Are you thinking of trying your luck in journalism, specifically in news anchoring? Then you better do thorough research to decide whether or not it’s a perfect fit for you.

As a matter of fact, a news anchor job can lead to impressive career opportunities. You can earn an average salary ranging from five to six figures annually. However, your location and experience might affect this number as in this field, experience is the key. Determining how much new anchors make will help you decide whether this field is right for you or not. Since we wanted to make a little contribution to your future success, below we have discussed different salary ranges in different states and means to grow in this field.

How Much Do News Anchors Make?

75 PercentileAverage25 Percentile

From the above table, it is clear that news anchors make $61,000 to $64,000 per year, which makes a monthly income of $5,342. Even if you are not much efficient in this field, you can still earn a minimum of $26,000 which makes a monthly income of $2,166. It is more than enough if you have no dependee. However, if you are working for a top-notch broadcasting channel, your pay can boost up to $71,000 annually.

The Highest-Paid News Anchors in 2021

1. Sean Hannity

Salary – $40 million

Sean Hannity is the news anchor for Fox news along with the host of “The Sean Hannity Show” who earns $40 million on the channel. His net worth is estimated at $250 million.

2. Diane Sawyer

Salary – $22 million

Diane Sawyer has an estimated net worth of $85 million and was also married to a Hollywood producer and director Mike Nichols. Diane Sawyer has also made history in the year 1984 as a news anchor for CBS news.

3. Robin Roberts

Salary – $18 million

Robin Roberts is the co-host of ABC’s “Good Morning America” show. He also took an alternative direction towards news broadcasting and worked for ESPN before leaving ABC News in the year 2005.

4. George Stephanopoulos

Salary – $15 million

George Stephanopoulos is a former aide to President Clinton, earning $15 million annually as the co-anchor for the ABC show “Good Morning America” and also as a regular anchor.

5. Anderson Cooper

Salary – $12 million

Anderson Cooper is one of the long-time hosts working for CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360”.

News Anchor Salaries in Different States

The salary range for anchors can drastically vary from state to state. Following are the salaries that different states offer to news anchors.

StatesAvg Salaries
District of Columbia$91,923
Michigan $82,642

Factors affecting the Income Spectrum of a News Anchor

If you want to determine how much do news anchors make and how they can scale up their income then check out the factors we have mentioned below.

1. City or State

It is important to understand that the news anchors are paid according to the location they are at. Different states have different earning spectrums when it comes to being news anchors. In states like California and the District of Columbia, the news anchor can even make more than 50k USD in a year. It is a huge amount, but it is not the depiction of the actual average which is 38k USD per annum. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that different locations mean different pay scales. For instance, there are some of the highest-paying cities and states for the news anchor to work on:

  • Houston: $57,372 per year
  • Philadelphia: $52,997 per year
  • Los Angeles: $47,804 per year
  • Washington, D.C.: $60,470 per year
  • Atlanta: $74,525 per year

2. Experience Level

Like every other job, the news anchors have to show their true potential to earn more than their counterparts. This all is achievable, but it is a long process and requires great experience in the field. Experience is the key to success in this field. You must be able to attract more people and catch their attention to increase the TRP of your Channel. This will ultimately increase your earning potential in the industry. The highest earning in this field can even go up to 95k USD. This means that it requires experience and patience.

Job Description of News Anchors

They have to deliver the news while sitting in front of a camera on live Television. It is difficult for many people to do this job out of fear of the camera or making a fool of themselves on live Television. Therefore, this job requires a lot of nerves. The job does not necessarily require them to read but they are encouraged to come up with news themselves and write it down for them to read on Live TV. They can create an entire package for their news.

Advancement Opportunities for News Anchors

News anchors who start their careers from smaller cities can pursue a variety of advanced positions at renowned TV stations. Successful news anchors can even apply for TV station director positions for bigger news channels.

Top 5 States with most Earning Potential

1. California

2. District of Columbia

3. Indiana

4. New York

5. New Jersey

Future Opportunities in the Field

The news anchor job is considered to be a dead-end, but it all depends on the perspective of the people. A news anchor working in a small town on a small channel can work their way up the ranks and join mainstream national TV channels. Moreover, news anchors with all the experience in their hands, can work their way up and become News Directors. The future in this sector is not definitive but there is potential in the field as identified by many third-party researchers.


Now that you know the answer to ‘how much do news anchors make’ you should definitely apply for this job if you think you have excellent verbal, interviewing, and improvisational skills. Objectivity, physical stamina, and team playing skills would be plus factors.

You can consider building your career as a news reporter as they come on a slightly lower level than news anchors. Once you gain sufficient experience, you can start applying for news anchor jobs.