Blocking a phone number is one the most convenient ways to avoid unwanted attention in your life. This is an option available in most cellphones to prevent getting unnecessary calls from strangers whose purpose might be to scam or bother you.

As Android-based smartphones are used commonly, we will start with an example of this most commonly used operating platform. The steps may vary depending on what model your phone is and which software version you are using. For this article, we will demonstrate the steps on a Samsung Android phone. Follow along to block that one caller that has been bothering you for the past few days:
Step 1: Go to the call log to find the number you want to block. Once you find that number in your list, click on it. On your screen you will notice several actions that you can perform to this number. If the number is unsaved in your phone, you might see an option that will allow you to “add contact.”
Step 2: Once you have created the contact, you may proceed to the next step. Now tap the contact you want to block. Another screen will pop up. In this pop up you will find an option “i” (this is relevant for Samsung phones) along with other options, placed below.
Step 3: Once you are done with step 2, you will see more options on your screen. These options should be to ‘Edit’, ‘Share’ and ‘Block’. Click on the last option and it will show a pop up on your phone’s screen.
Step 4: On the pop-up screen, you will have two more choices. One is ‘cancel’ and the other is ‘block’. It goes without saying that to block a contact, you might want to select ‘block’.
Step 5: Once you’ve blocked the contact, you will stop receiving any calls or messages from that number. In case you must unblock an already blocked number, you can easily access your ‘blocked contacts’ list to undo this action.
The block option in Android phones is a handy and helpful feature that saves users from scams or getting hacked. An interesting fact about blocking someone’s number from your phone is that the blocked user can continue to send you voicemails. These voicemails will be able to reach your phone, but you will not be able to listen to them. The ‘unknown files’ folder in your phone will store these voicemails as spam. These files are not accessible and you may not be able to listen to its content.
The blocked contact may continue to send you text messages, however, you will not receive any notifications. To keep things low-key, the blocked user will not be aware of the fact that their number has been blocked by you. Happy blocking!