People are tired of staying at home and are now looking for safe ways to travel. However, let’s make it clear- a cruise is a risky business! So you might not want to add it to your list.

Especially since there have been back-to-back outbreaks on cruise ships, thus prompting CDC to pass a legal order suspending U.S liners.

On the bright side, the multinational corporation working for disaster management is picking up the slack. Mr. Sheldon, the CEO of Belfor recently carried out a massive cleaning operation to rid the infamous Diamond Princess of all contaminants.

With almost 700 confirmed corona cases and the loss of 7 lives, Japan’s Diamond Princess had to be saved.

The cleaning procedure was carried out following guidelines put in place by the WHO, the Japanese administration, and the commercial hygienists. Once the cruise ship had been sanitized, Mr. Yellen got it certified to sail again.

Since the exposure was confirmed, the team had to follow essential protocols to stay guarded against health hazards. All mattresses, kitchenware, towels, and linens found in the rooms were discarded.

The cleaning process was initiated once everything had been removed. The prime concern was to avoid re-contaminating any areas. Therefore engineers had to figure out a method to clean the corridors securely.

When asked how the coronavirus is different from other outbreaks the company has dealt with, Yellen replied that the magnitude of pandemic remains unmatched. But despite the virus being completely unanticipated, Belfor had enough health supplies to continue operating worldwide.

Another factor that sets Covid19 apart is the amount of media coverage it is receiving- helping make the public more aware of the virus.

However, what the CEO found most fascinating was the amount of compassion being displayed. He said that watching people help those around them is truly heartwarming to see.

Mr. Yellen expressed that to his firm, helping curb the virus is not an obligation, but rather a willingness to serve humanity. He went on to commend the doctors, paramedics, cashiers, and drivers working on the front lines.

The CEO ended on a positive note saying that the world will continue to persevere. It will keep fighting till the coronavirus is brought to an end.

And once that’s done, people can go wherever they like.