The endangered tiger, India, which has been pestering Houston people since Mother’s Day finally has been securely found according to the city’s police department.

According to the media reports, the Houston tiger escaped injury.

The tiger disappeared last Sunday following an unusual confrontation with an off-duty armed officer in the center of a residential driveway.

A man escorted it away before fleeing from authorities who later located him, however, not the animal.

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He was identified as Victor Hugo. He was linked with a murder case in 2017 and added another element of intrigue as he denied the tiger’s possession.

His lawyer said that he provided police with details regarding the tiger’s location almost a week earlier. However, his bail on the conviction of murder has been suspended and he has been returned to prison.

The authorities closed in on the tiger after Saturday Night.

An off-camera voice has been heard of Commander of Houston Police which says that it has been almost a week-long in search of this tiger. Ron Borza, Police Commander, listens to the call while scratching the detained tiger on the shoulder.

He further stated on the call that surely it was a week-long search, and that they have apprehended him and the tiger is doing well.

Earlier during the day, the investigators suspected that the tiger was still in the town, was out of sight and was moving across private residencies.

In a morning press conference, Borza stated that the Houston tiger has passed about six-seven, or eight times since Monday to various locations in Houston. He further stated that he isn’t sure that the tiger is out of Houston but possibly beyond the county. He asserted that he thinks the tiger is still in Houston.

Hundreds of tips were collected during the week as the event garnered widespread media coverage after footage of the off-duty deputy’s confrontation with the tiger went viral.

Additionally, the event renewed stress on Congress in order to approve the planned Big Cat Public Safety Act that would impose additional restrictions on tiger possession and breeding.