People who have an account on Reddit always try to keep themselves occupied. There is no time to go through messages and browse through Reddit’s and subreddits, comments, feedback, etc.

The active Redditors are so occupied that they cannot give feedback immediately but there are always some unwanted messages which need to be deleted. How to delete messages on Reddit is the question from somebody who does not know how to get rid of unsolicited pieces of advice or unwanted messages.

Other users try to send private messages to initiate conversations that might not be of your interest to. The private messages keep on flowing if you don’t delete them on time. You need to take out time to manage your inbox and delete all the unwanted messages which have been bothering you even if they stay idle in your inbox.

If you are one of those Reddit users who don’t want to have unwanted messages in your inbox but are clueless about how to get rid of them then you have landed on the right page.

We have come up with a guide for you to understand how to delete messages on Reddit inboxes. There is a comprehensive way to remove them. But, before we head straight to the topic, we need to understand the basic features of chat/messages on Reddit.

Messages/Chat on Reddit is an online company well known for its social community comprising of registered users who are allowed to post their comments, feedback on different topics from entertainment., to current affairs, from education to gossip, from news to sports, and so on. It is one of the prime platforms to find out information regarding anything. 

Reddit is very similar to Instagram or Facebook. Reddit provides its users a unique messaging feature that makes the Reddit users chat or message other users with ease.

Reddit supports the deletion of unwanted messages. For instance, if you have sent a message to a certain person by mistake and you want to undo it, Reddit allows you to do it with ease. Or if you want to clean up your inbox from all the irrelevant messages to improve the functionality that can be done as well.

However, it is very important to note that Reddit only allows you to delete messages which you receive in your private inbox from other Reddit account holders. You cannot delete the messages which are received or sent by other Redditors commonly. The reason you can’t do that as a copy of these messages is also subsisted into the inbox of another person and it will not be removed until and unless that other person deletes it from their own inbox themselves.

This is the mere reason you need to be extra careful on Reddit about whom your private message, keeping in mind the later consequences.

If you are not an avid user of Reddit and have no clue how to delete messages on the Reddit platform and are very anxious to understand the way of doing that then you are at the right place. Read further as we will be guiding you in a very comprehensive manner about how to delete messages on Reddit.

How to delete messages on Reddit through desktop browser?

To delete Reddit messages through the desktop browser you need to follow the following steps:

  • Open up the browser and log in to the Reddit website,
  • Now write down your personal details to log in to your Reddit account
  • Once done, go straight to the Reddit messages inbox.
  • Once you have landed in your inbox, you need to look up the specific message that you want to delete.
  • Click on the option of “delete” which will be written right next to the message that you have selected to be deleted.
  • Press on the delete button to confirm that you want that particular message to be deleted.
  • After that, a pop-up window will appear on the screen.
  • You have successfully deleted the unwanted message from any other Reddit users from your Reddit inbox.

How to delete Reddit messages through mobile app?

A mobile app is also available for Reddit users on the play store. You can easily access the Reddit platform by simply login into the app with your credentials.

Here are simple steps of how on Reddit delete messages with ease through the app:

  • Launched the Reddit mobile app on your android or Apple iPhone.
  • Now log in to the Reddit account by putting in your credentials.
  • Open up the chat box which appears on the corner of the screen right next to the post button.
  • Check the messages in your inbox that you intend to delete.
  • Once you press for some time on the message, two options will appear on the screen – namely, delete and copy. 
  • Select the delete option.
  • Once you have proceeded further, a pop-up will appear on the screen of your mobile phone. You are supposed to press on the option of delete.
  • The desired unwanted message is deleted from your Reddit inbox now.

It is very important to note that all the Reddit accounts are automatically synced with mobile and desktop browsers. If you delete a private message with the help of a desktop browser then that information will be updated on your mobile device and it will be a vice versa situation if you, do it from the mobile app.

Once you have deleted a particular message from your Reddit platform, you need to understand that the new information will be reflected on all the platforms from where you can log in to your Reddit account.

Deleting a Reddit chat message

The chat option on Reddit is very different from the private messaging on the said platform. It is technically a totally different entity. As a user of Reddit, you need to know that you can always delete the chat messages, but the procedure of deleting the chat message is very different from the private message. It is different from the platform of web browser and different on the mobile app.

  • For instance, if you plan to delete a particular message from chat using a web browser, you will have to hover your mouse on the message that you are trying to delete, and after that click right on the trash bin icon and remove that particular message.
  • If you are deleting the chat message using your android or iPhone phone then you will be required to press and hold on to the message for a while and then select directly the Delete message option in order to get rid of the message.

It is very important to note that once you have deleted a chat message it means that the particular message will get deleted from both ends. The message will not be available anymore to be seen by either of the people who shared the chat messages.

How to delete sent Reddit messages?

If you have received messages in your private inbox that you find unwanted then you would’ve sent messages also. There might be some sent messages in your inbox that now you consider to be unwanted or not needed anymore. To improve the functionality of your inbox you would want to delete them as well.

You have the freedom to remove those sent messages from your inbox. This will not delete the messages from their inbox which were sent by you but simply clear up your inbox. You can delete the messages that you received in your direct messages folder. 

If you have sent a message to any other Reddit user, it will go directly to their inbox. You can delete it from your end but it will stay on the system of Reddit till the time the other person also deletes it,

How to delete the whole Reddit conversation?

There is no option available on the platform of Reddit to delete the whole chat or conversation at once. Another unfortunate thing to note is that you can’t even delete multiple messages together also. You can delete messages one by one only. 

This is very troublesome and painstakingly long if someone wants to delete an entire conversation at once. It does help to manage the inbox more efficiently but the job is very time enduring and sometimes users just let the chat stay in their inbox because of a lack of time and patience to delete messages one by one.

In the meantime, all you can do is that you delete the messages immediately from your inbox that you think are not worthwhile so that the inbox remains clear and unwanted messages don’t get hoarded for some later time.

Are the private messages on Reddit private?

Yes! All the messages on the platform of Reddit are private and stay between you and the other recipient with whom you have engaged in a chat or conversation. Your recipient will be the only one apart from you who can read the messages you sent them as well as the time and date of the delivery of the message. They can also read the name from which the message was sent.

Unlike other platforms, there is no way to check whether the recipient has checked or read the message or not. The only way to know that the message has been read is if the person replies to you or tells you themselves that they received your message. This is the only way to know the status of your message on the platform of Reddit.

What happens to the messages if the Reddit account is deleted?

Once a Reddit account is deleted or deactivated, all the messages in the private inbox are gone and become unattributed by themselves. Deleting your account on Reddit will not delete your messages. Similarly, everything else, like every other activity that you participated in on the Reddit platform like posts, comments, feedback, etc, all remains on the Reddit platform.

Can you check out the deleted messages on the Reddit platform?

This is a piece of information that is not known by all the users of Reddit. 

Yes! You can check out the deleted messages from the cache version of Reddit. All you have you do is change the word “Reddit” in the URL to the new word “removed it.” now, your browser will be showing you the cached version of the messages. This means that you can easily check out the deleted messages which were gone for good.

It is easy to check out the deleted messages but if they were unwanted in the first place then why take the plain to check later on what were the deleted messages – right?

Reddit privacy guide

It is important to know that Reddit uses IP addresses to track you and they can easily ban you by tracking you down via your IP address. If you want to keep yourself private from the Reddit authorities, you will have to change your IP address. 

An easy way to change your IP address often is by using a good VPN service. VPN will keep your identity secret by using different IP addresses so that the Reddit platform cannot track you down.

Many Reddit users use VPN to pass the safety code of the Reddit platform. They try to use VPN so that they can easily sneak into others’ inboxes and message them without any trace.

Final Verdict

Deleting Reddit messages is simple and many users of the Reddit platform think that this can be more simplified if the Reddit platform introduces the option of deleting multiple messages in one go. There is no option of deleting them in one go therefore it is advised to use a standard web browser instead of a mobile app for your own ease.

Once you have deleted the unwanted messages from the desktop, the information will be updated immediately on your mobile app. both the accounts are synced and information is easily transferred from one end to another.