Passing away of a pet is a dreadful nightmare for every pet owner. No matter the pet you had – be it a dog, a cat, a turtle, a hamster, or any other animal who lived with you – you must have shared some precious moments of your life with the pet and its passing is surely something you need to cope with.

Pets are our companions, with whom we share our happiest moments, and with them, we cry when we are sad. They become an integral part of our lives. However, when the angel of death comes to take your partner away, the loss is undeniably huge and unbearable.

No matter what happens, but life goes on. Though you may think that you will never be able to accept reality. However, you have to accept the fact and move on. Don’t worry about anything else, and take your time to grieve.

If you are going through this grief, firstly, we are very sorry for your loss. Secondly, we are here to help you and guide you on how to cope with losing a pet unexpectedly.

No one can understand your loss except you and the other pet owners. Before you judge yourself, you must know that the grieve will not be over in a matter of days. Everyone grieves differently, and it’s a whole process.

Process of grieving- 5 stages of grief

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, a Swiss-American psychiatrist and a pioneer of death studies, has aligned five stages of grief in her book “On Death and Dying.” These five stages are; anger, denial, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance.

You may experience any stage at first. There is no hardcore sequence. Everything depends on what your situation is. For example, if you sustained the loss of a dog due to illness. You may start bargaining first. You may think, what if you were prompt enough to get your dog checked and get it a proper treatment. On the other hand, if you lost a pet due to a wrong dosage given by your vet, then you may feel angry and furious.

All in all, you will have to pass all of these five stages to accept the loss of a pet, and move on with your life. Don’t let anyone dictate your feelings. Take your time and be patient. Everything will get into place.

How to cope with losing a pet unexpectedly?

Before you start moving on with your usual life, make sure you have taken your time to settle and accept the loss of your pet. You have cleared all the stages of grief and are feeling much better.

Psychologists believe that the death of a pet is same as passing away of a loved one. Every owner has a different kind of relationship with their pet. For some, their pet might be their sibling. On the contrary, for some, their pet might be their best buddy, etc.

Know that it is ok to be sad, to be depressed, and to grieve your pet. You won’t be able to look at the pictures and memories at the start, but when you are ready, be strong and do it.

When you think you can look back at the time when you and your pet spent some of the best moments of your life, reflect the past. It will help you get closure. If you have pictures of your pet, look at them, and cherish the memories.

If you got it cremated, then keep their ashes at a special place. Or if you can’t, then free their ashes somewhere that is close to both of you.

If you have any other pets, then take care of them. Don’t leave them unattended. Try to take them out and start enjoying your time with them.

Moreover, if you want, memorialize your pet’s memory. Do whatever you want. If you feel like giving it a funeral, go ahead. If you want to write it a letter and tell them how your life has become miserable without them, do it. Do whatever you think would make you feel full.

Never hesitate to take help. If you are down and want to talk to a friend about it, call them over and vent as much as you want. A friend in these times helps in coping with the loss in a better way. Don’t feel alone, and try to move on while you cope up with your grief.

Final Words

And last but not the least, we want to tell you that life is a cycle. Whoever comes has to go one day. As you pass through the grief, give yourself the leverage and time to settle with the circumstances.