It is very uncomfortable to have a headache. Many people have experienced headaches and that is surely not a pleasant experience. So, how to stop headaches naturally? Have a look.

What to do with headache

Massage – Proper head massage can help relieve stress and psychological pressure. Stimulating pressure points helps improve blood circulation and relieve pain. Stretching the neck and shoulder muscles can help relieve muscle tension and relieve headaches. Specific actions include trying to look up and shrug.

Cold compress – Ice compress is a way to relieve headaches. We can use a towel or pocket to put ice in it and apply it to the affected area. After the blood vessels in the head contract, the symptoms will naturally decrease.

Hot compress – As long as the hot compress has a good effect on colds and neuropathic headaches, you can use hot towels or hand warmers directly on the forehead to quickly relieve headaches.

Drink herbal tea – When having a headache, we can drink a little green tea. Some of the substances in green tea can relieve the headache, so you can drink a little green tea when you are sick to overcome severe headaches.

Rest for a while – If possible, rest for a while in a dark and quiet room. Generally speaking, as long as you sleep for half an hour, your headache will ease.

Sprinkle pepper – A study mentioned that dropping a little capsaicin into the nasal cavity can effectively relieve headaches. At home, stuffing the nostrils with chili has the same effect.

Through the above introduction, I believe everyone has an understanding of how to deal with headaches. Many reasons cause headaches. If you want to get rid of headaches as soon as possible, you must understand the causes.

There are many ways to quickly relieve headaches, but the treatment of diseases must be eliminated from the root, and these diseases should not be left behind.