2021 has been a roller coaster ride thus far. Even so, the tiniest of irritations may pile up. It’s a little like spraining your ankle. You might even snag your clothing on a doorknob and be caught in the act. Alternatively, you may be unable to locate a misplaced Bluetooth device if the device is switched off. Losing your Bluetooth headphones, particularly if they’re True Wireless, is the ultimate source of aggravation with such tiny gadgets.

That final one seems to be insurmountable. And, I’m sad to say, it does. The Borrowers are in your house. Everything suddenly vanishes!

Some rational approaches to this problem do exist, though. Instead of buying another set of Bluetooth headphones, think about how you can locate a Bluetooth device even when it is turned off. There are many easy actions you may take if you’ve misplaced your Bluetooth headphones and can’t locate them since they aren’t switched on.

Here’s how to find hidden Bluetooth devices. Take a look at the following for some helpful hints.

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7 Things to Remember While Finding a Lost Bluetooth Headset

The first piece of advice we’d like to provide is quite simple. Several of them may seem obvious, and you’ve already come up with some of your own. You may, however, put your faith in us in this case. Consider going through each one to see if you can locate your misplaced Bluetooth gadget, even if it is off.

It is surely like a treasure hunt, but the reward is already in your possession.

1. Check places where your headphones can get damaged

First and foremost, though, When a Bluetooth device is turned off, how can you locate it? To begin, create a note of all the possible locations where your headphones might be damaged. Falling down the sofa’s back isn’t too terrible; but, if they were to fall into the car’s footwell, they might be trampled underfoot. It’s also not a big deal if they’re secure in a drawer someplace. Ensure you check the obvious areas first, such as the garden where you left them after a run, the toilet, or any other damp location.

Precautionary principle: first, create a list of all the potential locations and then go through the worst-case situations if you have time. See helpful tip number 2 if you’re pressed for time.

2. Check the places with the highest probability

Do you often forget where you put your headphones? What about on your nightstand or dining table, for example? Even if you’ve previously verified, it’s still worthwhile to double-check in light of the current situation. A short look is all it takes when we’re in a hurry and need to find anything. Because of their drab hue, your headphones may be concealed. Matt black is stunning when worn, but it blends into the background while you are looking for work.

This is, without a doubt, one of the most straightforward methods for locating misplaced Bluetooth headphones that have been left on. Take your list and go on a headphone scavenger hunt right now! We’ll give you a few seconds to make sure everything is correct.

3. Retrace your steps

We’ll take on the role of your mother in this situation. Did you do a thorough search today? Really? Everywhere?

It’s usually a good idea to go back and double-check that your headphones weren’t put down in an unusual location. You should take these steps if you’ve already created a list of possible locations to look at but haven’t located your device.

4. Start mediating and clear your mind

It’s difficult to think straight when you’re under a lot of pressure. In most cases, a tense scenario is looking for misplaced headphones or trying to figure out how to use a Bluetooth headset that has been switched off. This puts even more pressure on you if you spend a lot of money on your headphones.

Take a beat to settle your thoughts if you find yourself getting more agitated. You might locate your misplaced gadget after you’ve calmed down. This is why you should attempt some of the excellent stress-busting behaviors found on the NHS UK website. One of the most important things is to think optimistically. Your headphones will be in plain sight soon enough! It’s possible that it will take some time to complete.

5. Ask people around you

It’s a good idea to ask around for help finding your headphones while you’re doing your mental gymnastics. There’s still another possibility you may overlook if you’re under pressure or mad at yourself for misplacing your headphones. Someone in your vicinity, whether at home, at work, or even on the metro, may have seen your headphones without realizing that you need them right now. Similarly, they may have relocated them in the belief that they are doing you a favor by securing them. This may turn into an admission if you’ve been listening to music on someone else’s headphones.

If the question how you can locate a Bluetooth device that is not turned on, just point them to this website.

6. Unclutter your home and work areas

Decluttering your house or workplace may help you locate a Bluetooth device even if it is turned off. After you’ve arranged everything else, you’ll have a dedicated space for your headphones. Keeping your living environment neat and orderly means you won’t have to waste time looking for things you need since they’ll always be close at hand. You may also use The Home Edit style to color coordinate your whole space.

7. Play loud music

Even while this won’t help you locate misplaced Bluetooth headphones that have been switched off, it will help you locate misplaced Bluetooth headphones that are still linked to your phone. As long as your home or workplace is quiet, you should be able to hear the music coming from your phone when you turn it up to 11. Then just keep on following it till you get there!”

Why Bluetooth Devices are So Easy to Lose?

It’s not uncommon to misplace your headphones. To locate a Bluetooth device that has been turned off, you may Google “how to find hidden Bluetooth devices that have been turned off.” Why is it that we see so many instances of this in today’s society? Particularly when the world is getting ready for 5G?

Bluetooth technology has evolved significantly during the last two decades. Thus, Bluetooth 5.0, the most recent version, now transmits data at a faster rate and across greater distances (up to 800 feet/240 meters without obstruction).

Bluetooth devices are becoming more compact due to improvements in power and the shrinking of the size.

Smaller = Easier to Lose

Smaller things are more likely to be misplaced. Putting things down carelessly may lead to forgetting about them and having to scramble about in the dark in an attempt to find them later. Finding a misplaced Bluetooth device is much more difficult when the device has been switched off.

If your headphones are dead and you can’t locate them, but they’re on and linked to your phone, there’s still hope. This is due to the fact that your headphones may be monitored if you are caught with them on. As an alternative, you may go back to tip 7 and use a loudspeaker to play music until you locate the person.

Can You Track Bluetooth Headphones

The answer is yes, but only under certain conditions. If you just have AirPods, this is a lot simpler (see below). In general, you should be aware that the following criteria must be fulfilled in order to monitor your Bluetooth headphones using the Bluetooth function.

  • It’s necessary that the Bluetooth headphones’ battery is charged.
  • The Bluetooth wireless earphones need to be switched on.
  • It must be paired with your phone.
  • You should be in the area where you lost your wireless headphones.
  • The bluetooth earbuds must not be in its case.

Top Apps For Tracking Wireless Headphones

You can use a number of apps to help you locate certain kinds of headphones. Apple and Bose, in particular, offer specialized applications, and the Bluetooth scanner app is also available provided you satisfy the requirements listed above.

  • AirPods users may utilise the “Find My” app to track down their lost or stolen devices. This works only for AirPods.
  • Your linked devices may be found by using the “Find My” Application on your iPhone.
  • Bluetooth Scanner App. The application searches for Bluetooth devices nearby, allowing you to narrow down the search area. You’ll have to go to the app store to download this app. Alternatively, manually check your phone’s headset list to see whether your Bluetooth headphones appear.


That’s all there! If you want to locate your headphones even if they aren’t in use, there are a few tried-and-true methods. Begin by writing down potential hiding spots; then go back and retrace your steps; remain calm and focused until you recall their location. You may use your phone’s speaker to locate them if your headphones are attached. Depending on the headset you’re using, you may be able to track them down. What do you think is your best option? Make an effort to maintain your headphones in the same location at all times. As a result, they’ll be simpler to locate every day.

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