Bluetooth speakers and headphones have eased our lives. Today we can enjoy music anywhere anytime. Not only this but the speakers that are available today, are so powerful that you don’t need huge speakers anymore. Other than that, they are portable, which again gives you an edge.

JBL is one of the most popular brands that is known to manufacture top-quality Bluetooth speakers and headphones. If you also own one of its products, then you may have some questions regarding its usability and how to connect the JBL speaker to Android. If this is the case, scroll down to get answers to the top 12 frequently asked questions about JBL speakers.

12 FAQS about how to connect JBL speaker to Android.

1. How do I connect my Bluetooth speaker to my Android phone?

If you are looking to connect your Bluetooth speakers to your Android phone, the process is very easy and simple. All you have to do is, swipe down the notification bar or go on to the settings and tap on the Bluetooth icon. There you will find a list of available devices. If the name of your Bluetooth device doesn’t appear, ensure that it is switched on. Once you find the name of your device, tap on it and pair the new device.

2. Why is my JBL speaker not connecting to Bluetooth?

If you have been trying your best to connect your JBL speaker to your Bluetooth, yet it isn’t connecting, then see, if your device is switched on and is in the range. If you don’t see any problem with it, then see if you have connected your device securely. However, if all of this is in place, but your speaker is still not connecting, then try to re-connect the speakers.

3. How do I connect my JBL Bluetooth speakers to Alexa?

To connect your JBL Bluetooth speakers to Alexa, first, switch on your speaker and put it in pairing mode. Next, download the Amazon Alexa app on your Android or iPhone. Open the app, go on to the menu, and select settings. Under the ‘Devices’ option, tap on the Alexa device to which you desire to connect your JBL speaker. Tap on the Bluetooth option, and pair the device. Lastly, once your Bluetooth speaker appears under the ‘Available speaker’ option, tap it.

4. How do I pair my JBL wireless headphones?

The process to connect your JBL wireless speaker is similar to connecting any Bluetooth speaker on your phone or Bluetooth-supported device. Ensure your device’s Bluetooth is on. Switch on your wireless headphone and then find the name of the JBL wireless speaker on your device. Tap on the name and pair the new device. Wait until it connects.

 5. Why won’t my Bluetooth connection to my car Android anymore?

Whether your car has a built-in automatic Android system or you connect your car’s Bluetooth speakers to your phone, the process is easy. However, if your Bluetooth doesn’t connect to your car’s audio system, then the reason could be that the device may be switched off. However, if it is open, then, check if someone else has connected it already. Many times, the last person who connected their Bluetooth with your car’s audio system, remains active unless they un-pair it manually.

6. How do I pair my Marley speaker?

Marley speakers have Pair 2 feature on their portable Bluetooth speakers, Get Together Mini, and Riddim BT. To connect them, turn on the speakers. You will also find a Bluetooth button on it, press and hold it for two seconds to enable pairing. Once pairing mode is enabled, it will send a notification on your device. Tap on it and connect your Marley speaker.

7. How do I connect my echo to my Bluetooth speaker?

To connect Echo devices to your Bluetooth speaker, get the speakers ready for pairing mode. Next, open the Alexa application on your phone and then select the devices option. There you will find an option ‘Echo and Alexa’, select that and then tap on your device for pairing.

8. How do I reset my JBL Bluetooth headphones?

To re-set your JBL Bluetooth headphones, press and hold the volume up and volume down button for about 10-15 seconds. These buttons are on the right ear cup. The moment you release the buttons, you will hear a sound. It will indicate that your JBL Bluetooth Headphones are reset.

9. What brand is JBL?

JBL is a popular brand that is owned by Harman International Industries. It is also a subsidiary of the most popular Android company, Samsung. Moreover, this is one of the best brands, if you want top-tier and good-quality headphones and speakers.

10. How do you connect your phone to a USB speaker?

To connect your phone with a USB speaker, follow this simple process. Find the USB port in your car, if you don’t find any, you can also buy a portable device. Next, ensure that your vehicle device supports mass storage devices. Connect the USB speaker to your Android phone via a micro-USB cable. The moment you establish a connection, you will see a small USB icon on your phone. Tap to connect.

You will then see a pop-up to mount the SD card. Mount your SD card to confirm it as a USB device. This will enable your car stereo to use your USB speaker as an audio source. The stereo will then search for the audio files from your SD card and you are good to go.

11. How do I find the Bluetooth version on Android?

Navigate to Settings, tap on Bluetooth and turn it on. Then go back and tap on the ‘App’ option in the Settings. You will see the ‘ALL’ option there, tap on it and scroll down to find Bluetooth share. Click it and you will find the current version of your Bluetooth on your Android device.

12. How do you reset Bluetooth on Android?

To reset your Bluetooth on Android, go on to application manager, you will find 3 dots at the top right corner. Tap on these dots. Next, select the Bluetooth app. A new window will open up where you will be able to see two options. Select the ‘Force Stop’ option and then clear the cache. After completing the process, restart your Android device.

Bottom Line

In this article, we have answered the top 12 frequently asked questions regarding how to connect JBL speakers to Android. The answers regarding the connectivity are not only limited to JBL speakers only, you can apply the same process to connect any speaker. Hope we have cleared your queries. If you have other questions, let us know in the comment section.