The holiday season is here once again. However, the current health crisis due to Covid-19 has restricted all of us to celebrate these holidays with full spirit. Many of you would be thinking, what to give your loved ones as a present that would not be heavy on pockets, yet exclusive to the person you are giving it to.

To ease this stress, Elaine Swann, a lifestyle and etiquette expert has listed down some amazing tips that would not just simplify gift-giving choice for you, but it will also help you celebrate the occasion in full spirit with your family and friends.

If you too are facing budgetary constraints this year and decided not to exchange gifts, then here is how you can avoid it without being nasty. Elaine Swann, the founder of The Swann School of Protocol, says that if you are planning not to exchange gifts, then you must be very frank and let your close circle know about it.

She advises to type an email or send a text message in which you must very frankly state that due to the current situation, you have decided not to give or accept any gifts this year. However, be polite and gratifying as you draft your mail or text.

Moreover, she also added that keep it private and only send it to those whom you think will give you a gift and to those individuals, you give gifts every year. Avoid posting it on social media as you may indulge in a senseless debate.

However, if you wish to buy gifts for your inner circle and close family, then avoid showering them with lots of small gifts. Instead, buy them one, meaningful gift that they would cherish for life. It could be anything from a book to friendship bracelets, says Elaine Swann.

Moreover, you can also choose a small group to buy a gift this year. For example, all the children in your family or the newly married couples only. Apart from that, you can also select a secret Santa theme. In addition, you can put any theme for the current year. For example, book, houseplant, personalized mugs, etc.

Elaine also recommended that gift cards can also be a good option for gifts this year as everyone is doing online shopping and it may come in handy. This particular gift is for any age and anyone.