Whether you are a concerned parent who wants to keep an on their kid, a worried employer, or a spouse who thinks their employees or spouse are cheating on them, you need to have a system to track what’s going on in their minds.

Since it is not practically possible to read someone’s mind unless you are a psychologist, you need to have an app or something through which you can determine what your target is up to. Hence, it leads to a million-dollar question ‘how can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone?’

Previously we did a guide on mSpy, a tracking software that needs to be downloaded on the target’s device to track their activities. However, since it is not doable for everyone to install software on their target device, especially if they are living across the border, we have decided to bring you newer tracking software and methods that don’t require downloading on the target device.

5 Benefits of spying without installing software on the target phone:

Before we start listing the top apps for spying, take a look at these advantages it provides without needing you to download the software on the target device:

  1. It will help you determine the location of the device of your employer, spouse, or child you might not let use their phones.
  2. You don’t need to jailbreak the target phone. Hence, you can conveniently track an iPhone or Android without jailbreaking or rooting it.
  3. You can spy on a person in real time, which means you cannot know where they are right now.
  4. Some software even lets you track the target device’s location for free
  5. Some of this software can even track tablets, computers, and other devices apart from cell phones.

After knowing all these benefits, would you still not want to track what your spouse is doing currently? Well, if it was us in your place, we couldn’t wait to dig into the details of this spying software.

How can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone?

Before going for the third-party software, we first checked out the built-in features for spying on a phone. They might not be made for this purpose, but we can use them the way we want.  Let’s check out what those features are:

1. Android Device Manager

Google offers the Android Device Manager feature for Android users to track the location of Android phones in real time. Since every Android device comes with this feature pre-installed, you don’t have to worry about going through all the downloading and installation hassle. All you need to have is access to your target device, and you can keep track of their location at any time.

  • Unlock your Android device and open Chrome
  • Type ‘Android Device Manager’ on the search bar
  • Once you land on the website, enter your Google credentials
  • Now choose the device you want to spy from the list of associated devices
  • Next, tap the location icon beside the device’s name
  • In a bit you will see the target phone’s current location

You can choose to ‘lock’ or ‘erase’ the target phone in case it was lost or stolen.

2. Google Maps

Google Maps offers one of the most secure ways to track a target device’s location that too in a user-friendly way. It has a built-in capability to track the location of any phone or device logged into your Google account.

  • Open your Google Account and log in to the target device for a few minutes
  • Now head to Google Maps and tap Menu
  • You will find a map with the live location of the phone, including the timeline of where it has been though out the day.

While this method is easy, it is ineffective as it will only work if the target phone is logged in to your Google Account. Also, there is another drawback of this method. It will not update the location in real-time. That means there may be delays in getting you the exact location.

3. Apple’s iCloud Service

This one’s for all our iPhone friends. You can exploit Apple’s iCloud service to track any device if you have an iPhone. The best thing is that it is free of cost and lets you sync data across all your devices.

  • Obtain the target phone’s Apple ID and Password
  • Now log into their iCloud using your device
  • Go to the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature
  • There you will see the map with the live location of the device.

Now here is the catch. First, the method only works for iOS devices. Second, the target phone must be turned on and have an active Wi-Fi connection to be tracked.

4. Scan the target phone’s WhatsApp onto your PC

This hack is especially for tracking WhatsApp chats of the target phone. You will get access to all their chats on WhatsApp. What you need to do is just grab the target mobile for a few seconds, and your job will be done. Once you get the device, do the following:

  • Get the victim’s device unlocked and open WhatsApp
  • At the same time, open the WhatsApp web on your laptop via Google Chrome
  • Go to the Settings option in WhatsApp, tap ‘Link Devices’
  • You will be then directed to the camera to scan a QR code from your laptop
  • Bring the camera close to the QR code and check the retain access option to keep it open on your laptop

That’s all. Whenever you open the WhatsApp web extension on your computer, you can see all the chats of the target device.

5. User-trusted cell phone tracking apps

If you like to play safe, you can consider the previous option. They were only good for tracking your spouse or kids, whose passwords and IDs you can easily obtain. Those methods won’t work for tracking employees or anyone other than your family.

Here we have come up with third-party apps that allow you to spy on anyone anytime without requiring you to download the software on the target device. If you are thrilled to find out what those apps are, scroll down:

1. Hoverwatch

Key Features:

  • It enables you to record incoming and outgoing calls
  • It lets you take screenshots on the target device
  • It keeps track of all social media activities
  • It tracks and record web browsing history

Hoverwatch offers a powerful solution to keep a tab on your child’s activities. The applications monitor the victim’s device in stealth mode, they can never know that their device is being watched. The best thing about this app is that it’s seamless. You can install it to any Android phone/device from your online account, given that that device is synced to your account.

The app offers GPS trackingIt has a built-in feature to root the Android phone/deviceIt gives a free trial to first-time usersIt has a complicated installation processIt’s more on the expensive side

2. FlexiSpy

Key Features

  • It helps you check call logs, text messages
  • It tracks the victim’s social media activities
  • It gets you to search history of their account
  • It lets you take screenshots
  • It gives real-time dashboard alerts

FlexiSpy is another solution for people who want to spy on others. While it is not as user-friendly as other spying apps, it has some outstanding features that stand out from the clout. The app seamlessly integrates into the other person’s phone and keeps track of all their activities.

It is an extremely useful app for spying on othersIt offers live camera streamingIt has GPS trackingIt has a call recording featureIt gives access to the victim’s microphoneIt runs in stealth modeIt has older user interfaceIt is expensive than a lot of other spying apps

3. EyeZy

Key Features

  • It even captures keystroke of the target device
  • It gives you access to their website browser history
  • It gives notifications for specific conversations
  • It tracks call logs
  • It has a great tech support

EyeZy is relatively a newer spying software that doesn’t require to be downloaded on the target device. It gets you into the victim’s device through iCloud syncing and lets you access their current GPS locations, messages, e-mails, pictures, and videos. You can obtain even more information if you exploit the Wi-Fi sync.

This app would be amazing for keeping an eye on spouses, as it even lets you access the social media messages of the target device.

It is extremely easy to useIt is seamless. The victim won’t know they are being watched.It gets installed fasterIt has GPS trackingIt provides you access to all social media platformsIt is not as powerful as mSpy

4. uMobix

Key Features

  • The software lets you view calls, contacts, and deleted messages
  • It tracks the current location of the target device
  • It lets you change Wi-Fi settings, block websites and regulate data usage.

uMobix is a third-party tracking app specially made to monitor your child’s activities. It gives you all the information in real time and lets you monitor web browsing, social media accounts, GPS locations, etc. Via this software, you can also access the data copied to the clipboard. Isn’t it GREAT?!

It tracks browsing activities, deleted messages, and clipboard data. It is compatible with every Android device keeps track of calls and messages on the target deviceYou can’t see the bookmarks with this software sometimes, it fails to show the social media activity of the target device.

There is abundant software out there that lets you track devices. However, most of them required the host device’s installation to perform their best. These were our top picks for spying software that you can try. They are completely safe to use and will seamlessly gather all the data for you.

What free app can I download to spy on my boyfriend’s phone?

Whether it’s your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend, the best app to monitor their devices is Hoverwatch. It lets you track all their calls and messages free of cost. However, the app works for Android phones. If you both have Android devices, then only you can use this app.

How do I know if someone installed a spy app?

Spywares are more common in Android devices. If you notice any signs like, your phone slowing down, unexpected ads popping up, battery depleting faster difficulty logging into secure apps then it is more likely that you have spyware on your phone.


So that was all from our side. We had a lot of fun discussing newer ways of spying with you. Now you know hacking a smartphone or device is not difficult anymore. That said, it is unethical and should not be for criminal activities. You are smart, and you know when you need it and how to get it. Good luck, buddy!