The unfortunate times during coronavirus pandemic are hard for everyone. The efforts of students who have achieved success during such hard times are commendable.

Due to pandemic, there will be no conventional graduation ceremonies. Despite COVID-19, you can still celebrate the success of your loved ones in many special yet easy ways.

The only important point to keep in mind is that the celebrations should not violate the safety precautions. Fox News came up with an interesting conversation with celebration experts that gave some unique ideas on how to celebrate the success of students through a wonderful ceremony. They shared how to make the students feel special along with the ways to keep the celebration safe from an unnecessary social gathering.

According to Dayna Johnson, one of the celebration experts, the celebrations can be made by the projection of many creative ideas. The family can arrange a surprise conference call for the grad where different family members can congratulate the student along with warm wishes.

Car parade is another unique idea where people can celebrate together without violating social distancing. It can be improvised by a particular theme selection or some decorations to make the celebration a lot more fun and lively.

Julie Roehm focused on indoor celebrations. It can be done by decorating grad’s room or the house entrance. According to her, such minimal yet pure efforts can make the students feel appreciated during such unwelcoming time. Simple and intimate celebrations can serve as sweet memories in future.

House parties and celebrations can be so much fun with different creative ideas. The celebration doesn’t need to be grand. You can make it special even by putting simple efforts. We can always be experimental with indoor decorations. Like using the grad’s picture for a backdrop or making tiny graduation themed props for the party.

For hosting a virtual party, you can think of different activities that people can do together. They can also record sweet and motivational messages for the students. Even if it’s not a conventional party celebration, you still need to make sure that all the preparations are done before the event. So, if anyone can’t join the celebrations, they can still participate as per their convenience.