To err is human, to forgive is divine.

The coronavirus or COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. It has shaken the human race to the core. Forget about the laws and relief packages. The big question is: how close are we to a cure for the coronavirus. In less than a year, this pandemic has humbled mankind and has forced us to realize how negligent and unprepared we are when it comes to finding a suitable vaccine for the coronavirus.

There is another important point. We were not ready for this pandemic. All our estimates have gone wrong regarding the severity of the disease.

 Is COVID-19 Going Away?

We are at fault. The coronavirus is not going anywhere. Not any time soon. We have to blame ourselves for it.

But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s hope so.

Why? Because, there are many amazing real-life stories of resilience and courage, of people finding inspiration from fellow individuals, supporting them right through their painful journey.

Although the USA and the UK have authorized the use of Oxford-AstraZeneca’s, Pfizer’s, and Moderna’s vaccines. However, after rigorous trial runs, concerns remain as to how effective these drugs will be, in the wake of the coronavirus resurfacing in the future.

In reality, the international community is a loss to come forward with a result-oriented vaccine immunization strategy.

The US Senate is yet to take up the debate regarding a proposal on stimulus checks package. Then there is an economic divide between the rich and poor countries. The so-called ‘haves’ have procured a large number of COVID-19 vaccines, leaving the developing countries, or ‘have nots’ with nothing, as they are still in the process of conducting vaccine trials.

There are also some fabricated accounts about the people dying of diseases other than the coronavirus, such as heart attacks, and multiple organ failures. But ironically, their deaths were falsely accounted for by the unavailability of a suitable vaccine.

We are so close to finding a cure for the coronavirus, yet so far.

Are you immune to the Coronavirus after recovering from It?

Many people have recovered from the coronavirus. But the disease has left them with weak immune systems. There is still no concrete evidence that the antibodies present in a human body can survive for a long time after a severe bout of the coronavirus. Is the coronavirus vaccine really effective in the truest sense of the word? The answer is: only time will tell.

Even if you have recovered from the coronavirus – thanks to the COVID19 vaccine by the way – there still exists a possibility that you carry the virus. Therefore, there are chances that you can infect other persons when you come in contact with them, right after regaining your health and fitness.

It is recommended that you observe the SOPs and all the other precautions yet again to avoid any serious after-effects of this deadly virus-infused disease.

It is quite difficult to reach a final decision as to how the body responds to external stimuli after recovering from the coronavirus. It all depends on how strong your immune system is.

There seems to be only one cure for the coronavirus. And that is prevention. Implementing the SOPs has become void as common people are not ready to restrict their movements. They do not want to practice social distancing.

The unprecedented surge in the coronavirus cases during Thanksgiving and Christmas is a testimony to the fact that humans are social animals.

How many people have been cured from the Coronavirus?

As the situation stands, more than 47 million people have recovered from the coronavirus. There are still 83.5 million affected individuals. The death toll has hit the 1.82 million mark in less than a year across the world. These numbers are somewhat close to the numbers mentioned on the world meter website.

The increasing number of deaths is alarming for all the concerned organizations, doctors, and governments as the efforts for finding the accurate coronavirus vaccine intensify. It’s high time that people start embracing the standard operating protocols that are in place. Otherwise, the numbers will continue to increase, and can’t avoid this tragedy. As far as the cure is concerned, only time will tell how close are we to a cure for coronavirus.

It’s the right time for health care organizations, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and governments to collaborate and strive to find the most suitable cure for the coronavirus.

We owe our new generations a clean Earth, free of the pandemic, and a healthy atmosphere.

In the end, it all comes down to one universal truth. Prevention is better than cure. It is the truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth.