Nature needs to take a break from the errors of human beings. The desuetude of nature has brought side effects in the lives of animals and thus the continuous of ail for the planet. Nature needs to be protected, the best is to daunt with not to wait more as the healing process will not start by itself. It needs a constant amount of concentration and cabal to burnish the nature to its original form. The question is if it’s possible to give space to nature and will it be enough?

In a Yangtze River of China, the Chinese Paddlefish also known as the Chinese Swordfish became a target of overfishing. It was declared extinct in 2019. Not only is this, the planet and nature being victim of human activities. Such biodiversity loss is much bigger and an august threat if not dealt with the austere leadership. In only 2019, three bird species, shark, paddlefish, and two frogs were declared extinct. Over the past hundred years, we have lost 500 species of all kinds of animals; the result is due to human activities such as overhunting and habitat loss.

The decreasing scale of nature is keeping many nations worried. They need to bring the livelihood of earth again by cleaning the air, creating less pollution, no use of plastic as the waters are no cleaner and cycling process of carbon dioxide. The deforestation is a habitat loss for many animals.

The plan suggests that 30% of land and sea will be protected by 2030, 50% by 2050 to evolve the ecosystem, and bring back the livelihood of nature. Still, raising a question that if it is enough?  According to statistics of 2016 by Current Biology, humans have already altered three by a fourth of the earth. Only 10 % remains a wilderness in nature. As of the seas 30% is a target but Oscar Venter says that it needs to be more ambitious as the speed to going extinct animals is larger than that of a target, it is not what science is saying but the reflection of politics.

In 2011 Aichi Biodiversity Targets by UN plan suggests that almost 17% of land and 10% of the sea to be protected by 2020. 190 countries took part and agreed upon this decision.  The auxiliary effects were only for nature but also for human beings to live in a healthy ecosystem. Till now only 15% of land and 7% of the sea is protected.

As to reach a goal it is not important to cover the whole area but the importance is to protect the number of species for example 1% of ocean floor covers 25% of marine life. In order to match the number of protection, the speed should be parallel to the biodiversity.