Apple Company is a technology-based multinational organization. Its headquarters exist in California. The objective of the company is the manufacturing, design, and development of electronics and software. 

The main product line of Apple includes the iPhone, iPad, Mac book, and Apple smart-watch. 

The founding father of the company is Steve Jobs and the company started in April 1976. The products immediately after their launch started attracting attention. Hence, sales grew fast. Now Apple has a total of 1.5 billion products available in the market. 

In August 2011, Steve Jobs was replaced by Tim Cook as the CEO of the company. Many people predicted that due to this loss of founding leadership, the company may lose direction. But all the naysaying got rejected; the company now stands as the 9th largest public company in the world according to the famous Forbes. 

Cook became part of the Apple family in March 1998. He was under the title of the Senior Vice President and later on got promoted to the level of Executive Vice President of the sales department globally. 

When Steve was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 1998, in these difficult times, Cook took over the main seat as the interim CEO until Steve could get better. Jobs then took his leaves due to medical purposes in both 2009 and 2011. 

Cook believed that Steve would recover from the disease and take his position back in no time. Cook remembers the event in the commencement speech he delivered to the graduates of Stanford University. Cook performed his duties well but then Steve passed away in October 2011. Cook had to overtake a lot of responsibilities all of a sudden. But his mindset was set to overcome challenges. He took everything head-on and proved the people wrong. 

Cook was the best thing that happened to Apple after the death of Steve Jobs. He worked hard into making the company where it stands now.