On Wednesday, an amateur boxer was killed in Houston after he took a lady who was said to be his girlfriend to visit her estranged husband to discuss the possibility of the couple divorcing.

Maurenzo “Tuffy” Smith, a father of two who is 44 years old, went with an unidentified lady who is 28 years old to a seafood restaurant so that she could discuss the divorce processes with her husband, who is 61 years old and whose identity has not yet been disclosed.

After around twenty minutes of talking to one another, the couple who were no longer together got into a furious fight, which caused the husband to first leave the restaurant and then come back with a pistol.

Inside the Crab Station Oyster Bar, he fired 13 shots, hitting Smith many times but not his wife, who was able to get out unscathed from the chaos. Smith was the only one targeted in the shooting.

After that, the spouse left the scene in his Maserati before turning the gun on himself. It is not anticipated that he will survive the wounds he sustained.

‘When he returned, he shot the male she was with multiple times, and he attempted to shoot her, but he missed,’ said Susan Cotter, Harris County Sheriff’s Office Major.

After that, the husband fled from the scene in a fancy Maserati sports car, but Houston police officers who responded to reports of the shooting were able to catch up with him.

The husband got out of the Maserati and shot himself in the head. He was then sent to Houston Northwest Hospital in serious condition, where it is not anticipated that he will survive and he is now being kept alive on life support.

According to the sheriff’s office, the husband and wife had been married for nine years previous to the event, although they did not have any children during that time.

An eyewitness, Kathy Smith, has said that she and her daughter were about to enter the restaurant for lunch at the time of the shooting.

She told KHOU-11: ‘And I’m like ‘Oh (bleep)!’ I said: “Somebody got shot!” So when we came back around, the guy was already lying on the floor…dead.’

Smith said that she and her daughter would not likely return to the restaurant in the foreseeable future.

There may have been as few as five or six other individuals, including staff, in the building at the time of the shooting, but everyone else escaped unharmed except for Smith.

Family members were taken aback by the news and recalled Smith’s endearing qualities, describing him as a ‘very loving, kind guy.’

According to the information provided on Smith’s Facebook profile, he was a single parent raising four kids. The family of Smith has created a GoFundMe campaign in order to assist with covering the expenses of the funeral. The total amount raised so far is $465, with a target of $50,000.