In a world where one barely gets time to meet friends and family, group chats bind everyone together. It is indeed a fun way to stay connected to your close ones while not needing to meet them regularly.

That said, when groups get bigger and more random people are added, all the fun changes into misery. Like, imagine you’re doing some important work stuff and your phone just won’t stop buzzing. Wouldn’t it feel frustrating? We can’t even imagine because we have gotten rid of it just recently. Want to know how?

Check this ‘how to block a group text on iPhone’ guide, and you will know the hack to achieve mental peace and happiness once again. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

7 Methods –  how to block a group text on iPhone

If you have been struggling with those annoying family and friends groups, you need to know these amazing tips to block that spamming right away. Here is the first method.

1. Leave the group text conversation

If you are beyond annoyed with group texts bombarding your phone, follow these steps to leave the group chat:

  • Unlock your iPhone and open the Messages app
  • On the app’s main screen, tap the group text icon
  • Next, tap on the profile icon located on the left side of your screen
  • Tap the ‘Info’ option
  • Finally, select the ‘Leave This Conversation’ option (Note: this option will only appear when at least two or three people in the group chat are using iOS devices.)
  • Tap, done to confirm the changes

Note: If this group leaving option doesn’t appear, that means one of the users isn’t using iMessage, and hence you won’t be able to leave the chat. However, you may mute the notifications from the chat.

2. Mute Group chat notifications

If the previous option doesn’t work for you, try this one. Here is how to mute group chat notifications on iPhone.

  • Unlock your iOS device and head to the Messages app
  • Select the group chat you want to mute
  • Once selected, tap the group icons above the trail
  • Scroll down a bit to find the ‘Hide Alerts’ option
  • Turn on the toggle for ‘Hide Alerts
  • Confirm the changes

Doing so will mute all the alerts from the selected group chat. However, know that muting a group won’t stop other messages on your phone. You will continue to receive other text message notifications.

3. Don’t interact with the group messages

If you have a commendable patient level, you can get rid of the annoying group messages by doing a simple trick. Just don’t engage with the group messages and let everyone do what they want. This is how they will learn you are no more interested in their conversations, and if you get lucky, you will stop getting messages on the group.

4. Enable the spam filter

Luckily, iPhone has a built-in spam filtering option that stops spam messages from unknowns reaching you. Once you turn this feature on, all the messages from the senders who are not in your contact list will be automatically blocked. To use this feature, follow these instructions:

  • Unlock your iOS device and open the Settings app
  • Scroll down and find the green color ‘Messages’ option and tap
  • Now locate the toggle for the ‘Filter Unknown Senders’ option and tap to turn it on

That’s all. After turning this feature on, you will no longer receive message notifications from unknown senders.

Note: This feature doesn’t work for group chats on messages. It will only block messages from senders not added to your contacts.

5. Block the contacts

This hack is handy for getting rid of the spammers in the group. But you will continue to receive messages from other group members. This hack is pretty useful when you are annoyed with a specific person in the group and want no longer to receive their msgs. It may not be an ethical thing to do, but you will get some relief. Just do the following to block a contact on the group chat:

  • Unlock your phone and go to the group chat
  • Tap the ‘People’ icon located at the top.
  • Next tap ‘N People’ to see the full list of people added to the group
  • Find the person you want to block and tap their name
  • Now scroll down a bit and tap ‘Block this Caller
  • Confirm the changes and Block that contact

Note: When you block someone using this method, you will no longer be able to receive their calls, messages, and even FaceTime.

6. Take help from Carrier Services

Nowadays, carrier service providers also help their customers to block spam contacts, calls, and texts. While this specific service varies from carrier to carrier, you can check your service providers’ services on the internet or directly call them to check if they can do that for you. The service might be free or paid.

People living in the UK and US can send a spamming complaint by simply messaging at 7726. If you notice, this number is spelled SPAM. Now it would be much easier to remember this number. Some carriers that offer these services are T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T.

7. Try Third-Party spam-blocking services

Several third-party apps enable you to block spammers on your phone. Some popular ones include Nomorobo, Truecaller and RoboKiller. All of these apps are paid but offer free trials for a short period.

Note: If you opt for third-party apps to block spammers on your group chat, know that you need to provide access to all your texts from that person or an unknown person. Therefore, always go for safe apps that you can trust.


  • Hopefully, by now, you understand how to block a group text on iPhone. In fact, you have various other methods to block messages and calls from unknown senders as well. Your mental peace should be your topmost priority, and if something messes up with it, you must take action. Now try these methods and block all the unwanted messages and mute annoying group members at once.

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