We can imagine what you must be going through. Oh no, we are not talking about your breakup. By that, we meant you must be struggling if you are an iPhone user due to its low sound factory speakers. No matter what model of iPhone you own, the volume will still not be enough, especially in big gatherings.

For such events, JBL speakers are your rescuers. With their phenomenal sound and loudness, they can light up the parties. However, you need to figure out how to connect JBL speakers to the iPhone, as many people find them problematic when pairing with their Apple devices. But that won’t be a problem anymore, we have come up with a step-by-step guide to help you connect your JBL speakers to your iPhone.

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How to connect JBL speakers to iPhone?

We have demonstrated the process using a JBL Flip 4. Before starting the process, make sure your JBL speakers are turned off. And, since we don’t have an iPhone, we have used iPad Air to show you how to connect the speakers with an IOS device. So let’s get started.

Come to the home screen of your IOS device

Unlock your device and you will be on the home page or if you are already using your device, come to the home page by pressing the center button.

Locate the Setting app

By default, iPhone’s Setting app resides on the first page of your device’s screen. However, if you have configured the device at your convenience, it might not be on your first home page. Also, if you don’t remember where you have placed your Settings app, just go to the home screen search bar and type “Setting” and the app will appear in your search results.

Open the Setting app

Now that you have found the Settings app, tap on it to open it. Below is the picture that will appear in front of you when you open the Settings app.

Head to the Bluetooth settings page

Once you are in the Settings app, you will see the page like the picture below on clicking the Bluetooth settings. Note that the picture doesn’t show any JBL connection in the “My Devices” section. It is because we have never connected that speaker with our iPad. You won’t be seeing it either because you have your speakers turned off at the moment.

Turn your JBL speakers on

Now quickly turn on your JBL speakers by hard pressing its “Power” button. Check out the picture below of what the power button looks like. A glowing white light will confirm that the speaker has turned on. Note that both the devices’ connection (JBL speakers and your Apple device) won’t happen by themselves. You will have to connect it by yourself by following the next steps.

Set your JBL speakers into connectivity mode

Now, to connect the speakers with your Apple device put the speakers into pairing mode, also known as “Bluetooth discovery mode”. Look for the Bluetooth button and tap and release to turn the speakers’ Bluetooth on. When it’s turned on, it will make a pluck guitar sound to confirm that Bluetooth is turned on. Also, once it’s on, the power button will switch from a white flashing light to blue light.

Find the JBL speakers on your IOS device to go on with How to connect JBL speakers to iPhone

In the picture below, see this is how you will find the Bluetooth connection of your speakers on your IOS device.

Connect the speakers to your iPhone/iPad

If it’s the first time you connect the speaker to your device, you will find the connection in the “Other devices” section. For instance, it will appear like “Tom’s Flip 4”  

On tapping, the speakers will get connected to your device and it will shift to the “My devices” section with the “connected” word appearing on the right side. 

You have successfully paired the speakers

Bravo! You are done connecting your JBL speakers with your IOS device. Now you can play whatever you want on the speaker via your iPhone. Also, some latest models of the JBL speakers allow you to make calls through your iPhone and hear it on your JBL speakers.

JBL Speakers Buttons and their Functions

JBL speakers possess several buttons for different functions. They are often found on the top in JBL Go, Charge, Flip, Clip, and Xtreme series versions. However, the power button flashes up in different colors to represent the Bluetooth connectivity status in some models. So, the following, we have detailed the different controls on JBL speakers and what function each performs.

Bluetooth Discovery Button

Some of the JBL speakers, typically the Flip models, have two rows of buttons. One is on the top and the second on the speaker side. Let’s first talk about the buttons on the speaker side.

In the picture below, the first button on the ext

reme left is called the Bluetooth Discovery Mode button. You can also confirm its function by looking at its shape. On tapping the button when the speakers are powered on, it transmits its model name and connectivity information to the nearby devices via Bluetooth airwaves to connect. Due to this button, you discover the speakers in the Bluetooth option of your phone.

 Volume buttons

In the same row, beside the Bluetooth Discovery Mode button, you will find plus and minus keys. They are used to adjust the volume of the JBL speakers. By pressing the minus button, you can reduce the speakers’ sound and the reverse with the plus button. Note that this will only happen when your speakers are turned on and connected to a device.

Moreover, since the speakers’ volume depends on the device it is connected to, you will need to adjust the sound when you pair them to different devices.

Play/Pause Button

The next button in the same row is Play and Pause. It is present in the form of a right-pointing arrow on the extreme right.

Press one time to pause audio and press again to resume. Note one thing, it is not a mute button. That means, if you pause the audio, you will pause the playback video or audio playing on the device you have connected to. You will continue the content you were listening to or viewing on pressing again.

If you own an IOS device, you can call Siri by pressing the same button. However, you need to make sure that Siri is activated in the setting of the device you have connected your speakers to.

Power Button

Seemingly, the power button has just one function that is to turn on and off the speaker. However, it is capable of doing more than that. Its flashing light tells you so many things. For instance, when it flashes a white or blue light, that means it is yet to pair with a device and is currently in device discovery mode. A flashing blue light glow when the speaker is paired with a device for some models. When a sharp white light glows, that means the speaker awaits an acceptance from a device.

Button combination to reset JBL speakers

You can reset your JBL speakers by pressing the play/pause and volume up buttons simultaneously. By doing so, your speakers will be reset to their original settings.

Generally, a hard reset is required when a speaker shows an error in connecting with a device or fails to turn off when you press the speakers’ power button. Note that when you reset the speakers, all the previously connected devices with your speakers will get invalid. That means, after a reset, you will have to reconnect from the “other devices” section to play content.

Connect button

The Flip, Boombox, Charge, and Xtreme models have a button beside the power button, called the connect button. It is used to pair two or more JBL compatible speakers with each other in “party mode”. Once they are connected, all the speakers will play the same content.

The picture below shows the connect button not activated as it is not flashing. However, the moment you pair your JBL speaker with the connect + group, it will start to glow.

Why are you unable to connect your JBL speakers?

Another popular query that has been asked the most is why my JBL speakers keep disconnecting. Firstly, it happens when the devices are far from each other. Or sometimes the connection interrupts when several other devices around the speakers have Bluetooth on. To deal with this problem, make sure your speakers have sufficient charge, the device you want to connect to has enough charging, and lastly, both the devices are close to each other.

Final Word

Connecting JBL speakers to iPhone or any IOS device is not a big deal. It is just a matter of a few minutes. However, you can face certain issues when the device is not too close to the phone it is expected to connect to or have a low battery. Also, make sure you comprehend the buttons on the speaker and their functions correctly, so you know what it means when a white light flashes on the power button.