Since 2007, Walmart has offered products for sale on the internet. You had to purchase it online and pick it up at the “Site to Store” counter at the store at that time.

Ordering for pick-up or delivery has never been easier than it is now. However, the problem arises if you decide to change your mind. And do you have the ability to cancel your Walmart purchase?

Have a look below to know how to cancel walmart order:

How to Cancel a Walmart Order In 2021?

Follow the procedures outlined below to cancel your Walmart order. Bear in mind that this is going to work only if the Walmart order status is “Processing”.

  1. In the upper right-hand corner of, click on the “Account” icon.
  2. Then choose “Track Order”.
  3. Enter your order number (found in the confirmation email) and email address.
  4. Click “Cancel” after selecting the appropriate order or specific items you wish to delete.
  5. You will be notified by email whether the cancellation was successful.

It’s possible that your purchase has already been packaged if you don’t see a “Cancel” option. If this is the case, calling Walmart directly to see if you can cancel the purchase is the best option.

Cancellation is Not Guaranteed

Order cancellation is not guaranteed even if you utilise the “Request Cancellation” option.

You must wait until you get an email from confirming the cancellation of your order. Afterward, you’ll be able to return the item both online and offline.

Orders are often processed and sent before you have time to make changes.

When you purchase anything for next-day or two-day delivery, this is more likely to happen. An hour or less is not uncommon for orders to be handled. If that’s the case, you’ll have to send it back as soon as it arrives.

What to Do if You Are Running Late

Stores will email or text you when your grocery order is ready to be picked up. In the event of a last-minute cancellation, how will you handle it?

You may still pick it up at the shop if you get there before they shut for the day. However, calling the shop ahead of time to let them know you’ll be late is preferable.

Anytime you decide you don’t want an order anymore, you may either return it to the shop or return it online regardless of whether it was cancelled.

Simply sign in to your account and go to the Orders page to get started. Locate the item you want to return and begin the return procedure. Either a UPS return label or a shop receipt may be printed from the website to send it back.

How Do I Return A Walmart Order?

If your purchase has already shipped, you may return it for a refund in-store or by mail if it has already arrived.

Be aware that returns must be made in the first 90 days after ordering or purchasing the item(s).

Return Your Order By Mail

  1. The upper right corner of‘s site has the Login option.
  2. Find the item you want to return under Purchase History.
  3. Choose Start a Return or See Details.
  4. In the Order Details, click Return or Replace. (Note that this option is only available for returnable goods.)
  5. Choose the items you want to send back.
  6. Decide on a cause for returning.
  7. If you’re given the choice between returning and replacing an item, go with returning.
  8. Choose Return to Store.
  9. Click on Finish.
  10. To print the Store Returns receipt, choose Print Barcode.
  11. If you’d like a refund on an item, just take it back to your local Walmart Customer Service desk with all of the original packaging materials and accessories, along with the printed Store Return receipt.

Return Your Order In Store

According to Walmart’s website, most goods bought from Walmart may be returned to any U.S. store.

Items purchased through Walmart Marketplace resellers or dealers resellers are an exception. Though many of the items are returnable, when it comes to exchanges and refunds, vendors bear the burden.

Will I Always Get a Refund from Walmart if I Return Something?

A return should in most instances result in you receiving cash or having the purchase amount refunded to your card. In certain cases, you will only be able to make an exchange or get a different kind of payment than what you originally intended.

● If you did not use a credit card to make the initial transaction, you will be given a Walmart gift card or a shopping card instead if you do not.

● If you used a gift card to make your initial purchase and then returned the item, the transaction will be reversed and a new gift card will be given.

● No matter what happens, you’ll get the whole sticker price back, as well as any applicable taxes and fees.


You may cancel a purchase if you discover it before the cutoff period, which is usually 12 to 24 hours after ordering. To find your order, log in to your account. You may then request a cancellation by clicking on “Request Cancellation.” As long as it is before the cutoff period, you will be able to send an email to Walmart.

We hope this helped you know how to cancel Walmart order.