Don’t you go through old videos in your camera roll and miss your old life and old self? It’s true. Once you grow up and enter adulthood, things change. Nobody expects you to act like a teenager anymore. But the good thing is, you have precious teenage memories of you with your friends that you can always use to revisit those precious times.

If you have small video clips scattered on your phone, you can combine them with the help of our ‘how to combine videos on iPhone’ guide. Doing so will merge all your short clips into one long video, so you don’t have to comb for the best moment videos in your gallery.

Also, those who recently went on vacation will find this guide useful as they can summarize their long trip in one video via the following tools. So, without keeping you waiting any further, let’s get to them.

What is the iMovie app on iPhone?

Those with iPhones are lucky as we decided to begin the guide with free video clips merging apps on iPhones.

Apple’s iMovie app is considered the best tool to combine videos on iPhone that too, for free. You need to download the app to your phone to begin the merging. If you are concerned that the process will be techy and complex, relax. Firstly, the method is as easy as using any other app on your iPhone. Secondly, even if it sounds difficult, we are here to help you out.

The best thing about this app is, that it is available on all widely-used iOS platforms like iPhone, Mac, and iPad.

How to combine two videos on iPhone via the iMovie app?

If you are new to this, iMovie would be a great start. Apart from just video merging, it has a variety of other editing features like resizing, crop, and rotates. Moreover, it allows users to add audio to their videos and save them on their iPhones. Here’s how you can use this app:

  • Download the iMovie app (if you haven’t) and launch it.
  • Once the home page of the app appears, tap ‘+’ to start a New ProjectA prompt will appear, asking you to select a ‘Movie’ to merge.
  • Select the ‘Create Movie’ option located at the bottom of your screen
  • It’s time to import videos to the app. press, ‘“Tap + to add video, photos, or audio.”
  • Select ‘Video’ under the ‘Videos & Photos’ option
  • Next tap on the video’s location you want to import, choose your video, and tap on the ‘+’ option
  • Now choose the second video you want to merge with the first one and tap ‘+’
  • If you wish to make your video a bit fancier, you can add transitions to it using the app’s feature.
  • Once the merging is done, tap ‘Done’ Now tap the share icon to share and download your newly created video.

That’s all. That was your answer to ‘how to combine videos on iPhone for free. Now enjoy your fav moments in a single video

How to combine two videos on iPhone via third-party tools?

For some reason, if you don’t want to use the iPhone’s provided iMovie app, you can opt for several third-party tools to access advanced video editing features. Since finding a reliable and decent video maker is intimidating, we have brought you some best options to merge your fav video clips.

1. Videoshop

Videoshop is a third-party app that enables you to combine videos on your iPhone. The app offers a host of useful features that can be used while editing. The following steps will tell you how to merge videos on this app:

Download and launch the app

  • Head to the home screen of the app and add all videos you want to merge to the app.
  • Follow all the on-screen instructions that appear after that
  • Once your video is merged, tap ‘Save’ to add it to your camera roll
  • That’s it. You can now check your video in the camera roll if it’s perfectly done and share it with your friends.

2. FilmoraGo

While its name sounds a bit weird, we promise its features will blow your mind. It is another third-party video editing app with powerful features. Apart from merging the video, FilmoraGo offers to include background music, text and motion effects and simply anything that makes your video look like a professionally made one. Here’s how to use this app:

  • Install the app for free and launch.
  • Open the home screen of the app and tap ‘New Project’ to pick the videos you want to combine.
  • Next, tap the ‘import’ option to open the edit section
  • Now here you will find all the relevant features to edit and merge your video.
  • Congratulations! You did it. Now flex your editing skills to friends by sharing it with them.

3) Splice

Not spice. It’s Splice! This one is another infamous video editing app that helps combine videos into a single clip. Here is how to use it:

  • Download and launch the video editing app
  • On the home screen, tap ‘New Project +’
  • Select a video to get going and tap ‘Next’
  • Now adjust your video’s aspect ratio and press ‘Create’
  • Tap ‘Media’ from the toolbar at the bottom of your screen
  • Choose another video and tap ‘Add’ to combine it with the first one
  • Tap ‘Done’ and save the video to your gallery.

See! Wasn’t it super easy? You can also trim and split the clips to smooth the transition from one video to another.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, by now, you must have learnt ‘how to combine videos on iPhone’. Before we part ways, here is a tip for you. If you want a decent and non-complex video editing tool, then iMovie is your go-to app. However, if you wish for extraordinary features and want to create a clip for social media platforms, then try our suggested third-party apps.

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