The 2020 elections will have a huge impact on the lives of suburban voters. Their lives may change drastically and that too, negatively.

Previously this year, Trump revoked the Obama administration’s policy on fair housing called the ‘Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing’. The purpose of this policy was to reduce racially and class discrimination in the suburbs and allow low-income housing.

If Biden wins the 2020 elections, he will put this policy into effect again which may result in higher crime rates as well as overly crowded schools.

Biden also plans to repeal the tax cuts Trump implemented in 2017. He claims that tax rates will only be increased for citizens who earn more than $400,000; however, apparently, middle-class families will be funding this increase in taxes.

Corporate tax rates will also be increased under Biden’s presidency. In the long-run, this spike in the tax rate will become a hurdle for saving and investing for retirement for the American people.

Biden is also reportedly not considering China’s shock in his policies. This means that American manufacturing will continue to be outsourced to China.

This will prove to be a threat to the workers in America as jobs will continue to decrease and factories will be shut down.

Moreover, Biden has also proposed to reverse the strict immigration policies that Trump had previously enforced to substitute them with more relaxed policies that will make it easier for immigrants to have citizenship as well as access to government resources.

In addition to this, recently crime rates have seen a spike in America. The rate of shootings has doubled, the murder rate has increased by 40% and burglaries have also seen a spike of 41.8%.

The crime, for now, is only limited to the big cities and has a huge chance of spreading to the suburbs. Biden is not focusing on the root cause of the problems and the policies that allow criminals to be released without bail would make things worse.

Biden also supports the Green New Deal that intends to put an end to the use of oil and coal in the US power grid. This deal will result in thousands of jobs in the energy sector being destroyed and will also undo the growth in local economies that was a product of fracking.

Original analysis by John Carney