Visiting the grocery mart can be something that isn’t very easy for a lot of people. Since the coronavirus outbreak, this simple activity has become much more difficult for everyone.

Owing to the current situation and to maintain social distancing, many stores are allowing only a limited number of people in at a time. Simultaneously, people have started panic-buying and this is making the rest thinking that they won’t be able to get the things they require.

The service of online ordering and delivery is being offered by many stores and because of the current situation, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a delivery on time.

This has led to the once simple activity of grocery shopping quite stressful now. This time of uncertainty and global fear that we are going through currently provides relief when we find immediate happiness and fulfillment.

A licensed psychologist, Tony Ortega says that the things that provide us instant relief also help us get over the negative and draining emotions. He then compares it to some form of addiction where the longer it takes the more anxious you get. The feeling of not being able to get what you want or need intensifies, the longer it takes to reach you.

For the ones, who are stressed considering the current situation, the advice he offered was that the pandemic is not causing a shortage of food rather a decrease in its accessibility. He added that we need to remind ourselves that we will eventually get the things we need; the only thing we’re uncertain about is when and if they are safer to receive.

For the ones going through difficult times, he recommended trying out new things with the food you have rather than thinking about what we don’t have. We can challenge ourselves to try out new things to shift our focus.

We should think of this time as an opportunity to figuring out new ways of doing things in the kitchen since this is a major concern.