How to get into locked iPhone: 3 ethical hacks to unlock your iPhone

No one can unlock your iPhone unless they have the right credentials. However, there are times when one forgets their credentials.

If you are in the same boat and want to know how to get into a locked iPhone, then read below. We have mentioned the top three methods to choose from.

Before we go into details, remember that unlocking the iPhone is absolutely fine, and improves the performance of your iPhone. But at the same time, it can be a tedious process.

How to get into a locked iPhone?

Use recovery mode to unlock your iPhone

To unlock your iPhone via recovery mode, Apple has given a list of instructions that helps you get into your locked iPhone. However, if you opt to use this method or any other method, know that you will lose all your data.

If you have backed-up your data on iCloud or iTunes, then it will be easier for you to reset your iPhone. Without further ado, let’s get onto how to get into a locked iPhone through recovery mode.

To get started, first connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC with a USB cable. Next, download the current version of iTunes. After the download is complete, when the iTunes window appears on your Mac or PC, close it.

After setting the iPhone up, if you had a face lock, then press and release the ‘Volume up and Volume down’ button. Then, press and hold on to the button that you also use to power on and turn off your iPhone.

However, if the above-mentioned method seems complicated, then press and hold the home button until you see the recovery mode screen on your iPhone.

Next, open the iTunes window on your Mac or PC to let your iPhone connect with it. Once iTunes recognizes your device, you will see a pop-up on your screen. Click on the restore option and let your iPhone restore. After completing the process, your phone will open, and you will be able to reset your device.

If the above solution seems difficult to you, worry not, because we have got you covered.

Get into locked iPhone through ‘Find my iPhone’

It is one of the easiest methods to help you understand how to get into a locked iPhone. However, to proceed with this method, you need to make sure that you remember your Apple ID, you have enabled the ‘Find my iPhone’ option, and your iPhone has a secured internet connection. If everything is O.K. go ahead with the process.

Switch on your PC or Mac and log in to your iCloud account. Next, tap on ‘Find My iPhone’ and all the connected devices with your Apple ID will appear in a list. Choose your locked device and you will see multiple options on your screen. Among them, you will see an option, ‘Erase iPhone.’ Tap on the option and let your phone restore and remove the passcode. Once the process completes, you can reset your device.

Both the above-mentioned methods require you to have a computer or Mac. However, if you don’t have access to a computer, and need to get into your locked iPhone, then read below to unlock your iPhone using Siri.

However, before we proceed with the process, know that this hack will only work on iPhones that have iOS 8.0 to iOS13. We won’t recommend you to use it unless you are in dire need to unlock your phone and you don’t have a PC or Mac available to you. Other than that, there is no guarantee that it will work well for you.

To start with, press and hold onto your home button to activate Siri. Then, interact with it and ask the local time. In reply, it will show you the local time. Click on the clock to see World Clock. On the window, there will be a ‘+’ sign at the top right corner. Tap it to open the search box. Type a few characters of your choice and select all of them.

Next, various options will appear on your screen, including a share option. Click it to continue. Another window will open, which will show you different applications to share on. Select the messaging app and type a few characters in the ‘To’ box. After this, click the return option that will appear at the bottom right corner of your iPhone. Wait for a little while and then press the home button again. Congratulations! Your iPhone has been unlocked.


We have mentioned three ways about how to get into a locked iPhone. The first two methods will require you to have a PC or Mac. On the other hand, if you want to unlock your iPhone without a PC or Mac, use the third method. However, we do not give you a 100% guarantee.