House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been in office for the past 34 years and is considered one of the richest members of the Congress, but in a viral social media post, her net worth was quoted wrong.

The actual post claims that her time in the office has been 28 years, the sum adds up to approximately $5.4 million which further leads to claim that the total net worth of Pelosi is $196,299,2990. The main point of the viral post is to present Pelosi as a modestly paid public servant.

The post was reported by many users and was flagged as well by Facebook in an effort to combat the spread of misinformation.

The information is completely wrong. For example, Pelosi joined Congress in 1987, which makes her tenure 34 years long and not 28, as stated in the post. The current salary of the House Speaker – mentioned in the post – is also incorrect.

Nancy Pelosi ranks number 7 on the list of richest members of the Congress. Her current salary is $223,500 which is way more then what was mentioned in the meme-post.

The net worth of Nancy Pelosi should also include the income of her husband Paul Pelosi. He is a prominent real estate businessman, and has invested his wealth in different venture capital projects. Pelosi’s fortune does not only include her government salary, but it should also take into account the her and her husband’s investments.

According to the disclosure forms, all Congress members must file their assets and liabilities including mortgages. They are supposed to mention the income of their spouses as well.

The maximum amount which Pelosi disclosed was $257 million in assets and $97 million in liabilities, leaving behind a net worth of nearly $160 million.

Our verdict regarding the post is that it is completely false and has been made to spread misinformation about House Speaker.