in the iPhone’s settings.

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3. How to Stop Sharing the Location of Your iPhone

Turning off Share My Location will stop Find My Friends and iMessage from seeing your current location and from sending you location-based messages.

It’s as if you’ve turned off location sharing on your iPhone, and no one knows you’ve changed your mind.

Here’s how to stop your iPhone from sharing your location with others.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on your name appearing at the top
  3. Select ‘Find My’
  4. Now, you need to tap on the toggle button for “Share My Location” to switch it off

You may start sharing your location with all the people you’ve added to Find My by reversing these instructions when you’re ready to share your location again.

Remember that making these settings will only conceal your location from your friends and from iMessage; it will not hide your location from the authorities.. The person you’ve shared your location with will appear on this page so you’ll know they’ve received it.

Friends and relatives won’t be able to view your location in the Find My app’s main ‘People’ area while you have My Location switched off. The Find My map will still show them your most recent known position and timestamp.

Users will continue to get alerts when your iPhone departs or arrives at certain places even after you’ve deactivated location using one of the ways listed above. Even if or when they do get these alerts, you’ll have no way of knowing.

When a spouse leaves work, some individuals set up an ongoing alert to notify them so they know when to come home. There are some parents who have alerts set up to notify them when their children safely leave school and return home.

4. Show Approximate Location and Hide Precise Location

Turning off Precise location in the Find My and Messages applications will keep your location private. If you don’t have access to a second iPhone or iPad, this is a great alternative. If you disable Precise Location, people will be able to tell where you are in the city, but not where you are exactly.

Precise and Approximate location was introduced to iOS 14 as a privacy feature. Apps may now offer you customised information even if they don’t know your precise location. In news applications, for example, you usually just need to know where you are in order to offer you relevant content. They aren’t required to know your precise location.

If you don’t mind if your friends and family know the city or area you’re in, but you want to hide your precise location, follow these guidelines:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on Privacy
  3. Select Location Services
  4. Select ‘Find My’
  5. Make sure the “Precise Location” indicator is no longer green by tapping on it
  6. Repeat the process for the Messages app or other apps

Friends and relatives will only be able to obtain a rough idea of where you are if you turn off Precise Location. The distance you’ll be hidden from will be between 0.5 and 12 miles as a result. If you’re attempting to conceal a trip out of town, this technique won’t help you. However, if you’ve left home to see a buddy in the same city, it will help you hide your whereabouts.

Instead of a precise address, the position of an iPhone on this map covers approximately half of San Francisco. When you move inside the bubble, the location bubble does not recenter around you. Though someone has set up notifications for when you leave or arrive at certain places, this may make it seem as if you haven’t left your current position.

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5. Hide the Location from iMessage Contacts

If you share your location via the Messages app, you may quickly and easily turn your location off with a few clicks. Recall that when you cease sharing your location, Messages will send an iMessage to your contact letting them know.

  1. Open the Messages App on your mobile device.
  2. Choose a discussion with the Contact you don’t want to share your location with
  3. Click the info button to the right of your contact’s name, just under the contact’s name.
  4. To stop sharing your location, click on the Stop Sharing Your Location button.

Choose “Share till the end of the day” or “Share for one hour” unless you’re very certain that sharing your iPhone’s location with someone forever is okay with you. Then you won’t have to go through the aforementioned procedure after meeting up with your buddy and may simply let it expire.

You should keep in mind that if someone gets physical access to your phone, they can start broadcasting their location with a few taps just as quickly. When people have access to other people’s iPhones for a short time, they’ve been seen turning on location sharing. If you value your privacy and don’t want others to know where you are, be cautious who you give your phone to. Allowing a buddy to take a photo of you while giving over your phone may give them ample time to activate location sharing.

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6. Completely Hide Your iPhone Location

For full privacy, there’s just one method to conceal your iPhone’s current location. The purpose of this is to prohibit your iPhone from broadcasting your location so that you don’t disclose it by mistake.

You can shut off your iPhone by pressing and holding the Volume Up Button and the Right Side Button on your iPhone simultaneously. Then use the arrow keys to move the power icon from left to right at the top of the screen.

As previously stated, the location of your iPhone may be accessed by law authorities and your phone provider under specific conditions. In most cases, only a warrant, subpoena, or an emergency circumstance would allow this. Even when location services are off, your iPhone still sends out signals that may be used to locate your device. Cell towers, for example, may be used to pinpoint your exact position while using location services.

Many iPhone applications also record your position far more often than you think. If you have an iPhone, for example, Google has a record of where it has gone for years. Your iPhone records the exact location of every picture you take. To put it another way, anybody who receives a selfie you’ve taken may know precisely where it was taken. Make sure you’re not sending someone a selfie that you took when you were somewhere else.

Apple’s newest mobile operating system, iOS 11, displays alerts for background location-using applications on a regular basis. There is a possibility that you will not be alerted if someone uses your phone to monitor their whereabouts. It’s a good idea to check which applications have access to your location under Privacy > Settings > Location Services if you’re attempting to conceal anything from someone who has had access to your iPhone, such as a parent or former spouse. Except for the apps with which you are familiar, choose “Never” next to all of them. By just turning off your iPhone, you will prevent anyone from discovering where you are AND where you went when the iPhone was off. While it would be a breach of your privacy, someone who has access to your iPhone might easily discover your location history.