Almost everyone at least once in their lifetime has received annoying calls from unknown sources and marketers. It seems that they always choose the worst time to call, right? Sometimes, you even get multiple calls in a day making you tired and irritated. Persuading you to think that, “how do I block a number on my Android?”

It’s about time you said goodbye to such spam calls. Whether they are calls for a business purpose or calls from strangers who keep getting the wrong phone number, it is convenient to know how to block spam calls on iPhone.

Your mobile phone has the solution to help you forget these uncomfortable spam calls.

As your phone is still not going to make calls for you, you should get down to work and fix all the problems that such calls can cause you, especially to end the most annoying ones.

So, how to block spam calls on your iPhone.

The following information is not going to be used only for your iPhone; you can also use it if you want to block some numbers on your iPad.

Apple has already explained to us in detail how you can forget about spam calls on your devices.

You just have to go to the Phone app, select the information button that appears next to each number, and choose the “Block” option that will appear on the bottom of the screen.

To see all those numbers that you have blocked, just follow the following address: Settings> Telephone> Block and identity of calls.

Thanks to the blocking function that Apple offers you, you can add those annoying numbers from which you no longer want to receive calls.

If you change your mind and want to unblock them, you can also do it from settings.

By the way, if you not only want to forget about calls but you also want to avoid receiving messages from certain numbers, then you must follow very similar steps. Go to Settings> Messages> Blocked contacts and there you can add all the numbers with which you no longer want to receive text messages.