Whenever you ask someone, how can you lose weight without exercising and diet? You would’ve always heard the same old response; start having green tea regularly. However, what they fail to explain is how to drink green tea.

This incomplete information lets people think that the more you consume green tea every day, the more weight you will lose. Well, this is not the case. Indeed! Regular use of green tea can be beneficial for your overall health, but excessive usage is not healthy nor benefitting.

After thorough research on this matter, we have concluded the best ways to drink green tea that would benefit you. So, stop listening to those incomplete remedies, and start drinking green tea the right way.

Stop beginning and ending your day with a cup of green tea

There is this myth that if you drink green tea early in the morning, and just before going to sleep at night, you will lose weight aggressively. In actuality, you have to do the total opposite of this. The best way to drink green tea for weight loss is to have it at least one hour before you go to bed. It will also help you burn fat while you are sleeping.

As far as the morning ritual is concerned, if you are looking to lose weight, then stop consuming green tea as soon as you wake up or just before your breakfast.

Green tea on an empty stomach can cause digestion problems

If you thought it was a good idea to have a cup of green tea on an empty stomach, then know that is not right. Instead of benefitting you, it will cause internal problems for you. Due to this, it is best to prepare your green tea once after you have had your meal.

Moreover, don’t drink green tea as soon as you finish up your meal. If you do so, all the beneficial nutrients that you must absorb in your body from the meal would go void. Instead, have it, at-least thirty to forty minutes after your meal.

Stop using flavored green tea

Many brands have introduced green tea with fruit juice extracts, which has resulted in people buying more flavored green tea than natural green tea. As bad as it may sound, but the truth is no matter how fruity and flavorful your green tea may taste, but it is poison for you in the long run.

If you consume flavored green regularly for health purposes, then know you are causing more harm to yourself than good. It is because flavored green tea is acidic because of the fruit juice extracts, which can lead to heart and stomach problems. It is better to have a bland taste of natural green tea than to have fruity green tea.

Brew your green tea the right way

Many of us would think of how brewing green tea can affect your health or your consumption. After all, all you have to do is boil water and put the tea bags in the water till the color of the water turns dark.

Well, there is a technique to brew your green tea the right way. If you don’t do it correctly, then you may lose essential healthy chemicals called catechins due to boiling water.

To brew your green tea rightly, first, let the water boil. Once it’s boiled, switch off the stove and let the water cool for at least one minute. Once your water cools down a little, brew your green tea.

Switch to Matcha green tea

If you are looking for more benefits from green tea, then you can also switch to Matcha green tea. Matcha green tea is a type of powdered green tea that is made by picking young green tea leaves and crushing them into powder form.

Research has shown that Matcha green tea is very high in anti-oxidants and has up to three times more antioxidants than other green tea variants, which makes it more beneficial overall. However, excessive consumption of this green tea is also not recommended.

There are many ways you can consume Matcha green tea. For example, you can make Matcha latte, Matcha coffee, coconut latte with Matcha, and more. However, the best way to drink Matcha tea is to: Boil a cup of water, add the Matcha powder after letting the boiled water sit for a minute and then mix water and the powder. Make sure no lumps are left. Moreover, you can also use skimmed milk instead of water.