How does it feel when you are in the middle of some important work-related stuff, and your Apple Pencil dies? Stressful, right?

Indeed, Apple Pencil is the best accessory for iOS devices until it’s fully charged and working. You can conveniently write notes, draw, sketch, and even paint on your screen. Even though Apple has been continuously working on improving its Apple Pencil, one thing which is common in all the generations is that they run out of power like any other device.

Therefore, it’s foremost that you know how to charge Apple Pencil and check its battery health so it doesn’t die in the middle of your work.  This guide will walk you through methods to charge an Apple Pencil and check Apple check its battery life.

Apple Pencil 2nd Generation

Since the 2nd generation is the latest version of the Apple Pencil and most of you have probably been eyeing buying it, we will start with this one.

Apple has made tremendous progress in its 2nd generation Apple Pencil. It is compatible with all the latest iOS devices, including iPads that no longer bear physical home buttons.

The new Apple Pencil has wireless charging with the latest iPads. The flat edge of the Pencil allows it to attach to iPads magnetically. These features enable the Pencil to pair with iPads and get charged simultaneously easily. One thing to check is that your Bluetooth is turned on to begin the charging process.

How to charge Apple Pencil 2nd Generation?

Following are the steps to know how to charge Apple Pencil 2nd generation.

  1. First, you need to place your Apple Pencil on the top right side of your iPad near the volume and power button. Make sure your Apple Pencil is connected to Bluetooth while you do so.
  2. As soon as you place it on the iPad in the right position, the charging will begin and you can see the current battery level on your iPad’s screen.
  3. In order for your device to recognize the Apple Pencil immediately, you must ensure that the Bluetooth on your device is turned on to connect to the Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil 1st Generation

Apple Pencil 1st Generation
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Launched back in 2015, the Apple Pencil 1st generation introduced some exciting features of its time except for wireless charging. You can manually connect it to your iPad to begin charging, though.

Charging the Apple Pencil 1st gen was not as seamless as charging the 2nd gen Pencil. It required a Lightning port along with an iPad with a physical home button. If you could figure out which gen Apple Pencil you own, keep in mind that 1st gen Apple Pencil has a ‘silver band’ circling its rounded tip.

How to charge Apple Pencil 1st gen?

If you are wondering how to charge the Apple Pencil 1st gen, here is a step-by-step guide for your assistance.

Basically, there are two ways by which you can charge your Apple Pencil.

  1. Bring out the lightning connector by removing the cap or silver band’s top.
  2. Use that connector to connect the Apple Pencil with your iPad. Once done, the charging will begin.

The second method involves

  1. Uncover the lightning connector as you did previously in the first method.
  2. Now look for the lightning adapter that comes with the Apple Pencil’s packaging.
  3. Once found, detach it from the box and plug it into the lightning connector.
  4. Now bring your iPad’s charger, connect its pin to the Lightning adaptor and plug in the charger to a power source.

That’s all. Doing so will begin charging on your Apple Pencil. Remove it after 15 to 30 minutes to get fully charged.

Does it take too long to charge the Apple Pencil (1st & 2nd gen)?

Apple Pencils don’t necessarily need a charger to get charged. All you need is a supported iPad and you are sorted.

In fact, you don’t have to do much if you have a 2nd gen Apple Pencil. Just placing your Pencil on the top right side of your screen will automatically begin charging, given that the Bluetooth is turned on. And if you have the 1st gen Apple Pencil, the procedure is again exactly the same as we have mentioned above. The entire process, including charging, would hardly take 20 minutes.

The reason you don’t need a dedicated charger for Apple Pencil is that they come with built-in batteries, unlike Microsoft’s Surface Pen, which has a disposable battery.

A one-time full charge can go up to straight 12 hours. That means you don’t have to charge it every now and then. Even charging is much easier in Apple Pencil 2nd gen if you have to charge it repeatedly due to constant use.

How much time does it take to charge an Apple Pencil?

 If new, charging an Apple Pencil will take somewhere around 15 to 30 minutes. It can go on even less if you don’t charge it till 100. 15 minutes of charge can buy you 30 minutes of constant use.

Why I’m unable to charge my Apple Pencil on my iPad?

Not all Apple Pencils are compatible with every model of iPad. If you have a 2nd gen Apple Pencil, bear in mind that it is only compatible with the following iPad models:

  • iPad Air (4th gen)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd and 4th gen)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (1st and 2nd gen)

Efforts to charge a 2nd gen Apple Pencil with any of the iPad not included in the above-stated list will go in vain.

How would you know if your Apple Pencil is charging?

When you connect your Apple Pencil to your iPad, a widget will appear showing the battery status on the Today View screen. When you put your Apple Pencil to charge, the widget becomes active and starts showing the current status of the Pencil. You can check the widget to determine the battery status of your Pencil.

Do you need to plug an Apple Pencil into your iPad to charge?

Of course. If you have the 1st gen Apple Pencil, you must plug it into the iPad to begin charging. For that, you first need to uncover the lightning connector and connect it to the charging port.

Can you charge your Apple Pencil using your iPhone’s charger?

Yes, you can definitely charge your Apple Pencil 1st gen using your iPhone’s charger. All you need to do is connect the lightning adapter to the connector at the back of your Pencil and then connect it to the iPhone’s charger.

Is it ok to charge your Apple Pencil all the time?

It is recommended that you charge your Apple Pencil regularly, regardless of whether your use it or not, to prevent its built-in battery from deep discharge. Never let your Pencil in a state of low charge for long, as it could damage the battery rendering it fails to work.

Why is your Apple Pencil charging slowly?

You might have noticed that sometimes your Apple Pencil charges slowly when you connect it directly to the charger. On the contrary, connecting it directly to your iPad’s port charges much faster. It’s the thing with Apple Pencil. If you want fast charging, go for the second option.


We hope this informative piece has helped you learn how to charge Apple Pencil, both 1st and 2nd generations. It will surely help you charge your Apple Pencil fast and conveniently. Lastly, if your Apple Pencil fails to charge due to any reason, you can contact AppleCare+ to avail of battery service coverage. They will replace your current battery with a new one without costing you a buck.

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