Self-defense has never been this essential when it comes to living in this unsafe world, where you can’t trust your most trusted friend. Therefore keeping a handgun is a good idea. There’s a selection from the most updated weaponry, however, choosing the right one is most essential. Apart from its portability, you also have to keep in mind how much does a gun weight.

How much does a gun weigh?

Before anything, the first step to buying a handgun is knowing the weight of your pistol. The weight of a gun will help you determine how much physical exertion you have to put in as per your body weight. Moreover, it will also inform you about stability and recoil management when shooting. Not every gun will weigh the same, therefore knowing the right weight of the gun as per your body weight is important before making a purchase.

In this article, we will answer how much does a gun safely weigh or how much does a gun safe weigh along with a list of top 9mm guns that you can buy.

What is the weight of an average Pistol?

The weight of an average pistol, when unloaded is approximately 1.1 pounds, and when loaded, it weighs around 1.5 pounds. However, each pistol’s weight will depend on its size and its caliber. Apart from that, the number of bullets it can hold is also essential when analyzing the weight of a gun. 

Different Types of Handguns and their Weight?

Starting with the types, we will come on to the weight of each type of handgun. There are three types of handguns. Single-shot handgun, that has to be reloaded after every shot. The other two types of handguns, revolver and semi-automatic handgun- These don’t need to be reloaded like a single-shot handgun. Extra cartridges are ready in the cylinder or the magazine of these guns.

One of the most popular is a 9mm pistol that many use as their self-defense weapon. Be it as a concealed carry weapon, home defense handgun, or range gun. Therefore we have collected some of the best 9mm pistols that you can carry for any of the aforementioned needs.

Best Conceal Carry Handguns for 2022

Concealed Carry Sig P365

Sig P365 Specifications

Length5.8 Inches
Width1 Inch
Weight17.8 ounces
Barrel Length3.1 Inches
Capacity10,12 and 15

One of the most go-to guns for many shooters, Sig P365 has become the game-changing self-defense weapon to carry in the list of best 9mm handguns.

This handgun carries a double-stack capacity in a single seized pistol. Not only is this a comfortable weapon for almost anyone, but its lightness and size also make it ideal to be carried as a concealed carry weapon. It comes in three different capacities with 10, 12, and 15 extended round magazines.

Although this is a great self-defense gun, it is still a subcompact handgun, which can be challenging for new users. Moreover, it can be a little snappy, but with practice, you will be able to use it just right.

Pros and Cons of Sig P365

Come with Night SightsProprietary rail
Different sizes of the MagazineWith full power, it can get snappy
Perfect capacity as per its size 
Lightweight and portable 

Glock 43X – A Carry Conceal Weapon

Glock 43X Specifications

Length6.5 Inches
Width1.6 Inches
Weight1.17 pounds
Barrel Length3.39 or 3.41 Inches
Capacity10 plus 1 round

Glock designed their G43X as a hybrid to G48 and Glock 43. G43X has an increased capacity from its predecessor, G 43, while G43 was capable of only 6 rounds, G43X is capable of 10+1 rounds. Moreover, it also does not sacrifice too much on concealability and comfort to carry as a concealed carry weapon, thanks to G48 inspired design.

However, they increased the width and length a little bit for a better grip. Moreover, front cocking serrations are also added to the slide to enhance the grip of the shooter. Although it is one of the ideal weapons to carry as a CCW, it has its own complications. The magazines and holsters have to be very specific to the handgun and these are also not interchangeable.

Glock 43X Pros and Cons

It is reliable and from a reputable brandA little larger in size than others in the list
The parts are commonNeeds specific magazine and holster
Addition of front cocking serrations 

Concealed Carry Walther CCP

Walther CCP Specifications

Length6.41 Inches
Width1.18 Inches
Weight20 ounces
Barrel Length3.54 Inches

With Walther soft coil technology, this pistol is surely one of the best pistols to be used as CCW. Its attractive polymer frame and striker-fired gun features make it a visually pleasing handgun as well.

The soft coil technology reduces recoiling and makes it easy for any shooter to use CCP M2. Moreover, the rack is also very easy to use and anyone, from a beginner to an experienced shooter can handle it well.

This single stack handgun makes it an ideal handgun for everyone as a CCW. Apart from that, it is designed in a way that people, especially with small hands or those who don’t have much strength in their hands can use it easily.

Although this concealed carry weapon is a bit larger than others on the list, it is still a perfect size to carry on a daily basis and is comfortable to use, if need be.

Pros and Cons of Walther CCP

Designed ergonomicallyTake longer to pull the trigger
Rack slide is easyA bit larger in size to be listed as subcompact
Recoiling is reduced due to softcoil technology 

These were the top three 9mm pistols as Concealed Carry Weapons that we deem perfect for anyone and everyone. Our next top 3 choices for the pistol in the 9mm category would be for Home Defense. So if you are looking for a weapon that is ideal weight and size, and which you can keep at home for your defense, then scroll down.

Best Handguns for Home Defense 2022

Ruger Security 9 for Home Defense

Ruger Security 9 specifications

Length7.24 Inches
Width1.02 Inches
Weight23.8 ounces
Barrel Length4 Inches

Finding a gun is not only important but finding it in a budget is equally essential. There are so many handguns out there that may be budget-friendly, but their poor Q/C and reliability make them a nightmare to purchase. However, with Ruger Security 9 it is possible to find the right handgun for Home Defense while being within your budget.

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There is nothing too fancy about this weapon, but it is designed to be reliable and fulfill all the goals that a modern gun should, and top it all it is affordable for anyone and everyone. Ruger Security 9 being a full-sized gun, is a comfortable pistol. It is inspired by a Spartan design

and comes with interchangeable sights, 15 round magazines, and a Picatinny rail. Moreover, its trigger is not much of a highlight but it is capable of hitting the target and you will never be thrown off.

Pros and Cons of Ruger Security 9

Budget-friendly gun and magazinesThe trigger is not as good
User-friendly and shooting is easyLimited availability of the aftermarket parts
Proven security 

Sig Sauer P226

Sig Sauer P226 Specifications

Sig Sauer P226 is a full-sized firearm that is big and made up of metal, however, it is easy to handle and has an ergonomic design. Moreover, it has been used by many law enforcement individuals and military circles for decades.

Not only do the top-notch controls, rail for a light, and SIG night sight makes it an ideal Home Defense weapon, but its trigger, which is equipped with a DA/SA system, is also applaudable. Due to this system incorporated in this handgun, you have to deliberately pull the trigger for the first shot and if you want to shoot the second time, light and short pull would be enough. Apart from this, its weight and reliability are also up to the mark and are ideal for home defense guns.

However, these guns are not as affordable as the aforementioned Home Defense gun, but it is a good investment. 

Length7.7 Inches
Width1.5 Inches
Weight34 ounces
Barrel Length4.4 Inches
Easy to handleThe size is bigger than other guns and cannot be used as CCW
Reliable and has high dependabilityNot a budget-friendly option
Accurately shoots to the target 

S&W M&P SHIELD 9 EZ for home defense

S&W M&P SHIELD 9 EZ specifications

Length6.8 Inches
Width1.15 Inches
Weight23.2 ounces
Barrel Length3.68 Inches

The M&P Shield 9 EZ is ideal for new shooters and is specially designed for individual who has less hand strength. It is a continuation of the EZ line guns by S&W, which was launched in the year 2018.

Scalloped sides, minimal felt recoil, and magazine thumb studs make its operation super easy. Moreover, it is capable of hitting the target right, but the firing is not very special if compared with other handguns on the list. Apart from that its mag feeding has some issues.

Pros And Cons of S&W M&P Shield 9 EZ

Loading and manipulation is easyIssues with magazine feeding
Less recoilingThe grip is a bit uncomfortable
Good sightsCapacity is not much for a Home Defense gun

These were our top choices for Home Defense Weapons. If you are looking for one, we can safely say, you can choose any of the above. Lastly, we will also list down the two best range guns that you can purchase without any problem.

Top Two Range Guns

H&K VP 9B for Range Shooting

H&K VP 9B Specifications

Length7.3 Inches
Width1.32 Inches
Weight25.56 ounces
Barrel Length4.09 Inches
Capacity15 to 17 rounds

 They say keep trying if you fail and that is what H&K did. When their first-ever striker-fired pistol flopped in the market in 1970, they came up with an exceptional range gun, H&K VP9 that is worth every penny after almost 40+ years.

There are two models for H&K VP9 – VP9 and VPB respectively. However, VP9B has an American-style, push-button magazine, which makes it easier to use. Overall, VP9 is an amazing handgun that is perfect for range shooting. Moreover, it is reliable and is a joy when shooting.

Pros and Cons of H&K VP9

The choice between the paddle and push-button magazinesThe grip could have been more secure
Amazing triggerLimited availability of the aftermarket parts
Good sightsExpensive
Highly reliable 

CZ 75 TS Czechmate for Range Shooting

CZ 75 TS Czechmate Specifications

Length10.47 Inches
Width2.44 Inches
Weight52.7 ounces
Barrel Length5.23 Inches
Capacity20 to 26 rounds

CZ 75 TS is a perfect handgun for you if you are looking for a handgun that is designed for shooting competitions. It is a top-tier handgun designed just the way competition shooters would like.

With the standard CZ 75 frame, Czechmate incorporates upgraded features including amazing triggers and outstanding ergonomics. Moreover, the upgrades include a magazine well, an optic, compensator, etc.

However, this is a pricey gun compared to another in the list, therefore, for those who can afford it, we recommend do invest in this, because using it would be a blissful experience.

Pros and Cons of CZ 75 TS

Outstanding triggerSuitable for only competitors
Incredible ergonomicsExtremely pricey
All-in-one for open division 

With this, it brings us close to our conclusion. We hope that now you know why asking how heavy is a gun can be a gamechanger when deciding to purchase a handgun for self-defense. Moreover, the list of the most popular 9mm pistols for different purposes will help you determine which gun to buy as per your weight.