Marketplaces like Walmart have made shopping convenient for us so much that we can do all our shopping with a few taps and either get it delivered to our doorstep or pickup ourselves from any nearby Walmart store if you wish to save on delivery charges.

Moreover, you not only have the luxury to place an order anytime, but you also have the leverage to cancel your Walmart order anytime you want. If you are looking for how to cancel Walmart pickup orders or delivery orders, then you are at the right place. Because in this short guide, we will not only discuss how to cancel your Walmart order but we will also be giving answers to a few frequently asked questions regarding Walmart online buying and order canceling policies.

Before we answer, how to cancel Walmart pick-up orders and delivery orders, let us give you a brief on what are Walmart’s policies regarding buying and order canceling.

Walmart Policies for Place and canceling orders.

When you place an order, you have two choices, either get it delivered directly to your doorstep or pickup your order from the nearest Walmart store. For pickup, you won’t have to go to the store and add everything in your cart by yourself, instead, you choose the items you need online and then you place your order. Walmart store associates will gather all your ordered items and will give you a time for a pickup.

In both situations, you can cancel your order if you have a change of plans, however, you can only do so, if your online receipt still says processing and you have a button to cancel your order. Otherwise, you can benefit from a return and exchange policy. And don’t worry about the refund, because Walmart won’t charge your card unless your order is delivered and if you use return and exchange, then you will get your full refund as stated by Walmart on its cancellation policy page.

Other than just canceling your full order, if you wish to add or subtract any item from your list, you can edit your cart until it is in processing. We will address how to do this step by step in the next part of this article.

Now that we have discussed order placing and canceling briefly and what to do if you can’t cancel your order, it’s time to have a look at them in detail.

How to cancel Walmart pickup order and delivery order?

Moving on to our first query, we will give you a step-by-step process of how to do it, which you can follow easily.

Step By Step process on how to cancel Walmart order

If you are using the Walmart application, then use the following steps below.

Step 1: First open your Walmart application

Step 2: Next, once you are on the application, tap on “shop pickup and delivery.”

Step 3: Once that window opens on your phone, you’ll find three horizontal lines at the top right corner of your screen, tap on that.

Step 4: This will open a sidebar, scroll down and find “Purchase History,” Tap on that.

Step 5: This will open your order receipt. Here you’ll find a blue button with text on it “Edit,” tap on that.

Step 6: This will open up your order. Scroll to the end of the list to find a cancel button and tap on it.

In case, if you are using your desktop or pc, then follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open the Walmart site on your Pc and click on the “Account Icon” that will be on the top left corner of your screen.

Step 2: Here you will get an option to “Track Order” tap on it.

Step 3: Once you tap on it, you’ll get a pop-up on your screen to add the order number that you would have received in your confirmation email when you placed the order. Insert that.

Step 4: This would take you to your order, select the items you wish to remove or the desired order and click on the “Cancel” button.

Step 5: Once your order is canceled, you will receive a confirmation email.

These were the steps for how to cancel Walmart pickup orders or delivery orders. However, if you cancel it from your side, there is no guarantee that your order will be canceled.

What to do if your Walmart order is not canceled?

If you follow the above steps to cancel your order and you don’t receive a confirmation email for order cancellation, chances are your order is not canceled, or while following the above steps, if you can’t find the “Cancel” or “Edit” button, then it means you won’t be able to cancel your order.

In this case, you can use Walmart customer support to make a request. If your order is still in processing, they might help you with the order cancellation, however, if your order is shipped, or ready, then you might have to opt for the return and exchange.

Moreover, there are scenarios where you have placed an order for the same-day delivery or for the next day, and you don’t get the chance to cancel your order. In both scenarios, you can return the goods and get your refund easily.

What is Walmart’s return and exchange policy?

There are two ways to make returns. One is by returning to the nearest Walmart store and the other one is through the mail. You can choose either of them and here is how to do it at a glance.

Return Walmart order at the storeReturn Walmart order by mail
Open your Walmart app or Walmart site. Go into your purchase history. Select the items you wish to return along with that, you will be asked for a reason for return, fill that. Next, select “Return to store” and you will receive a barcode. Review the return summary and submit it. You’ll receive an email confirmation. When you visit the nearest Walmart store to return the goods, bring your confirmation email along with yourself.Open your Walmart app or Walmart site. Open your purchase history. Select the items you want to return along with the reason for return. From the options, choose, “Return by mail” option to get a label. Print the label that you received and stick it on the items you wish to return. Ensure that the items are in their original packaging along with the accessories. Drop the parcel at any nearby USPS or FedEx location.  

Apart from the above most common methods of replacement and return, you can also choose to schedule a pickup from your place if you are unable to drop off the items by yourself at either location.

To schedule your return, the main method is the same, however, you will have to add a pick address and time when opting for this option.

Now that we have fully covered how to cancel Walmart pickup order or delivery order and if that is not possible then how to return Walmart order. Let’s see, if you have scheduled your order for a pickup and due to any unforeseen circumstances you forget to pick your order up, what will happen.

What happens if you don’t pick up your Walmart pickup order?

One thought that would hit us hard in this situation is if we will get our refund? Don’t worry, because you will, however, a short fee may be cut on abandoned orders for restocking. To get your refund, you get a 7-day window, where you can request a refund and you will receive your money back within the next 3-5 business days via the same method through which you made the payment.

However, if you have ordered grocery items, then you have to pick them up during the scheduled day, or else your order will be canceled.

Moreover, if you have scheduled a pickup and in case, you are late and you wish to reschedule your pickup time, you can do so easily. However, only if you plan on doing it before the cut-off time. To do so follow the below steps.

How to reschedule Walmart pickup order

  • If you are using the Walmart app then open the app, otherwise go to
  • Next, go to your “recent order.”
  • Once the window opens, you will find a slot and time for the pickup that you chose before. Click on that, select the new pickup slot that you want and save the changes. 

With these simple steps, you would be able to reschedule your Walmart order pickup. Moreover, if you forget to pick them up, you will have 7 days to go and pick up your items from the store.

Short Summary

We have discussed how to cancel Walmart pick-up orders and delivery orders, along with what to do if you can’t cancel your order and how to make your return step by step. Additionally, we also discussed what to do in case you wish to reschedule your pick-up order and until when you can pick your order after the cut-off time. Now that we have answered the top queries that many Walmart buyers are looking for, we hope that this information comes in handy. For more queries related to Walmart orders, comment them in the comment section and we will be happy to answer those.