Instagram may have started out as a social platform to share your personal pictures initially but the app has changed so much since its inception, it’s hardly just a social media site anymore. It’s an awareness, advertising, communication, and documentation platform all in one. This isn’t a change that happened overnight but rather was built into the platform by the company gradually with several features, algorithms, and user experience changes.

One such feature among the changes is the ‘save’ or ‘bookmark feature’. It is an option to save the posts you like on your Instagram profile, including others’ and your own. If this prompts you to the question ‘can you see who saved your post on Instagram’ you might be on the right path, but first more about what the feature actually is and how it works. There are several questions asked regarding it, and we will answer the most common ones in this article.

What is the bookmark feature on Instagram?

To introduce the feature again, there is a relatively new option on all Instagram profiles, with the icon of a bookmark. It’s the icon that appears on the bottom right corner of every post that you see on your Instagram feed. Since it’s not an old feature, many users have no idea of the use and how beneficial it can be for you.

The usage of Instagram as a social media app is so different now, where you have one platform but a person and a business both operate similarly, only with different intents. The save feature is great for these two different types of users in a different way, but there’s a clear explanation for it. Let’s see how the uses and their benefits differ.

Consider ‘people’ to be an individual, any user that uses the platform for social interaction and recreation, etc. While ‘business’ accounts include small businesses, big companies, influencers, content creators, and other social media personalities that use the app for marketing and advertising purposes.

For people

Considering that people are the general audience that uses the app for other than commercial and business purposes, the save feature can be interesting for them. For those in this particular category, you come across hundreds of posts and accounts in a day, and at least half of those catch your attention. However, due to the crowd and population on the app, it is hard to keep track of posts that you saw while scrolling through.

The save feature, therefore, helps you keep track of any post, picture or video, you like. It helps you keep the pictures or content that has attracted you, which you can access easily later on. There will be more about how you can access your saved posts in the answers ahead.

For businesses

Considering all different types that are considered or come under the business category on Instagram, the saved option is more of an opportunity to grow your account. For those unaware of the Instagram algorithm, it works with audience behavior on the app to determine how accounts perform. Ever since the bookmark or save feature has been introduced, it has gained quite a popularity in determining what the audience thinks is a memorable or ‘worthy to save’ post.

Thus, the number of saves or bookmarks on a post or multiple posts of any business account helps it reach a wider audience by the role of the algorithm. Therefore, the save feature works well enough for both the audience and the businesses in its own way.

Find out how to see who saved your Instagram post.

This answer is mostly to address those business accounts who might want to check people who have saved their posts in terms of customer research etc. but it can be for anyone who might be curious about the saves on their post. One sad news here is that ultimately you cannot know who saved your Instagram post. It’s not confirmed whether it’s due to Instagram policy to protect people’s privacy etc.

However, what you can do is check the count of how many times your post has been saved. This you can do in a few easy steps. Keep in mind that this only appears for people that have set their account to a ‘business’ one in Instagram settings.

  • Start by clicking on the profile icon on the bottom right of the main Instagram page, which will show you your account’s feed
  • Here, click on any post that interests you or you want to check the saves for in particular
  • Below the post that you clicked on, above the like, comment, share options, you will see a bar with ‘View Insights’, click on that
  • This option is great for business accounts, as it shows specific and overall engagement on your apps. This will have a count of how many saves your post has, with the bookmark icon

How to check your own saved posts?

Since the ‘can you see who saved your post on Instagram’ question was more business-focused, we have a more audience-focused question to answer as well. For people, it’s more important to know the posts they saved. It’s either a product they really liked, a place they wanted to visit, a quote, or any other myriad things they could use and benefit from. Therefore, this will answer how you can access the posts that you have saved on your Instagram account.

Saving an Instagram post is easy enough, all you have to do is click on the bookmark icon beside any post that catches your eye and you’re interested to explore later. However, many are unaware that instead of having all your saved posts together, you can create different albums or folders of sorts to keep them organized. Such as products you like in ‘Shopping’, and longer posts that you are interested in but don’t have the time to read when you see them, in ‘Read’, etc. Considering all this, here is how you can view your saved posts.

  • Once again, within your Instagram app, go to the main profile icon from the bottom right on the main page
  • On this page, you will see a menu like icon of 3 horizontal lines on the top right corner, click that
  • This will bring you to settings and other options in the Instagram menu, keep in mind that these menu options are different for people and business accounts
  • Go to ‘Saved’ from this menu and it will bring you to your saved items, whether in one folder or different collections.

How to know if someone has checked your profile?

Unfortunately, there is no way to determine who have checked your profile unless they like, comment or save your post like we have already discussed. In the presence of private Instagram viewing tools like Picuki, it is even harder today to determine who and when someone has viewed your profile. Via this tool, anyone can check your posts, stories, reels and videos on Instagram without having an account there.

What is the role of the saved feature with Instagram engagement?

We already discussed how the save feature works differently for people and businesses, and how it benefits both differently as well. You might have seen small businesses, creators, and influencers asking their followers to ‘like, comment and save’ their new post, instead of asking to share it. This is a huge difference that has occurred in how the app is used due to the algorithm.

Earlier the sharing feature was also a large contender in engagement on Instagram, especially after Instagram stories were introduced. Even though it still is a good way to judge the likeability of a post, based on how many people are sharing it, as it reaches more accounts when people share it in their stories. However, for the algorithm boss at Instagram, the save feature places your post and in extension, your account at a better place.

Having a large number of saves on your posts lets the Instagram algorithm know people are saving your post, therefore they believe it is something of value. No matter your reason for saving a post, the algorithm takes it as a sign of your account doing good in terms of engagement, and further boosts your feed upon similar and more like-minded people, as the ones who save your posts. This is why creators and businesses have started working so much on getting their posts saved by followers and non-followers alike. The good thing for people and the audience is that nobody gets notified when you save their posts. Just as we talked about you as a business, not being able to access or find out who has saved your post. Hopefully, this will help you gauge the feature no matter the type of your account. We answer questions more than just the initial ‘can you see who saved your post on Instagram’ because they’re important in the context of the bookmark feature and its use. Let us know if this helps and if there are more features on Instagram that you would like to learn more about.

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